Japan suffers 74 magnitude earthquake aftershock

first_imgJust as Japan was starting to come to terms with the loss and rebuild after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, the country has been hit again by a very strong aftershock.The USGS website is reporting a 7.4 magnitude earthquake near the coast of Honshu, Japan. That’s the same northeastern coast that suffered the 8.9 magnitude quake last month. Again, it hit off the coast meaning the chance of a tsunami is there and predicted to be 3.2 feet in height.Even though this aftershock is not as big as the first, it’s still up there and managed to shake buildings in Tokyo some 205 miles away. The troubled Fukushima nuclear plant was only 90 miles away, but has not been further affected by this.The only good news is, if a tsunami does happen the area it will strike is already mostly deserted as rebuilding work happens. The Japanese people will also be on much higher alert this time with relief efforts already in place.We hope this is the last aftershock Japan has to endure and no further earthquakes happen for the foreseeable future and that a feared second tsunami never appears.via MSNBClast_img

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