XIM3 brings highprecision mouse keyboard controls to the Xbox 360

first_imgHaving grown up playing first-person shooters on a PC, any attempt I make to play such games on a console has been met with me thinking “this would be so much better with a keyboard and mouse”.Unless the game is terrible, I keep playing and make do with the joypad as a controller. But if I had the option of plugging in a keyboard and mouse I would probably use it. Well, if you are a 360 gamer that option now exists thanks to the XIM3 adaptor.AdChoices广告The XIM3 consists of a small LCD display and 4 USB ports. Each port allows for a connection to your Xbox 360, keyboard, mouse, and 360 joypad, all of which need to be connected for the system to work. The joypad also allows for navigation of the XIM3 settings–you do not need a PC at any point.The most important feature of the XIM3 is the real-time command transfer, so there is no lag between your keyboard and mouse input and the game. As far as the 360 is concerned, you are using a joypad to input commands.Configuration controls are included on the XIM3 to allow you to configure on a per game basis. There’s also 10 Smart Transitions specifically for setting up mouse precision and overcoming dead zones which can differ depending on the game being played. Watch the video below for more information on this:If you want mouse and keyboard control on your 360, then this does look to be the best option at the moment. However, it’s not cheap and you can expect to pay $149.99.Read more at XIM3, via  HotHardwareMatthew’s OpinionI’m sure a lot of 360 gamers will have an issue with this and its potential to improve a user’s performance in multiplayer on games like Modern Warfare 2. It’s true that keyboard and mouse do allow for more accurate movement, but a seasoned joypad user should be able to match a XIM3 player. It’s when you put two new players in a room that you’ll probably see the XIM3 give an advantage.This video of the XIM3 being used with Halo 3 shows accelerated turning while allowing for accurate aiming. So yes, it does offer an advantage if such settings are used.At $149.99, I doubt you will see many players making the investment. But for some, the draw of being able to use keyboard and mouse input will be enough to warrant the investment.last_img

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