LÉ NIAMH Saves 225 People off Tripoli

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today LÉ NIAMH Saves 225 People off Tripoli View post tag: Saves View post tag: Navy View post tag: africa Irish Navy’s LÉ NIAMH rescued 225 people from two inflatable vessels in distress 112 kilometres North-East of Tripoli yesterday.The LÉ NIAMH arrived on scene and deployed two rhibs (rigid hull inflatable boats) to the first vessel. All 107 migrants were safely on board the LÉ NIAMH by midnight.Immediately following the first rescue the LÉ NIAMH was re-tasked to assist with the rescue of a further 118 migrants in the vicinity. Weather conditions at the time were good.

 The LÉ NIAMH now has 225  rescued migrants on board (139 male, 74 female and 12 children) who are receiving water, food and medical assistance, where required.The LÉ NIAMH is awaiting direction from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre for its next tasking.[mappress mapid=”16745″]Image: Irish Defence Force View post tag: 225 View post tag: people View post tag: LE Niamh View post tag: Naval LÉ NIAMH Saves 225 People off Tripoli View post tag: News by topic Authorities Share this article View post tag: Tripoli August 24, 2015last_img

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