Vinistra exceeded all expectations

first_imgEveryone who means something on the Croatian wine scene came to Poreč to enjoy top quality wines for three days and socialize with more than 130 exhibitors.”Winemakers have done a lot on quality, but most of all we lack recognition in the world. We are waiting for the Law on Wine, which should provide guidelines, and a strategy that will lead us to the right path should be built into that Law. Trends are changing, new markets are opening, we have a long way to go and great perseverance. “, said Nikola Benvenuti, President of Vinistra, the association of winemakers and winegrowers of Istria at an interesting conference Our experiences: 25 years of Vinistra in the Croatian wine story, which took place after the opening of the largest regional wine exhibition.”Croatian winemakers have shown in the past that the quality of products has grown in all regions and that it is possible to make a living from wine production. When we look at where we are today – we have an umbrella association, we have an international presence, we have created a national program to support the winemaking sector from which we financed brand strategy, we hired marketing expert Toniy Hodges, we have umbrella stamps, we have a website, we have ready-made solutions”, Concluded Božica Marković, director of the Sector for Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.The ideal combination – Istrian wines and Zagorje on a plateThe rich accompanying part was followed by the presentation of the book by Đuro Horvat Wine marketing in theory and practice and tasting Pairing Istrian delicacies with Istrian wines chosen by famous sommelier Emil Perdec and Krešimir Mikinac. Laguna wines were presented with a vertical tasting of five excellent Malvasia vintages from 2011 to 2017, and on the first day of Vinistra Plava Laguna Gourmet show brought a surprise from the center of Hrvatsko Zagorje.Zagorje cottage cheese with pumpkin oil and confited duck breast, cream of corn soup with walnut oil, pork fillet sous vide with mushrooms, green vegetable scenery and rye flour crackers, and cheesecake with strawberry gel and pumpkin oil and white mousse chocolate, the menu was presented by the award-winning restaurant of the Zagorje hotel Villa Magdalena and chef Mislav Božić. The guests, including nine Swiss journalists and bloggers, were delighted by the seemingly incompatible – Zagorje cuisine and Istrian wines. The wine part of the story was taken care of by famous winemakers Ravallico with excellent sparkling wine Brigi, Marijan Arman with young Malvasia Gcru, champion of this year’s Vinistra and Muscat White, vintage 2017, and Tomaz with aged Teran Barbarossa from 2015.That wine is one of the strongest assets of Istria was once again confirmed by the great atmosphere and attendance on the first day of the jubilee Vinistra.It used to be black, and then came the shadesThanks to the synergy and partnership of the public and private sector, today wine is an Istrian brand, and Istria has world wines, it was pointed out at the round Wine and Istria – yesterday, today, tomorrowIt used to be just black i bilo, and then the nuances came… Thus, on the eve of the jubilee 25th Vinistra in the Parentium Plava Laguna Hotel, an interesting round table began with the participation of Istrian Prefect Valter Flego, Member of the European Parliament Ivan Jakovčić, Member of Parliament Boris Miletić, former sommelier club president Veljko Ostojić , the Mayor of Poreč Loris Peršurić and three renowned Istrian winemakers Gianfranco Kozlović, Ivica Matošević and Nikola Benvenuti.Ivan Jakovčić said that the name Vinistra was created quite by accident, back in 1993, and its author is Duško Gortan. “Only a few months after the name was created, the first Vinistra was modestly opened, which grew from a small wine exhibition into the most important wine event in the region. Today, Istria has world wines that deserve their place in the world’s top restaurants”, Concluded Jakovčić.Matosevic and Kozlovic said that in the XNUMXs, when they started, they did not know how the story of wine would develop. They worked in silence, with great respect for their Italian and Slovenian neighbors, renowned wine countries. “Today, after 25 years, we have great wines, and this is confirmed by the arrival of the legendary Steven Spurrier at this year’s Vinistra, who was delighted with our Malvasia and the different styles of our winemakers.”, Matosevic pointed out.Veljko Ostojić recalled the early XNUMXs when Vladimir Borošić, the former owner of Zagreb’s Bornstein Wine Shop, brutally told him that Istrian wines were the bottom of Croatian wines. “Today we are at the top of Croatia, but also of the region. 25 years ago we all embraced one very important task. It wasn’t just doing the project. Wine is an integral part of our life, Istrian lifestyle, part of our DNA and it had to be shaped into a product. A sommelier club was launched, through education and thanks to such a professional approach we are at the top today”, Concluded Ostojic.Boris Miletić rhetorically wondered if it might be harder today when Istria is at the top, than 25 years ago when there was a lot of room for the development of viticulture and winemaking. “Additional work needs to be done on brand development. There’s that saying – we’re too small to be average! Wine is not only part of our identity, but also pride. We need to invest more in education, direct more money to the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism and the Agricultural School. We are known for the Istrian community and as we stick together I am convinced of the future and success”, Said Miletic.”Istria has done a lot and we can no longer stop. We have to push further and that was the reason to make the Strategy for the development of Istrian winemaking until 2030, which is in the final phase. The strategy will help us maintain our leading position in Croatia and the region. We must also take into account that in Istria there is a change of generations and not everyone will always continue the family tradition. Some wineries will also be sold, in which case it is very important that whoever buys them plays by our rules”, Said Nikola Benvenuti, President of Vinistra.The mayor of Poreč agreed with that, pointing out that everyone in Istria and Poreč must book for Vinistra in the second week of May, and this can be seen in the excellent announcements for this weekend when 20 percent more tourists are expected. Valter Flego concluded that the sun and the sea are no longer enough, and guests who come to Istria in a high third or fourth place cite the eno-gastronomic offer as the motive for their arrival.After a round table on the terrace of the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel at the B2B meeting of Istrian winemakers with distributors, tourist workers, owners of wine shops and restaurants and sommelier, Istrian wines were tasted, which best showed where Istria is 25 years later.And the whole story about Vinista as a positive argument that association and synergy through clusters / associations is the only real path to strategic and sustainable development, read in the attachment.NIKOLA BENVENUTI, VINISTRA: ISTRIAN WINERS HAVE LONG RECOGNIZED THE STRENGTH OF THE BRAND, THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY AND ASSOCIATION FOR POSITIONING ON THE WINE MAP OF THE WORLDlast_img

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