2nd Test: Pujara, Rahane in 211-run unbroken stand as India dominate Sri Lanka

first_imgHighlights from Day 1 of the second Test between Sri Lanka and India being played at the Sinhalese Sports Club Ground in Colombo. (Scorecard)India 1st Innings:17.05 IST: India 344/3 (90 overs) at stumps on Day 1 vs Sri Lanka. Cheteshwar Pujara 128*, Ajinkya Rahane 103* Rahane and Pujara walk off to a standing ovation from the dressing room. A hundred from both of them have ensured India are right on top in this match. They did not lose a wicket in this session and have managed toadd 106 runs. After winning the toss and opting to bat this the ideal situation they would have wanted to be in.Sri Lanka on the other hand, have found it very difficult to apply anykind of pressure on the Indian batsmen. They were too short and bowledway too many bad balls. To make matters worse Nuwan Pradeep walked ofholding a hamstring and if he cannot bowl in this game it is going to be a crucial blow for the hosts.16.49 IST: THAT’S A TON FOR JINX! Ajinkya Rahane scores 9th hundred, second in Sri Lanka and sixth outside India. India’s best overseas player in Test cricket at the moment, you can see why. Has delivered once again on foreign soil. Leans ahead and taps it in front of point as he steals a single. Lovely knock. India 338/3 (85.2 overs)Finally! She said, after @ajinkyarahane88 gets to a well-made 9th Test century #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/l1HlAM95x2- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 2017Batsman @ajinkyarahane88 brings up his 9th Test ton. Follow the game here – https://t.co/cexxqoSOZz #SLvIND #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/diEzYrLH6aadvertisement- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 2017Ajinkya Rahane (21 50+ Test scores)100s: 990s: 280s: 270s: 260s: 150s: 5#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 3, 201716.31 IST: Pradeep is walking off the field. Seems like a hamstring injury. The last two balls of his over will be bowled by Pushpakumara. IND 321/3 in 81 overs16.27 IST: Second new ball has been taken. Nuwan Pradeep will have a crack with it first up.16.26 IST: Sri Lanka now have the option to take the second new ball. IND 317/3 in 80 ovs16.22 IST: Herath to Rahane, FOUR! Tossed up outside the line of off stump, Rahane drives it through extra cover and sends it all the way for a boundary.2nd Test. 79.2: R Herath to A Rahane (88), 4 runs, 315/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201716.17 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahane, DROPPED on 80! A tough chance. He almost got his first Test wicket. Tosses it up on off, Rahane drives it uppishly to the left of the bowler who dives and stretches his hand but is unable to hang onto it. The ball goes down to long off for a run. IND 306/3 in 78 ovs16. 10 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahane, FOUR!  Poor ball. Another free from a Lankan bowler. Short and wide outside off, Rahane rocks onto his back foot and firmly punches it through the covers for a boundary. India 299/3 (76 overs) vs Sri Lanka15.56 IST: de Silva to Rahane, FOUR! BANG! Rahane comes down the track and hits it over mid off for a one bounce boundary. He has played with great intent here. India 288/3 (73 overs) vs Sri Lanka15.38 IST: Pushpakumara to Pujara, bowled on the stumps, Pujara flicks it through square leg for a couple. He also brings up his 13th hundred. This has been very good knock by him. He has been patient and he deserves this. He is the seventh Indian batsman to score a ton in his 50th Test. India 266/3 (67.4 overs) vs Sri Lanka Fewest inns to 13 Test 100s for India68 S Gavaskar81 V Kohli82 S Tendulkar84 Cheteshwar Pujara#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 3, 2017Mr. Consistent – @cheteshwar1 brings up his 13th Test ton #SLvIND #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/4QNedfg7qc- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201715.26 IST: Pradeep to Rahane, FOUR! BEAUTIFUL! Full ball on off, Rahane leans into it and drives it through covers for a boundary.2nd Test. 64.4: N Pradeep to A Rahane (54), 4 runs, 258/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201715.22 IST: WELL PLAYED JINKS! Fifty for Rahane! Has been flawless so far. Scored runs briskly and looked brilliant. Drives it to long off and takes a single. Like Pujara, he too must carry on and make a big score. IND 254/3 in 64 ovs15.13 IST: Pushpakumara and Perera bowling in tandem post tea. India 242/3 in 61 overs. Pujara 91*, Rahane 43*. Partnership: 109 off 133 balls 15.06 IST: Just the run one came from Perera’s over post tea. India 239/3 in 59 overs. Time for the final session as Pujara and Rahane walk out to the middle #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/mHn00hQXVVadvertisement- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201714.43 IST: India 238/3 in 58 overs at tea on Day 1. Pujara 89*, Rahane 41*. Post-lunch session – 137 runs in 30 overs, 2 wickets.Sri Lanka started off the session well by taking two quick wickets but Rahane and Pujara added some quick runs and have made sure that it has belonged to India. Pujara has been like a wall at one end and Rahane is scoring at a brisk rate. India will want the same to continue after the break.Sri Lanka on the other hand, have been wayward with their lines and lengths. They need a wicket or two to get back into the game. There is assistance from the pitch but the Lankan bowlers are not hitting the right areas. They need to come out fighting after the break. Join us for the final session in a while.14.40 IST: NOT OUT! Unsuccessful review from Sri Lanka, Rahane survives as he was struck outside off-stump 14.39 IST: Pradeep to Rahane, huge appeal for LBW! umpire says not out. Sri Lanka take a review14.34 IST: Herath to Rahane, a single brings up the 100-run partnership between Pujara and Rahane in just 104 balls.14.09 IST: 200 up for India in the 51st over. Pujara 67*, Rahane 26*. Partnership: 67 off 70 ballsIndian Test capts dismissed on “unlucky 13” most times – 2Gundappa Viswanath 1980Sunil Gavaskar 1983 & 1984Virat Kohli 2017#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 3, 201714.05 IST: Perera to Pujara, FOUR! Good timing. Met the ball well at its pitch and drove it through the line past the sliding mid off fielder, who couldn’t stop it moving to his left. Super shot.2nd Test. 49.2: MDK Perera to C Pujara (65), 4 runs, 195/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201714.02 IST: Pushpakumara to Pujara, SIX! Wrong line and length to bowl. Very wrong. Malinda drops it short, on middle and leg, Pujara rocks back and with a powerful pull clears mid-wicket for a maximum.2nd Test. 48.4: M Pushpakumara to C Pujara (60), 6 runs, 190/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.56 IST: Pujara gets to his 16th Test fifty in 112 balls. Pujara fifty steadies India post lunch. IND 178/3 in 47.1 overs13.52 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahane, FOUR! That’s a lovely shot. Rahane is afraid to take the attack to the opposition. Skips out watching the flight and lifts it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Excellent finish to the over.2nd Test. 45.6: MDK Perera to A Rahane (17), 4 runs, 170/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.48 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahane, FOUR! Super shot! Tossed up delivery on middle, Rahane stays leg side, gets to the pitch of the delivery and smashes it past a diving Rangana Herath, who in all honestly stood no chance to stop it. It races away to the fence for a boundary.2nd Test. 44.3: M Pushpakumara to A Rahane (11), 4 runs, 163/3 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.43 IST: Players break for drinks! Sri Lanka have come back into the game by using the conditions well. Picked up a couple of wickets and clogged the run flow effectively. This next phase of play will be quite important for both teams. India 159/3 in 44 overs (Pujara 45*, Rahane 7*). advertisement13.34 IST: TAKE A BOW CHE! Cheteshwar Pujara completes 4000 Test runs in his 50th Test match. He is joint-third fastest Indian, along with Rahul Dravid, to get to the landmark in 84 innings. IND 145/3 in 41.3 overs 13.30 IST: Herath to Rahane, FOUR! Drags his length back on middle, Rahane whips it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Ajinkya gets off the mark.13.24 IST: Herath to Kohli, OUT c Angelo Mathews b Rangana Herath. Angelo, you beauty! A great reflex catch by the ex-skipper. Flatter and outside off, Kohli tries to cut it but gets an outside edge which flies to Mathews at first slip who takes a brilliant catch diving to his right. Kohli is not happy with himself. That was too close to cut maybe. Never the less, a big wicket for Sri Lanka and they are right back into the game now.38.5: WICKET! V Kohli (13) is out, c Angelo Mathews b Rangana Herath, 133/3- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.19 IST: Pradeep to Pujara, FOUR! EDGY BOUNDARY! Fuller in length, swinging away from the batsman. Pujara gets it off the outside edge through backward point and the ball races to the fence.2nd Test. 37.6: N Pradeep to C Pujara (27), 4 runs, 133/2 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.14 IST: Herath to Kohli, FOUR! WHAT PLACEMENT! Loopy ball outside off, Kohli leans into it and drives it through covers for a boundary. He has played some great shots uptil now.2nd Test. 36.6: R Herath to V Kohli (13), 4 runs, 129/2 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201713.09 IST: Pradeep to Kohli, FOUR! LOVELY SHOT! The short ball followed by a full one on off, Kohli leans into it and drives it through mid off for a boundary.2nd Test. 35.3: N Pradeep to V Kohli (8), 4 runs, 124/2 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201712.59 IST: Herath to Pujara, FOUR! Plays the sweep thorugh backward square leg to great effect and collects a boundary.2nd Test. 32.3: R Herath to C Pujara (23), 4 runs, 118/2 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201712.48 IST: RUN OUT! Yes, No, Yes, No and a run out. A big misunderstanding between the two batsmen. Tosses it up on off, Rahul pushes it towards covers and sets off for a run. Pujara first obliges but then stops in between the pitch and sends Rahul back who also was half way down. Chandimal is quick to the ball and fires in a throw to Dickwella who collects the ball and whips the bails off. Rahul is well short of his ground. He is not happy at all. He walks back dejected. He fails to covert it big once again. He is run out for the first time in his Test career. India have lost both their openers now. IND 109/2in 30.4 overs30.4: WICKET! L Rahul (57) is out, run out (Dinesh Chandimal), 109/2 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201712.40 IST: Herath will begin the proceedings post lunch12.00 IST: India 101/1 in 28 overs at lunch on Day 1. Rahul 52*, Pujara 14*, Perera 1/11Despite the loss of Shikhar Dhawan early in the morning, this is still India’s session. Scored 101 runs in 28 overs as Rahul and Pujara have done well with the bat. Kept the scoreboard ticking and the former has gone on to score a fifty. Sri Lanka couldn’t do much in this session but the ball is already turning and this will surely encourage them. The afternoon session should make for an interesting viewing. Join us back shortly for that.And that will be Lunch as #TeamIndia get to 101/1 with @klrahul11 on 52* and @cheteshwar1 on 14* #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/zkaRC2m2uK- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.56 IST: Herath to Rahul, FOUR! That’s just adding to Lanka’s woes. Rahul advances down the track and lofts it over mid off. It falls just inside the rope and that’ll be a boundary. 8th Test fifty for KL Rahul! This is his 6th consecutive fifty. But, 4 out of those 6 times he’s gotten out in the 50-70 range. Something to be careful about. IND 101/1 in 26.5 ovs 2nd Test. 26.5: R Herath to L Rahul (52), 4 runs, 101/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.54 IST: NOT OUT! RAHUL LIVES TO FIGHT ON! But an excellent delivery from Herath and equally impressive glovework from Niroshan Dickwella. Slightly quicker through the air, turns and beats the outside edge of Rahul’s hanging bat. He’s a touch off balance too and this provides Dickwella the opportunity to whip the bails off and does so in a flash. It’s taken upstairs and replays show that he’s just managed to plant his back foot back in time.11.54 IST: Stumping appeal! This could be a big wicket for Sri Lanka. KL Rahul is the man in question. Dickwella could have got his man. IND 97/1 in 26.3 overs11.51 IST: India 97/1 in 26 overs. Rahul 48*, Pujara 14*. Current partnership – 41 off 95 balls11.22 IST: Herath to Rahul, FOUR! Full on middle, Rahul brings out the broom and sweeps it past short leg, through square leg and sends it across the rope for a boundary.2nd Test. 18.4: R Herath to L Rahul (42), 4 runs, 89/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.20 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahul, FOUR! Short and flat on the stumps, Rahul goes back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.2nd Test. 17.6: M Pushpakumara to L Rahul (38), 4 runs, 84/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.11 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahul, FOUR! Malinda gives it a lot of flight and seeing this, Rahul uses his feet well. Gets to the pitch and lofts it over extra cover for a boundary.2nd Test. 15.1: M Pushpakumara to L Rahul (31), 4 runs, 74/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.09 IST: Perera to Pujara, FOUR! TOP SHOT! He loves using his feet to the finger spinner. Dances down the track and drives it past the bowler for a boundary.2nd Test. 14.4: MDK Perera to C Pujara (8), 4 runs, 70/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201711.05 IST: Drinks break! India started off well but the Lankans have come back with Dhawan’s dismissal. A wicket or two now and they present themselves with the opportunity to have a firm position in this game.11.03 IST: Debutant Malinda Pushpakumara gives away just 1 run from his first over. IND 63/1 in 14 ovs 11.00 IST: Debutant Malinda Pushpakumara will bowl for the very first time in his international career.10.49 IST: OUT! A successful review from Sri Lanka this time. The bowling change has worked wonders. The danger man Dhawan has to depart. Bowls it full on middle, the ball straightens a little. Dhawan tries to sweep but misses and is struck on the pads. The Lankans appeal and this time the umpire gives it not out. Chandimal after a chat with his teammates decides to review. They go upstairs. Replays show that there was no bat involved. The ball has pitched in line, strikes him in line and is clipping the stumps. Three reds the umpire has to overturn his decision again. Big wicket for the home side. Dilruwan is ecstatic.(AP Photo)10.1: WICKET! S Dhawan (35) is out, lbw Dilruwan Perera, 56/1 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.48 IST: Perera to Dhawan, another lbw shout! this time Dhawan is the man in question. Looks close, he could be in trouble.10.42 IST: KL Survives! NOT OUT! A brilliant review from him. The ploy to bowl with the part timer almost paid off for Sri Lanka. Bowls it on a length on middle, jags back in a touch. Rahul tries to flick but misses and is struck on the pads. The Lankans appeal and the umpire gives it out. Lokesh walks down to his partner and after a chat he decides to review it. They go upstairs. Replays show that the ball has pitched in line and hits him in line but is missing the stumps. The on-field call has to be overturned. IND 53/010.41 IST: Karunaratne to Rahul, BIG APPEAL and given out LBW by the umpire! Rahul has taken a review but it looks close!10.37 IST: Pradeep to Rahul, FOUR! It is raining boundaries in Colombo. Bowls it on the pads, Rahul flicks it to the fine leg fence for a boundary and brings up India’s fifty in the ninth over. Scoring rate – 5.882nd Test. 8.4: N Pradeep to L Rahul (18), 4 runs, 51/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.35 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR! He is so good through the cover region. Full outside off, Dhawan drives it through covers for another boundary. He is on the charge here.10.34 IST: Karunaratne’s first over goes for four runs. IND 42/0 in 8 ovs (Dhawan 28*, Rahul 14*)10.30 IST: An unlikely bowling change as part-time medium pacer Dimuth Karunaratne is introduced into the bowling attack.10.29 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, BIG APPEAL! But nothing from the umpire. Lands it on a length on middle, Dhawan walks across and tries to flick but misses and is struck on the pads. Appeal made but seems like it was going down the leg side. IND 38/0 in 7 ovs 10.25 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR! CRACKING SHOT! He is growing in confidence here. Fuller in length outside off, Dhawan leans forward and drives it through covers and the ball races to the fence.2nd Test. 6.1: N Pradeep to S Dhawan (25), 4 runs, 36/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.23 IST: Herath to Rahul, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Rahul. Dances down the track and hits it towards mid off where De Silva slips while running to his right and lets it through for another boundary.2nd Test. 5.6: R Herath to L Rahul (11), 4 runs, 32/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.23 IST: Herath to Rahul, FOUR! TOP SHOT! Herath gives it air outside off, Rahul square drives it for a boundary.10.18 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR! CRUNCHED! Bangs it in short on middle, Dhawan pulls it through square leg for a boundary. That made a cracking sound off the bat.2nd Test. 4.3: N Pradeep to S Dhawan (19), 4 runs, 22/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.16 IST: Herath bowls the first maiden over of the day. IND 18/0 in 4 overs10.14 IST: Dhawan is batting with a strike rate of over 93 with two boundaries and a six. IND 18/0 in 3 ovs10.11 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR! Nails the cut shot this time. Shorter outside off, Shikhar camps back and cuts it through backward point for a boundary.2nd Test. 2.5: N Pradeep to S Dhawan (15), 4 runs, 18/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.07 IST: Herath to Dhawan, SIX! BANG! We saw this so many times in the first Test. Dances down the wicket and lofts it over the long on fence for a maximum. Brilliant from Dhawan.2nd Test. 1.5: R Herath to S Dhawan (10), 6 runs, 13/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.05 IST: Off-spinner Rangana Herath will share the new ball with Pradeep from the other end.10.03 IST: Pradeep to Dhawan, FOUR! STREAKY BOUNDARY! Lands it on a length just outside off, Dhawan pokes at it and gets an outside edge past the diving Kusal at third slip for a boundary. The slip should have been a little closer. A good over by Pradeep.2nd Test. 0.6: N Pradeep to S Dhawan (4), 4 runs, 4/0 https://t.co/cexxqpaqo9 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 201710.02 IST: Looking at the first three balls it seems this pitch is not going to assist the fast bowlers. Not much bounce on offer and is on the slower side as well. 10.00 IST: Shikhar Dhawan takes first strike for India. Nuwan Pradeep will open the attack for the hosts.Pre-match updates:9.50 IST: Sri Lanka Playing XI: Dimuth Karunaratne, Upul Tharanga, Kusal Mendis, Dinesh Chandimal(c), Angelo Mathews, Dhananjaya de Silva, Niroshan Dickwella(w), Rangana Herath, Dilruwan Perera, Malinda Pushpakumara, Nuwan Pradeep9.50 IST: India Playing XI – IND XI: L Rahul, S Dhawan, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, R Ashwin, W Saha, H Pandya, R Jadeja, M Shami, U Yadav- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 20179.40 IST: Three changes for Sri Lanka today – captain Dinesh Chandimal is back in the playing XI, Malinda Pushpakumara will make his debut and Dhananjaya de Silva gets a game.9.32 IST: TOSS! India captain Virat Kohli wins the toss and opts to bat first against Sri Lanka at Colombo. KL Rahul replaces Abhinav Mukund in the Indian playing XI.#TeamIndia win the toss and will bat first. @klrahul11 comes in place of Abhinav Mukund #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/gRdHTvSw34- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 20179.22 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is all set to play his 50th Test match today. All the best ‘Che’Happy 50th Test @cheteshwar1 Good luck ????????? #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/pSQspqt5mK- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 20179.10 IST: Meanwhile, the ICC has granted permission to Sri Lanka skipper Dinesh Chandimal to use an inhaler during the match following a bout of pneumonia.8.45 IST: Team India are off to the Sinhalese Sports Club Ground for the second Test.And…off we go #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/ub0FOy0bCi- BCCI (@BCCI) August 3, 2017Brief Preview: In-form India will look to inflict another defeat on Sri Lanka and seal the three-Test series when the two sides clash in the second rubber at the Sinhalese Sports Club here on Thursday.India scripted a rampaging 304-run victory in the first Test with opener Shikhar Dhawan making a strong case for himself with regular openers Lokesh Rahul and Murali Vijay, left out injured.Dhawan smashed a 168-ball 190 in the first innings to steer India to a mammoth total of 600 and help it take a firm grip on the match, which eventually they never let go.Dhawan was adjudged Man-of-the-Match and that leaves skipper Virat Kohli with a happy headache of chosing between Dhawan, Abhinav Mukund and Rahul, who is back into the reckoning.Mukund also scored a crafty 81 in the second essay which had Kohli’s unbeaten 103. Rahul, who laid low in the first Test with viral fever, has now recovered and if he is successful in proving his fitness for this Test, the toss-up will be between Dhawan and Mukund for the second opener’s slot.It is unlikely that Mukund will get a look in, owing to Dhawan’s form.I’m positive about the fact that the current Indian team can do things that probably no other Indian team has done before – @RaviShastriOfc pic.twitter.com/LUek9yJYav- BCCI (@BCCI) August 1, 2017last_img

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