Army reiterates allegations on rehabilitated LTTE cadres false

A former LTTE cadre was reported to have made the allegation that several former LTTE cadres were injected with poison before being released into society after being rehabilitated.The issue was later discussed at the Northern Provincial Council and Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran sought US assistance to investigate the issue but the US had turned down the request. The army today reiterated the allegation that several rehabilitated LTTE cadres were poisoned is false.Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, Commander, Security Forces – West said that the allegation is a “diabolical lie” and that there is no evidence to back the claims. He said that the rehabilitation process was accepted by international agencies so the allegation that the former LTTE cadres were poisoned during rehabilitation was false. The Northern Province Chief Minister later said that he has advised doctors in the North to look into the issue and submit a report.The Government had said earlier it was prepared to investigate the allegations that former LTTE cadres were injected with poison if the details of such former LTTE cadres is submitted to the relevant authorities. (Colombo Gazette) Ranasinghe, who headed the rehabilitation unit, said that former LTTE cadres were given full rehabilitation and were released back into society.

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