PHOTOS: Keller Williams’ Pettygrass With The Hillbender And Derek Blake At The Mish

first_imgOn September 8th, Keller Williams hosted a full night of music at The Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue, Colorado. The evening consisted of a set from Keller Williams’ Pettygrass, flexing bluegrass versions of Tom Petty hits, featuring The Hillbenders, and a Keller Williams solo set, with Derek Blake.As Keller Williams once said, “There is nothing like a room full of people singing along to the same song.” He continued about the project, “In 2015, I put together a set of Tom Petty songs to be done bluegrass at a benefit for my local S.P.C.A. I had so much fun putting the project together, it brought a wave of joy over me singing these songs. With his untimely passing, these songs have been pushed to the forefront of my mind and is seems like as good a time as any to celebrate, publicly, the hits of Tom Petty.”Photographer Conrad Meyer was on the scene, and you can view his photos in the gallery below.Keller Williams’ Pettygrass | The Mishawaka | 9/8/18 | Photos: Conrad Meyer Load remaining images Photo: Conrad Meyerlast_img

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