VCE talks Convergence, Agility and ACI at Cisco Live Milan

first_imgNext week, Cisco Live is poised to be an exciting event in the beautiful city of Milan. My colleagues and I will be on site answering questions about integrating Vblock Systems into existing network designs or rolling them out in green-field data centers.Regardless of how a customer plans to deploy a converged infrastructure, agility plays a key role in their purchasing decision. Just as cheetahs use speed and sharp reflexes to catch their prey, enterprises want to deploy an infrastructure that is quick and agile in providing new business processes to stay ahead of their competition. My colleague Ted Streete will take a closer look at the importance of IT infrastructure agility in his Tuesday, January 28 session at 1:15 pm CET in the Partner Theatre – “How the Cheetah Catches Dinner: The Importance of Agility in a World Defined by Speed.”Speed plays a key role in how enterprises deploy solutions. Today’s organizations are rapidly deploying solutions in various places in the network to offer path isolation for multiple tenants, internal or external, sharing a common infrastructure. These initiatives present new challenges for network architects responsible for selecting the appropriate technologies, and creating highly available network designs that must be scalable and tuned for fast convergence.  I’ll be a co-presenter in the session “Fast Convergence and Scalability in Virtualized Network Designs,” where we’ll discuss how to build a network infrastructure for today’s fast evolving data center environment. Don’t miss it on Monday, January 27 from 2:15 – 6:30 pm CET.Another topic that will prove to be a focal point of discussion is Cisco’s recently launched Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Last year in Orlando our friends at Cisco introduced ACI, now at Cisco Live in Milan, attendees can find out first hand how VCE plans to integrate Cisco’s ACI into VCE’s Vblock Systems, in the short and long term, to achieve even great scalability and programmability for our customer’s data center.Lastly, throughout the event, my colleagues and I will also be highlighting VCE Vision Intelligent Operations, discussing new upgrades from September, as well as solutions for end user computing, such as VMware Horizon Suite, Mobile Secure Desktop and Always On Point of Care. Make sure you stop by our booth (G4) to learn about these solutions and ask more questions about VCE in 2014.“See you at CiscoLive!Sharelast_img read more

Modern Data Center: The MOOC

first_imgIf you’ve read my tech predictions the last couple of years, you might know my thoughts on professional lectures. If not, let me summarize: professional lectures as a form of learning? On the way out. MOOCs? On the way in.We’ve embraced MOOCs as a form of learning at EMC and created our very first, about data lakes for big data, last year. Last March, we served one up on DevOps. This summer, we’re introducing our third, The Modern Data Center. What’ll you learn? The fundamental knowledge needed to start building one. How much does it cost? Nothing!The course is six weeks long and starts on July 19. We’ll spend the first week defining the Modern Data Center. The three weeks after that are focused on key architectural tenants – flash, scale-out, software-defined, cloud-enabled, trust and data protection. Week five will focus on automation of those data center services. Week six concludes the class by covering the transformation of people, process and skills within the IT organization. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start building a modern data center. Not only that, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and interact with your instructors and peers around the world.Want to sign up? Head over to read more

Why Partners Are Not Our Customers

first_img1 + 1 = 10. Maybe more. I’m not algebraically-challenged. I’m partner-inspired.EMC creates the technology that facilitates business transformation. But it’s when we collaborate with our partners to craft customized solutions that we are able to truly change the game for our end-users. The business and impact we can realize together is so much greater than what we could accomplish on our own. That exponential potential is what really separates partners from customers. And that’s why our partners are not our customers. Our partners are our partners.As you’ve seen from me before, I love a good definition. Webster’s defines “partnership” as “a union or association formed for mutual benefit.” Mutual benefit is the key point. For partnerships to work, each party has to derive and perceive value. At EMC, we don’t want our partnerships to just work though. We want them to thrive, to flourish. They have to be more than what we sell to an end-user. Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty darn important. But the end-user is, in a sense, just that – an end point. A partnership is the journey to get there.Partners are key to delivering scale, leverage, and incremental revenue, and they’re also key to taking EMC places we couldn’t get to on our own. And similarly EMC powers the best-of-breed solutions that give our partners competitive advantage and proven outcomes. Our technology underpins the unique use-cases that often translate into significant partner businesses in their own right. We are not selling TO partners, but rather going to market WITH our partners. We leverage their specialized skills and expertise to design truly differentiated, targeted solutions for customers. We’re even working with our partners to develop unique service catalogues, customized by industry: healthcare, oil & gas, SLED, telco, and so much more. One-size-fits-all or even one-size-fits-most doesn’t work for our customers, and it doesn’t fly with us. We are meeting customers where they are, helping them get to where they want to go, in the way they want to consume: by industry, via utility, as a service.Today, more than ever before, we are thinking about our partnerships holistically, as a global extension of and critical value-add to our team. EMC plus our partners equals 10-fold the opportunity, maybe more, than either of us could grab alone. That’s where my math comes in. 1 + 1 = 10.At this year’s EMC World, our theme and customer call-to-action was “modernize.” It’s also a challenge we’re issuing ourselves: modernize and transform how we do business, in order to guide our customers in their digital journeys. We’re going faster, further, bigger, and better, side-by-side with our partners.last_img read more

Expedition Arctic Greenland: The Ultimate Rugged Experience

first_imgMike Libecki, famed National Geographic Explorer and Dell Ambassador, has been on more than 75 expeditions to the most remote areas of the world. This time, Dell’s partnership with Mike allowed him and his team the opportunity to explore and document his most recent trip to an unexplored portion of Greenland, traversing -20 degree artic weather while using Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet to help navigate the rigorous terrain and climb the most remote, demanding ascent the region has to offer. Greenland: Unexplored Earth is part of a new virtual reality (VR) series documenting Mike’s adventures. Mike and his team used the power of Dell Precision workstations to create these 360-degree VR experiences with the goal of inviting people to explore places they never dreamed of going, and give them a stronger appreciation for the planet, particularly with the growing impact of climate change.Here’s Mike’s experience of the 40-day exploration in Greenland, in his own words:Exploration is my passion and has been in my blood for generations. I’m fortunate to be able to make my living as a modern-day adventurer, working (and playing!) in the world’s most remote regions. I’m a climber, and seek mountains, and the largest rock walls in the world that haven’t been touched by anyone else. I never cease to be amazed by this planet on which we’re blessed to live.I have spent more than an accumulated year of my life on expeditions in Greenland (12 and counting, to be exact), since my first time there in 1998. Naturally, it’s a dreamland for climbers, kayakers, skiers and lovers of nature seeking remote unspoiled Earth.However, during my last expedition to Greenland last year, I observed the changing ice levels and glacial formations. It made me want to redouble my efforts to raise awareness about the beauty and wonder of the arctic world and let people see the raw power and magic of our planet before these last untouched tracts are changed forever or gone completely. Thanks to Dell and a crew of filmmakers and fellow explorers, we recorded this last adventure in VR to share this piece of our world that they will likely never experience otherwise.We recorded footage in 8K high-definition, 360-degree VR to ensure a high degree of personalization and intimacy to the experience. We wanted an armchair viewer with the headset on to feel like he is right next to me as I dangle 300-feet off the ground or paddleboard alongside swimming polar bears. You really get a sense of the majesty of these environments when you are totally submerged in it via VR. The 360-degree video captures the essence of exploring in a way that a static picture or standard video cannot. We used powerful Dell Precision workstations to create this experience and recently premiered it for attendees at CES and the Sundance Film Festival. When people removed their headsets, they exuded an energy similar to what I felt on my journey.The Greenland experience itself would also not have been possible without durable technology for the 40-day journey. The gear we use in the field cannot fail, and I knew from my previous adventures using the Dell Rugged tablet that I could rely on it 100 percent.We set sail into the unknown Greenland eastern sea and put the Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet to the absolute test. For six days, the boat was stuck surrounded by ice. We looked for a passage out of the sea ice using the Dell Rugged tablet with a drone.We loaded the Dell Rugged tablet into a haul bag and launched it off of the 2,000 foot wall to see if it would survive – and it did. Though the screen was cracked from the fall, it powered right up when we got to the bottom. As I begin planning my next adventure, one thing I know for certain is that I can rely on Dell Rugged.The Dell Rugged tablet helped take us to some of the most remote places on earth, handling everything we threw its way…literally.Now, with the ability to record and share my experiences using VR technology, we can bring these incredible experiences to more people and help shine a spotlight on solving some of our world’s most important issues, like protecting our planet.It’s amazing to think about the future of exploration with powerful technology.last_img read more

China’s Xi calls for unity in fighting virus, climate change

first_imgChinese President Xi Jinping has called for cooperation in fighting the twin challenges of the pandemic and climate change in an address to the World Economic Forum. He said Monday that humankind only has “one Earth and one future” and must pull together to avoid conflict and resolve differences through respectful dialogue. Much of what the Chinese leader said was a reiteration of Beijing’s usual stance on such issues. Xi was speaking from Beijing to the virtual gathering that is taking place in lieu of the annual in-person meetings in Davos, Switzerland, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The forum has said it plans to hold its annual meeting in person in May in Singapore.last_img