European Champion Mesud Pezer Brought Home the Brightest Medal

first_imgBiH athlete and member of the Athletic Club Zenica, Mesud Pezer, arrived today in Zenica, with the brightest medal from the European Championships for younger seniors held in Rijetij.Immediately upon returning to Zenica, he continued with his regular training, but impressions are still fresh.“This year I achieved my goal and my dream, all the efforts and hard work has paid off and I am more than pleased that I am a European Champion. It was hard at the tournament, I had a mental burden because I was the favorite, and I could not even sleep the night before the championship. When the match started the God gave me the strength to throw the winning shot, and I achieved what I always wanted “, stated Pezer, adding that the competition was strong and there were better prepared than he was.Mesud was standing on the podium of the top-ranked while the national anthem was on.“The feeling was amazing. Everyone would want to stand on that podium if he only knew what it was like, when all of Europe stands up on the anthem of your country“, concluded Pezer.(Source:

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