New garden rocks in downtown Simcoe

The newest addition to the downtown Simcoe cleanup efforts really rocks.The Norfolk Association for Community Living and the Simcoe Painted Rocks group have come together to revamp a garden outside of the NACL downtown location. The newly founded Simcoe Community Painted Rock Garden is located at the corner of Peel St. and Kent St. South.Cindy Newlove from NACL said they wanted to clean up the garden outside of their location.“This garden area was full of weeds, and syringes, and garbage. I thought if we can clean it up and bring some beauty to the downtown, why not?”Newlove is a member of the Brantford Painted Rock group and drew inspiration from their community rock garden for the Simcoe location.“I saw how much positivity was coming from it in Brantford so I thought why not bring it to Simcoe,” said Newlove.Kim Feere, the founder of the Simcoe Painted Rocks group, worked alongside Newlove to see the garden come to fruition.The Simcoe group currently has around 480 members that paint and hide rocks around the community. This garden is now a new location for these artists to hide their painted rocks.The public is welcome to take any of the rocks that they feel speak to them. They can later return the rock, hide it somewhere else, or replace it with a new rock they have created.“It’s like a rock exchange, it’s just to put a smile on somebody’s face,” said Feere.If you find one of the rocks or hide it somewhere else, they ask that you tag the Simcoe Painted Rock group so they can see how far the rocks travel.There will be rock painting days held at the downtown NACL location, which will be posted on their Facebook [email protected]  11-year-old Stella Davidson, alongside brother Rowan, 7, paint rocks at the grand opening of the Simcoe Community Painted Rock Garden on Friday afternoon. (ASHLEY TAYLOR/SIMCOE REFORMER) Maeghan Lampman and Peter Ford paint rocks to place in the Simcoe Community Painted Rock Garden during the garden’s grand opening on Friday afternoon. (ASHLEY TAYLOR/SIMCOE REFORMER)

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