PCG wary of Chinese vessels

first_imgBACOLOD City – The Philippine CoastGuard (PCG) is strictly monitoring all vessels originating from China anddocking in the province as part of the precautions against the 2019 novelcoronavirus acute respiratory disease(2019-nCoV). PCG-Negros Occidental chief LieutenantCommander Jansen Benjamin said before a foreign vessel will be allowed to dockin any part of the province, they will first be redirected to the port’sanchorage area and await a boarding team from the PCG and an officer from theBureau of Quarantine (BOQ). Once the quarantine officials do notfind any health issues among the crew and the vessel itself, they will issue anadvisory allowing the vessel to dock. The local PCG commander also confirmedthat a vessel originating from China is scheduled to arrive today in San CarlosCity. Benjamin said the vessel’s crew have already coordinated with the BOQ andthey will be directed to the anchorage area of the port first while awaiting aninspection. Meanwhile, as for local vesselsespecially those operating passenger services, Benjamin said they areimplementing information dissemination. He adde d that PCG personnel incoordination with the Philippine Ports Authority are actively encouragingpassengers to practice proper hygiene in order to combat the virus./PNcenter_img Benjamin added, if such an eventoccurs, they will immediately send a health official to the vessel in questionto take a sample and forward it to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicinefor confirmation. According to Benjamin, even before thenCoV issue, the PCG has been actively implementing these quarantine safety andsecurity Inspections on all foreign vessels. Benjamin, however, pointed out thatthey have implemented stricter monitoring of foreign vessels, especially thoseoriginating from China. “In the event that there is asuspected nCoV case in the vessel, there will be no disembarkation and the crewwill immediately be placed on quarantine,” Benjamin said.last_img

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