Salman Khan lives up to his name the Devil in Kick

first_imgWe all know how much of a devil is Salman Khan but now he will also be referred by the same name in his upcoming film Kick. Yes, Salman Khan who is starring in an adaptation of the 2009 Telugu film Kick is all set to be the devil. Kick is slated to release in July 2014.In the film directed and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Salman is universally referred as The Devil by all the characters of the film, although in the Telugu film, his character was called Kalyan and was played by Telugu star Ravi Teja.Sajid thinks Salman perfectly fits the boots to play the character, and presents a devil-ish look in the film.Sajid is quoted as saying, ‘He is the Devil incarnate. His character is grey and edgy, even the goatee he sports is a salt and pepper mix. You’ve never seen him play a character like this before’.Apparently, Sajid simply narrated out the script to Salman a few days before shooting, and Salman, being his noble self, agreed to do the film on the condition that Sajid directs the film. The film is slated to release on 27 July 2014last_img

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