The Astros Didnt Play Like A Team Whose Manager Deserved To Be

The Houston Astros fired manager Bo Porter on Monday, bringing an end to his two-season tenure with the club.The move would seem to be an easy call, judging from the Astros’ record under Porter. Among those with at least 300 career games managed, only seven managers in the history of Major League Baseball had a lifetime winning percentage worse than Porter’s .367 mark. But Porter also took over during the worst four-season stretch in the Astros’ history. (His predecessor, Brad Mills, also has the 14th-worst career record of any manager with 300-plus games.) The team won fewer than 60 games in each of the two seasons before Porter arrived in Houston, hitting its nadir with 51 wins in Porter’s first year. But Porter’s Astros were greatly improved this season and are on pace to win about 70 games.There’s evidence that coaches and managers are fired not on the basis of absolute performance — rather, their employment depends on whether they beat expectations. And by that standard, Porter did a pretty great job this season. Putting aside that much of a manager’s perceived ability to coax good or bad years out of his players is little more than random variation, a 70-win campaign from this Astros team was fairly unexpected.Before the season, FiveThirtyEight presented projected wins for every MLB team, according to ESPN’s forecasting panel, which uses the wisdom of crowds to make predictions. On average, the panel expected the Astros to win 62.6 games, which was a number in line with sources such as Las Vegas’s over/under win totals. Traditionally, such forecasts have had a standard error of about nine wins in either direction, so the Astros would have only had about a 21 percent chance of winning 70 or more games this year. They essentially had a season in the 79th percentile of all possible expected outcomes, which ranks sixth in all of baseball.There are, of course, other factors that can determine a manager’s continued employment beyond outperforming expectations. ESPN’s David Schoenfield suggests that Porter was always just a placeholder during the Astros’ prolonged rebuilding process, destined to be cast aside when the team was ready to move out of MLB’s basement. (There have also been reports of philosophical differences between Porter and the team’s front office.) But if he is to be judged on what the Astros accomplished this year — both relative to preseason expectations and where the franchise had been over the previous three seasons — Porter should have been commended, not fired.CORRECTION (Sept. 2, 12:24 p.m.): A previous version of this article listed the projected wins for every team based on regressed winning percentages but didn’t take into account “banked” wins that teams had already earned. read more

Celtics Deny Nets Chance to Interview Doc Rivers

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge denied the Brooklyn Nets permission to speak to Doc Rivers about their vacant coaching position, team and league sources confirmed to has three years and $21 million remaining on his contract. The Nets did not retain interim coach P.J. Carlesimo after getting knocked out of the playoffs earlier this month.Reached late Thursday, Ainge refused to comment on the Nets’ interest in Rivers and reiterated that he expects him back on the Celtics’ bench next season.“Doc has told me he’s coming back,” Ainge said bluntly. “I talk to him almost every day about our team and what we are going to do moving forward.”The Celtics’ unwillingness to allow a competing team to talk to Rivers suggests they expect him to honor the extension he signed on May 11, 2011, which made him among the highest-paid coaches in professional sports and one of the top two in the NBA, along with the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich.When Rivers signed that deal, he was asked about the lean years that inevitably would surface as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen grew older, moved on or retired.“Well, I don’t think anyone is looking forward to [rebuilding],” Rivers said, “but I’m willing to do that. I’ve had a group that has been very loyal to me, and I think it would have been very easy to just run and go somewhere else and chase something else. … I just don’t think that’s the right thing to do. Coaches talk about loyalty and team, and I just thought it was time to show it.”That will not stop the offers from coming. Last season, the Orlando Magic offered Rivers the job of team president, which would have entailed everything from schmoozing with corporate sponsors to running the front office. Though he had previously insisted he had “little to no interest” in running a franchise, the financial windfall and unilateral power that would come with such a position (not to mention the proximity to his home base) gave him some brief pause. Ultimately, Rivers rebuffed the Magic and determined he wasn’t done coaching.Ainge acknowledged late Thursday afternoon that Rivers remains a coveted asset among NBA circles.“We know people want Doc,” Ainge said. “We know people want (Rajon Rondo) and KG and Paul Pierce. They are the Celtics. They’ve all had great success.”If Rivers decided to go back to the broadcast booth, where he received rave reviews for his work on TNT, the Celtics still would hold his coaching rights for the life of his contract, preventing him from hopping to another team without some negotiated compensation.Rivers is expected to sit down with his coaching staff, each of whom has an expiring contract, this weekend. read more

Michael Vick a Free Agent to Meet With Jets

Michael Vick is looking for an NFL team, and the New York Jets could be the place. At the least, he plans to visit there today to see if there is a match.Geno Smith, the rookie from West Virginia, was good enough to help the Jets win eight games last season, but not enough to be declared the team’s starter. This is where Vick comes in. The team could sign Vick and allow him to compete with Smith for the starting position. It helps that Vick, 34 in June, worked four years with former Philadelphia Eagle offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who serves in the same role with the Jets.This, of course, makes former starter Mark Sanchez the likely quarterback out. Reports indicate that he would receive a $2-million roster bonus on March 25 if he’s still on the team. The Jets almost assuredly would cut Sanchez, who has a $13.1 million cap charge, if they signed Vick in the coming days. Or they could ask Sanchez to take a big pay cut–the least likely scenario.Vick has been linked to the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills, two teams that also are not set at quarterback. He was injured and lost his job to Nick Foles in Philly last season. Vick was professional in how he dealt with losing his position, leading teams to believe he could be a strong mentor for the young Smith. read more

Do You Love NFL Games That No One Wins You Are In

How NFL overtime games since 2012 would have played out under different OT rules New rule results are based on the score 10 minutes into overtime.Source: Sudden death (1974-2011)15:00✓6:472.4 Old rule (2012-16)15:007:286.0% RESULTS New rule (2017- )10:006:3919.3 The NFL owners on Tuesday approved a drastic change to the NFL’s regular-season overtime format: cutting its maximum length from 15 minutes to 10.With games played as frequently as four days a week, the NFL says it’s trying to avoid the dangerous combination of long games and short recovery periods. The move may also be a reaction to last season, when six games went more than 12 minutes into overtime. Those included the Week 7 “Sunday Night Football” stinker, during which two teams spent five full periods slogging toward a 6-6 tie.But like the 2012 overtime modification, in which the sudden death format was changed so that a team couldn’t win the game with a first-possession field goal, Tuesday’s rule could be at the expense of overtime’s main purpose: deciding a winner. Since 2012, according to, 83 regular-season games have gone into overtime, with five resulting in ties. Of those 83, 21 games lasted more than 10 minutes, with 16 tied at the 10-minute mark. Under the new rules, those 16 games would have all resulted in a draw. (With the change, two of the actual ties would have ended up with a winner, and three would have remained ties.)In addition to potentially tripling the rate of ties, the 10-minute overtime wouldn’t necessarily save that much time either. The 83 overtimes since 2012 would have been 49 game-seconds shorter on average. OT RULESTIME ON CLOCKFIRST POSSESSION FG WINS?AVG OT LENGTHTIE RATE The amount of time left on the clock affects play-calling and decision-making. Some analysts, like the MMQB’s Peter King, argued that if overtime were cut to 10 minutes, coaches would call games “faster,” pushing to get a win while the clock winds down. Maybe — but since 2012, 70 of 83 overtime games had at least two possessions, and the average elapsed time at the end of the second possession was 5:57. That means the average third possession would start just 4:03 away from a split decision. Will the NFL’s generally risk adverse coaches really jeopardize losing a bird (or, in this case, half a bird) in hand by diving into the bush to chase a full victory?The new system already has one detractor: Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He won the 2009 NFC championship game by completing just two short overtime passes to set up the field goal that gave New Orleans a sudden-death win — and a trip to Super Bowl XLIV.“I would disagree with [the rule change] because more games are going to end in ties now,” Brees told “The Dan Patrick Show.” He added that he wouldn’t be opposed to the NFL’s adopting rules that were similar to the “exciting” college format. In NCAA D-I football, each team’s offense lines up on the other team’s 25-yard line and takes turns trying to outscore each other, possession for possession. Although this scales back special teams and puts the bulk of emphasis on red-zone play, the baseball-like system of alternating possessions feels fairer to some fans.The NFL game may be best served by rolling back the 2012 modification in which the league changed regular-season overtime from sudden death to occasionally prolonged death. That change targeted the perception that games were too often being decided by coin flips: All the receiving team in OT had to do was make a few first downs and kick a field goal, as Brees’s Saints did in 2009.Under the 2012 rules,1This change was made for playoff games earlier, in 2010. teams were given a chance to respond if they held the receiving team to a field goal on its first possession. Given the chance, though, few teams have responded to period-opening field goals with a score of their own. In five seasons, according to Pro-Football-Reference, there have been only seven occasions when a team kicked a field-goal on its opening drive that was directly answered by their opponent scoring.As the table shows, the old sudden death rules, in which a tie occurred only if no one scored during the 15-minute overtime period, would have reduced average overtime duration nearly as much as the 10-minute cap, but with far fewer ties.Of course, if player safety is truly its highest priority, the NFL would do away with regular-season overtime altogether. Assuming that King is right about how coaches will react to a shorter overtime, removing it would force them to be more aggressive in regulation. If he’s wrong, at least we wouldn’t have to sit through 10 minutes of timid, tired football to get the same unsatisfying result.CORRECTION (May 24, 10 a.m.): An earlier version of the table in this article incorrectly said the NFL’s sudden-death overtime period from 1974 to 2011 was 10 minutes long. It was a 15-minute overtime. read more

Bucks remain in the fast lane swim past Hoosiers

The Ohio State men’s swimming and diving team opened up its dual meet against conference rival Indiana with a sweep of first through third place in the 200 medley relay.            That performance turned out to be a resounding statement for the rest of the competition. The No. 12 Buckeyes dominated the No. 20 Hoosiers from start to finish, winning by a score of 224-74 to improve to 6-0 on the season.            For the second week in a row, senior Joel Elber and sophomore Andrew Elliott each scored a pair of individual victories. Additionally, senior Stefan Sigrist and junior Elliott Keefer also had two wins. The team had this meet on their mind ever since their close loss to the Hoosiers in Bloomington, Ind., last season, Elber said.            “It was a close meet last year so we’ve been looking forward to this meet for a year,” he said. “There’s always tension [against Indiana] and it’s always a bit personal. There’s a lot of emotion involved.”            Elber capped off a brilliant first half of the meet for the Buckeyes by winning the 50 free in 20.52, leaving the score 105-26 at intermission.            “I’m always happy with a win. I concentrate on winning. Times will come,” Elber said.  “I’m right where I should be [in terms of times]; there are always technical things I can work on though.”            Coach Bill Wadley was focused more on the task at hand as opposed to any rivalry that might exist between the two teams.            “The objective every meet is the same,” Wadley said. “Obviously IU is a Big Ten school and they’re very good and very well-coached. Today we happened to have a good meet.”            The Buckeyes won every event for the second meet in a row and took first, second and third place in nine of the races. Elber, one of 14 seniors who had never previously beaten Indiana in a dual meet, was extremely proud of the team’s performance.            “This is one of our tune-ups for Big Ten’s and the first top 20 team we’ve faced this year,” said Elber. “We rose to the occasion and avenged what we did last year.”            Wadley was satisfied with the entire team’s performance, but acknowledged that there were some standout individual accomplishments.            “Keefer was outstanding, Elliott has been consistent the whole year, it seems you can count on him every time,” Wadley said. “Stefan steps up every time he races; when you got four guys getting two wins apiece every meet, that’s special.”            The Buckeyes’ impressive victory should give them a confidence boost when they take to the pool again in two weeks and welcome Penn State, Michigan and Northwestern to Columbus.  Wadley said two weeks of practice will put the Buckeyes in great shape and in a position to win.            “Hopefully two weeks from now we’re even faster.” read more

Welcome to Urban Meyers Freak Show

Miami (Ohio) football junior punter Zac Murphy better watch out – he and his teammates could be the first victims of Ohio State coach Urban Meyer’s “freak show.” That is to say, the RedHawks will be the first team to face a revamped OSU special teams unit that features a punt-blocking subunit of Buckeyes players that fellow teammates and coaches have taken to calling “the freak show.” Meyer inherited an OSU team whose special teams squad that had two punts blocked and one costly point-after attempt deflected in a Nov. 12 game against Purdue that effectively ended its Big Ten championship hopes. The unit failed to block any opponents’ punt in 2011. The Buckeyes’ first-year coach boasts a freakish pedigree for developing special teams talent, though – in his six years at Florida, Meyer’s teams blocked 21 punts, eight field goals and three extra points. He’s already attempting to achieve the same kind of abnormal special teams success at OSU. Meyer has tightened things up on the special teams front, junior kicker and backup punter Drew Basil said, and also had the unit striving to be the best in the country. “Coach Meyer – he puts the pressure on us. He definitely emphasizes special teams,” Basil said. “If we’re not the best in the nation with how much we go over everything, then that’s going to be a failure … we have to be the best. We’re going to be the best.” The aforementioned subunit – the freak show – could be the piece that pushed OSU’s special teams group to the top in the country. Redshirt senior linebacker and captain Etienne Sabino said not every player – not even himself – is a part of the freak show, though he will be involved with special teams this year. Basil wouldn’t divulge which players had been deemed members of the freak show, but Sabino said it was comprised of, you guessed it, the team’s physical freaks. “It’s a whole bunch of freaks out there,” Sabino said. “I mean, any one of them can block it. You have, you know, Bradley Roby, Travis Howard – all the fast guys out there.” Basil, who had an extra point blocked in OSU’s Nov. 12, 26-23 overtime loss to Purdue, said last year’s special teams group was merely average. Meyer has all the kickers, punters and freaks on the same page heading into the 2012 season. “(Meyer) teaches us a lot of stuff – what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Every day you’re sitting there thinking, ‘What even happened last year?’” Basil said. “But this year, we’re learning stuff bit by bit. It’s going to be a freak show. If we don’t set the NCAA record for blocked punts this season then, once again, it’s going to be hard to believe. “You’ll see on Saturday.” All-time series Meyer brings his freak show, along with the rest of the Buckeyes, into Saturday’s contest against the RedHawks with a personal career win-losses record of 104-23. Miami’s Don Treadwell, who helped lead his team to a 4-8 record in his first year in Oxford, Ohio, opposes Meyer. OSU has a 4-0 all-time record against Miami with the most recent win occurred on Sept. 3, 2005, when the Buckeyes defeated their in-state rival, 34-14. OSU’s only other win against the RedHawks in the modern era of college football came in 2000 – the Buckeyes won, 27-16. In 1911, OSU beat Miami, 3-0, and, in 1904, ran out to an 8-0 lead and won by the same score. read more

Football Association hires new team of integrity investigators following Telegraph revelations

first_imgLess than a week later, the FA set about beefing up the team by posting job adverts for three new roles.  Two “integrity investigators” are being hired to investigate potential breaches of FA rules relating to the integrity of the game, and an “integrity and intelligence analyst” to improve information gathering techniques and analyse data. According to the job specification, the two new integrity investigators will “proactively and reactively” conduct investigations into alleged breaches of FA rules relating to third party ownership as well as financial misconduct, betting, match fixing, breaches of the intermediary regulations,media/social media comments,  discrimination and anti-doping.Sam Allardyce lost his job as England manager last month after this newspaper disclosed how he agreed to be paid by a fake company to travel to the Far East for speaking engagements. He also advised a group of undercover reporters posing as businessmen how to “get around” the FA’s transfer rules.He subsequently admitted he had been a “fool” and claimed that he had been “helping out” an old friend. Football Association chairman Greg ClarkeCredit:Mike Egerton/ PA The Football Association is hiring a team of “integrity investigators” following criticism by MPs over its attitude to tackling corruption in the wake of The Telegraph’s investigation.Job advertisements for the new positions were posted on the FA’s website just days after its chairman Greg Clarke was grilled by the Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport over the governing body’s “lack of curiosity” toward investigating accusations of wrongdoing.Mr Clarke was criticised for the FA’s apparent failure to follow up on “serious allegations” of misconduct reported in the media. He assured MPs that the 33-person strong in-house disciplinary team has a “full suite of powers” which allows them to “investigate properly and fully” any potential rule breaches. Football Association chairman Greg Clarke Neil WarnockCredit:Steven Paston Mr Collins said it was “astonishing” that FA chiefs appeared not to have asked Allardyce the previous claims made about his conduct that arose from the Stevens Inquiry more than a decade ago. Mr Collins also cited the example of when Neil Warnock, the manager of Cardiff City FC, was accused of being “crooked” and making players pay him part of their wages to ensure they got into the team.  Jason Puncheon, one of Warnock’s players, alleged in a series of posts on Twitter that he gave players “extra wages and appearance bonus to make sure they pay him to get in the team or on the bench”. Former England national football team manager Sam Allardyce speaks to the press outside his home in BoltonCredit:AFPcenter_img Former England national football team manager Sam Allardyce speaks to the press outside his home in Bolton Neil Warnock Damian Collins, chair of the Select Committee, told Mr Clarke that there is a “lack of proactivity” of the FA to investigate claims rule breaking.He suggested that the FA was guilty of “institutional failing” if they had appointed Allardyce without looking into the previous allegations made about him. Mr Collins asked why the FA had not contacted Puncheon to ask him why he made the comments, rather than fining him £15,000 for failing to act in the best interests of the game.”Is there just a lack of curiosity or interest on the FA’s behalf which means these allegations are circulating, they are widely known about in football, but no one is following up on them?” Mr Collins asked Mr Clarke. He added: “If you want to get the truth, sometimes you have to be prepared to initiate your own investigations when people are coming to you with serious allegations.” Warnock has described the allegation as “completely and utterly false”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Prince Philip battles with Union flag that just wont budge as he

first_imgFormed in 1941, the men took the name of their club from the guinea pig, because of the experimental nature of the surgical procedures they underwent.Just 28 of those treated are still alive around the world today, and a few endured the chilly weather as the Duke pulled away a union flag shrouding the stone monument, to unveil the green Cumbrian slate to the autumn sunshine.The memorial, which stands in the Staffordshire arboretum, is inscribed with the words “Out of the flames came inspiration”. The flag gets caught at the back The Duke of Edinburgh unveils the memorial and finds the flag gets caught at the back The Duke of Edinburgh unveils the memorial and finds the flag gets caught at the backCredit:DAVID HARTLEY The flag gets caught at the backCredit: DAVID HARTLEY The Guinea Pig Club, formed in 1941 by men being treated for burns at a hospital in Sussex, as well as meeting with surviving members of the club and their guestsCredit:Joe Giddens/PA Wire It was designed by Graeme Mitcheson, and bears the outline of a Spitfire fighter plane wing while on its reverse, set against the outline of a crashing Hurricane aircraft, is the face of Sir Archibald.Addressing his comrades during the ceremony, club trustee Dr Sandy Saunders, who helped raise thousands for the memorial, said: “A debt of honour is owed to the excellence of surgical expertise, which restored my body to health, and the cheerful spirit of valiant men who taught me to endure my treatment.”He added that, in what is the 75th year of the club, it was only right to remember the “band of seriously injured men” who were able to support each other in some of the darkest moments of their lives. The Duke of Edinburgh at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire where he dedicated a memorial to the Guinea Pig Clubcenter_img Among the men who benefited from the pioneering work was former racing driver Peter Procter from Appletreewick near Skipton, in Yorkshire, who was badly burned in a car crash at Goodwood in 1966.He was adopted by the club’s members when they found out he was being treated on the burns ward at East Grinstead.His wife, Shirley, also at the unveiling, told how while her husband was in hospital with 65% burns she phoned the club’s warrant officer, “Tubby” Taylor, and spoke of how the Guinea Pigs then swung into action.Mrs Procter said: “I told him, ‘you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I read your book about the Guinea Pigs’. The Duke of Edinburgh at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire where he dedicated a memorial to the Guinea Pig ClubCredit:Joe Giddens/PA Wire The Duke of Edinburgh encountered a troublesome Union Flag that refused to budge today as he unveiled a memorial in honour of an inspirational band of badly burned Second World War airmen.A handful of the surviving members of the once 649-strong Guinea Pig Club, now in their eighties and nineties, watched as their president, the Duke of Edinburgh, unveiled the stone at the National Memorial Arboretum on Wednesday.All of the club’s members, many of whom fought in the Battle of Britain against the Luftwaffe, received treatment for disfiguring burns at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead from the visionary surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe. “He said ‘I know all about Peter Procter, I’ve read all the press reports’.”He said ‘what do you need?’ and I said ‘back-up’.”And that was it, he said ‘you’ve got it’ and they would then come and visit Peter.”Mr Procter, 86, who only gave up driving racing cars five years ago, said: “I was nine when the war broke out.”We lived near York, which was served by Bomber Command, so we would see the Lancasters and the Wellingtons (bombers) coming in all the time.”So those men were always my heroes.”Then, when they came to see me in hospital after the crash, they were my heroes again.”They were heroes twice over to me. You don’t often get that.”Asked if he believed he would be here today without the surgeons and the Guinea Pig Club, he said: “I don’t think for a second – had I gone anywhere else other than East Grinstead – I’d have survived.”I think mentally, the support I got there, the attitude – I felt I was family, straight away.”It was a special environment.”He said the monument’s unveiling was a “wonderful” occasion, “but not before time”.Mr Procter, who has five children, said: “This should have been here from day one.”What a contribution they made.”The survivors of the Guinea Pig Club suffered tremendous injuries, and people with those sorts of injuries weren’t treated then as they are now.”I think they deserve a very special place like this.”The Duke has been president of the club since 1960, following the death of Sir Archibald. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Guinea Pig Club, formed in 1941 by men being treated for burns at a hospital in Sussex, as well as meeting with surviving members of the club and their guestslast_img read more

The Secret Garden National Trust may open stately homes swimming pond to

first_img“I’m sure that, because of her visits to gardens in Tokyo and because of her husband’s death, her passion and energy between 1912 and the mid 1920s went into the garden. The lido was built in the 1890s for the wealthy Beale family and their seven children to enjoy a dip in the heart of their 12 acre garden.But it was long forgotten after being hidden beneath decades of growth.Now the National Trust plans to restore the pool to its former glory and allow members of the public to enjoy its reinvigorating properties. The retored swimming pondCredit: Roger J Bloxham Standen House as it once was The swimming pond “We can see that Margaret tried to grow the roses every year and, just as it has happened to us, the deer came in and ate all her rose buds off just as she was getting close in 1926. Margaret Beale Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The gardens are being restored The retored swimming pond Helen bequeathed the gardens and house to the National Trust in 1972. The National Trust hopes to open its first public swimming pool after gardeners restoring a spectacular Victorian property stumbled across a long forgotten lido.Groundsmen working at Standen House in West Sussex  – the former home of celebrated horticulturist Margaret Beale – discovered the neglected pond when they nearly fell into it while clearing undergrowth. Credit:Andrew Butler  After their mother died in 1936, Margaret’s spinster daughters Maggie and Helen dumped rubbish in the garden and allowed overgrowth to swallow it up concentrating instead on the family farm. The Beale grandchildren swim in the pond James Masters, Head Gardener center_img James Masters, Head Gardener Credit:Andrew Butler  Head gardener, James Masters explained how the pool was discovered quite by mistake when volunteers were clearing away some of the “vigorous modern planting” that obscured much of the grounds.He said: “It would be absolutely wonderful to restore the pool. We were hoping to get it ready for this year but couldn’t get the right water quality for it to be signed off, so we are now looking at next year.”After Margaret Beale’s husband died in 1914, and after her children had flown the nest, the swimming pool was barely used. “If we can have the roses as a cut flower in the posh rooms in the house, just as she wanted, it would be a special moment for me and everyone who works here.”Mr Masters added: “The pool would be back to how she designed it and the whole Rosery would be back to exactly how she envisaged it, so I’m sure she would be very pleased.” They would compete for the right to swim in the deep end by testing how long they could remain dunked underwater, and would dare one another to jump in rather than descend the steps. The Beale grandchildren swim in the pond The swimming pond in the RoseryCredit:ANDREW BUTLER Instead she spent the next 14 years trying in vain to grow the China Pink Rose in his memory, even travelling to Japan to collect samples.Fungal disease, frost, and finally, the deer that broke into the plot and ate the buds, meant the she eventually gave up trying.The National Trust has said as well as restoring the long lost pond, it will also introduce the China Pink to its Rosery in tribute to her efforts. A rose breeder in Essex has already begun growing the high maintenance plants for Standen.Mr Masters said the plan was to introduce 50 of the rose plants, which will potentially bloom into more than 2,000 flowers.He said: “We have done a huge amount of work on the restoration of the garden but this would be the one thing that, from looking at the diary, she tried so hard to achieve.  Margaret Beale She then approached the arts and crafts architect, Philip Webb, to build her dream garden and spent the next 20 years perfecting the grounds.As the Royal Horticultural Society’s first female fellow, she travelled the world looking for rare species to introduce to her beloved garden.Letters and diary entries by Mrs Beale, housed at Standen, reveal how the children spent happy summer in the pool. The gardens are being restored The swimming pond in the Rosery It would be the first time a man-made pool had been opened to the public at one of its properties.The plans are part of a £500,000 restoration project taking place at Standen House, which has taken five years and has involved 100 volunteers.James Beale, a successful lawyer and his wife, Margaret, bought Standen House and the surrounding land in 1870. Standen House as it once waslast_img read more