Rockstar promises GTA Online patch 105 release early next week

first_imgWith the release of GTA V, Rockstar took its first steps into the world of online gaming through the introduction of GTA Online. That wasn’t without its problems, though, and one still remains: loss of player progression.Rockstar has been hard at work solving the issues, which are set to be fixed when v1.05 appears by way of a patch. We expected it early in November, and Rockstar has now confirmed it will arrive “early next week.”That’s good news not just because you’ll be able to play the online portion of the game without fear of losing your progress, but also because of what else it unlocks in the near future. First up is the stimulus package. That takes the form of $500,000 of free GTA$ that Rockstar is awarding all players as an apology for the problems they’ve been experiencing. If the patch roll out goes well, the money should also start arriving in your GTA account next week.After that, we’ve got the Beach Bum Pack arriving shortly afterwards. I’m guessing the week after. It will introduce new beach vehicles, weapons, jobs, and a range of new tattoos and hairstyles to outfit your character with. Although the new vehicles and weapons sound interesting, it’s the jobs that will really hold your attention. Rockstar lists “Gang Attacks, Survivals, Last Team Standings, Parachutes, Deathmatches and Races” as being part of the update.As it’s November we are also set to get Social Club Event Weekends being introduced. What this means is a range of special rewards being made available at the weekends. Examples include limited edition Event Crate Drops, in-game discounts, and special bonuses. Rockstar will also be doing GTA Online live streams using Twitch that include giveaways.Last but not least, Rockstar is still working on the Content Creator. It is still referred to as a fall release, but hopefully we’ll get it within the next few weeks. Once available, it will allow players to create their own Deathmatch and Race Jobs to share with others, meaning a lot of new content being produced independent of Rockstar’s dev team.If we’re lucky, Rockstar will release the 1.05 patch on Monday and then the Beach Bum Pack before the end of the week. If that happens, GTA V owners probably shouldn’t make any firms plans for next weekend as it will most likely be spent sitting in front of a TV consuming the new content.last_img read more