Fort Motors building being demolished

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — It’s officially the end of an era in Fort St. John after WL Construction crews began demolishing the old Fort Motors building on 100th Street this morning.Fort Motors was founded at the corner of 100th Street and 96th Ave. by Wally and Opal Gentles on January 2nd, 1961. The couple’s son Brian purchased the Ford dealership from his parents in 1993, and oversaw its move to its present location on Alaska Road in 2006. Since then, Gentles has allowed area non-profit organizations to use the vacant building for anything from storage to dance lessons. Though he sold Fort Motors in 2016, Gentles still owns the lot where the dealership stood for 45 years. He said that the building is now past its useful lifespan, and has decided to knock the building down in order to start the environmental cleanup of the lot.  Gentles said that from the time the backhoe first hit the building, it only took 45 minutes to reduce it to a pike of rubble. He added that the full cleanup will likely take at least several days as the building’s material is sorted and properly disposed of.According to Gentles, the vast majority of the environmental reclamation will need to be done to address contamination from a gas station that used to sit on the lot. He explained that though the fuel tanks were removed some years ago, the site will still need to be cleaned up before any new development can be done.Gentles added that he doesn’t have any future plans to develop the site and that has hasn’t gotten any offers to buy the property, but that he won’t likely be responsible for getting the site developed.last_img read more

Europes restrictive measures place added hardships on refugees and asylumseekers – UN

Refugees and migrants continue to cross parts of the Mediterranean in desperate attempts to make it to Europe. Credit: UN News CentreThe risks include lack of proper registration in line with EU and international standards, the selection of people on the basis of nationality and other criteria rather than protection needs, and the heightened likelihood of pushbacks and people being stranded in the open. Such practices also undermine the conclusions reached by the European Council last week recalling that to enter the EU without adequate travel documentation, people need to apply for asylum when reaching an EU country, UNHCR said. The practices have already resulted in a build-up of refugees and asylum-seekers and migrants in Greece and in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where nearly 700 people, mostly Afghan nationals, have been barred from accessing admission into Serbia. In order to support a joint approach and to allay fears and potential chaos, States need to inform refugees and asylum-seekers of their procedures, including clear details on the criteria for access to admission, asylum or return, in line with applicable laws, the UN agency said. “Some States are shifting problems onward rather than trying to genuinely share responsibility and show solidarity with one another and with those in need of protection,” UNHCR said. “A comprehensive, coordinated strategy built on shared responsibility, solidarity and trust among all European States working together is the only way to approach the current emergency.” UNHCR added that it is making good progress in providing accommodation for 20,000 asylum-seekers in Greece, and will continue to provide support to States to help manage the situation humanely and in line with international standards. The agency also urges the creation and expansion of credible alternative pathways for refugees to reach safety in Europe and elsewhere in order to ensure that movements are manageable and safe, such as enhanced resettlement, humanitarian admission, family reunifications and student/work visas. In a press release, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that the newest restrictive measures put in place by several European countries risk violating European Union (EU) law and undermine efforts for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to deal with the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. On 17 February, Austria announced it would place a daily limit of 3,200 people to enter its territory and only accept 80 new asylum applications per day. Slovenia announced a similar cap to restrict movements across its borders. In addition, on 18 February, the heads of police services of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia announced an agreement to jointly profile and register refugees and asylum-seekers at the border between the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece, as well as take a number of additional actions to manage the situation. “While coordinated action can help the management of the mixed migration movement, the statement has been interpreted differently by countries, resulting in increased protection risks for refugees and asylum-seekers, particularly those with specific needs, such as unaccompanied and separated children,” the UNHCR noted in its statement. read more

Get notified when one of your Facebook friends ditches you

first_imgI did not know this, but last Friday was supposed to be a Facebook Defriend Day. This was a day when you were meant to clean up your list of friends, i.e. remove those who are no longer your friends or you feel have mistreated you in some way.So if you log into Facebook today and notice that half of your friends are missing you will no why. However, it could take some time tracking down which friends have left, especially if you have hundreds of them. The reason being that Facebook does not have an email facility in place which informs you when a friend leaves and nor would they, as Facebook does not want to advertise that somebody has left the service, after all it’s bad for publicity.AdChoices广告A solution does exist, though, and takes the shape of 3rd party plug-in’s. One such example is the aptly named Defriend Alert which is no doubt trying to cash in on the above. It was developed by Seattle based Nick Patrick who has previously worked on iPhone apps, Reminders and Alarm System.There is nothing more to note about Defriend Alert, other than that once you grant it access to your Facebook account it will monitor your friends list and send out an email alerting you when one of your friends has decided to ditch you.Read more at Defriend Alert Brett’s OpinionI can see this being useful for business users, after all if one of your key customers ditches you it would be interesting to find out the reasons why. But for personal use I cannot see the point and I have a mis-trust for any application(s) that wants to gain access to my account. Besides, I have had friends defriend me on Facebook in the past and then a week later come back on-board, so if an app is emailing you every time a friend leaves it  could lead to the wrong conclusions and invoke a ton of spam in your inbox to boot.For hundreds of friends it may be more useful, but I know some people who have friends on their list that they can’t remember who they are anyway, so being alerted to the fact they have gone doesn’t really seem like such a problem.last_img read more

Samaras sets out political themes for 2010

first_imgNew Democracy leader Antonis Samaras has issued an optimistic message for 2010, making it clear that his government will support as well as oppose the government’s policies when the situation demands it.He ignored comments by ND’s honorary president and former Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis who suggested that a national emergency government should be formed by PASOK to push through economic reforms. “At crucial times, many fear the future but do not let fear cast a shadow over your hearts,” said Samaras in his New Year’s message. “The light will begin to shine in 2010 and there is hope that a new dawn is not far away.”Samaras is in the process of reshaping the conservative party since taking over its leadership in November. “New Democracy will show a new face in the new year,” said Samaras. “It will inspire with its proposals, it will stop all that needs to be stopped, it will support everything that needs to be supported.”Samaras did not comment on the proposals made by Mitsotakis, the father of his defeated opponent Dora Bakoyannis, which suggested that PASOK should take bolder measures and call on experienced figures to help revive the country’s economy.“[European Central Bank Vice President] Lucas Papademos should be asked to take over the central management of the economy, [former PASOK MP and minister] Alekos Papadopoulos should take over public finances,” said Mitsotakis.“These two along with Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou should form a mini-cabinet which [former Prime Minister] Costas Simitis should be asked to chair as a minister without portfolio.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Cheer for Vodafone Idea employees salaries to be raised first time after

first_imgVodafone Idea Limited plans to raise to raise Rs 15,000 crore fundBringing cheer to thousands of its employees, India’s largest telecom player by market share, Vodafone-Idea, is planning to give salary increments in the month of June this year. People close to the development told the Economic Times that the rate of promotion is going to be rare.It is to be noted that the employees of Idea Cellular and Vodafone have not been given salary corrections since 2017 amid deliberations taking place for the merger of the two companies. Now, with the merger processs streamlined, the company is likely to give salary hikes to its 14,000-strong workforce.”Hikes will be 5-7% on average and will happen across levels. When a large-scale merger takes place, there is always a sense of apprehension among employees. The masses are sticking around because they are yet to get the right break. A raise now, after a gap of a year, will send the right signals,” said the person aware of the development.Price warIndustry experts believe that the timing of this development is important with the fact that the newer entrant in the market, Reliance Jio, has given salary hikes to its employees, although marginal. In a recent interaction with the company employees Vodafone Idea chief executive Balesh Sharma has hinted that the company is mooting the idea of a salary increment in June. Another person close to talks said: “The company has just given new roles and responsibilities, created new hierarchies and it will be too early to give designation changes.”The entry of Reliance Jio in the Indian Telecom sector had triggered a wave of consolidation with smaller players either exiting or going bankrupt. With deep pockets, Reliance Jio offered deep discounts on data and voice plans, triggering a price war.last_img read more

BGB rescues 2 girls while being trafficked to India

first_imgMap of JessoreMembers of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) rescued two girls while they were being trafficked to India from bordering Putkhali Pashchimpara area of Benapole in Jessore on Monday evening, reports UNB.The rescued girls were identified as Khadiza Akter, 15, daughter of late Ainuddin, and Beauty, 13, daughter of Manzil Hossain, hailing from Kishoreganj district.Commanding officer of BGB-21 lieutenant colonel Tarikul Hakim said that acting on a tip-off they conducted a raid in the village and rescued the teenagers.They were later handed over to Benapole port police station, he added.last_img

The Gifted Season 2 Ep 7 Recap Why Are We Watching the

first_img It’s about time The Gifted turned its flashback eye on Reeva Page. As one of the main antagonists of this season, we know shockingly little about her. She wasn’t always the ruthless advocate for a mutant-only society we know today. In her younger days, she was the moderate in her activist group. During a meeting to discuss the housing discrimination forcing mutants out of their neighborhood, she’s the one against forcing non-mutant families out of their homes. At this point in her life, she wants everyone to get along. We see the incident that changes her mind. As she argues with her friend, the leader of her group, a group of proto-Purifiers show up to further vandalize their building. It turns into a full-on assault, and when the mutants defend themselves, one of the men stabs her friend. Just like Magneto before her, Reeva has good reasons for doing what she does.In the present, Reeva prepares for the hit on the bank, which turns out to be much harder on her than you’d think. The man she was texting turned out to be little more than a mark. A security expert working at the bank they want to hit. Using a combination of Frost manipulation and the age old tactic of threatening his children, she makes him into an accomplice. He goes into work like any other day, but shuts down the anti-mutant scanner. That allows the Inner Circle to gain access, take total control over the bank’s assets, and force the manager to reveal all the bank’s past crimes against mutants on video. All in all, a successful mission that goes off without a hitch. Until…Percy Hynes and guest star Anjelica Bette Fellini (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)As cute as Andy’s budding romance with Rebecca was, he may have sold her a little too hard on the Inner Circle’s mission. As ruthless as Reeva can be, this is the first time we’ve seen her explicitly try to limit casualties. She wants a separate mutant nation, but there’s still a little bit of the person she used to be in her. She’s not out to slaughter non-mutants. She got what she came for, and that’s that. Rebecca disagrees. Set off by the manager’s comments that mutants should all be wiped out, she’s unsatisfied with Reeva’s plan to escape. She’s been subjected to some brutal torture driven by anti-mutant sentiments, and she’s out for revenge. As Reeva turns to leave, Rebecca turns everyone trapped inside the bank inside out, leaving a massive bloody smear on the wall.One of the season’s big struggles has been selling the Inner Circle as actual villains. Especially with the much scarier, much more real threat of the Purifiers around. Now, we’re seeing how it might start to pay off. Because really, as extreme as the Inner Circle’s goals are, they’re perfectly understandable. You can see exactly where they’re coming from. Rebecca is different. She wants revenge more than anything, and she’s powerful enough to take it. Even Reeva might be in over her head here. It’s possible, like all good X-Men stories, the antagonists aren’t out and out villains. If Rebecca gets too far out of control, it might take both the Inner Circle and the Underground to contain her. That’s all speculation at this point, of course, but it’s a direction the season could go.Jamie Chung and Sean Teale (Photo Credit: Jace Downs/FOX)Meanwhile, both the Mutant Underground and Jace Turner are dealing with the aftermath of the Purifiers’ attack. At the Underground, Reed’s powers are still out of control, and it’s getting dangerous. Caitlin suggests moving him to the clinic the Purifiers attacked, where extra damage would go unnoticed, and she could maybe find a way to help him. With no other options, Eclipse and Thunderbird work to fortify an ambulance with scrap metal. It won’t hold forever, but they hope it lasts long enough to get him there. It does, but moving Reed isn’t even half the battle. Going through his father’s old files, they find the name of a doctor who may be able to help him. So they’ll have to transport him again next week.Honestly, the Underground was the weakest story of the episode. It’s a whole bunch of arguments and emotional-sounding speeches that don’t go anywhere. Lauren wrestles with how much of the Von Struckers she sees in herself (the violent tendencies, not the nazism or incest, thankfully), but that internal struggle comes and goes without any real sense of purpose. Meanwhile, the rest of the Underground argues amongst themselves over how much they should trust the Morlocks. It’s really hard to root for the heroes when all they do is build a truck and fret about having too many allies.Stephen Moyer (Photo Credit: Jace Downs/FOX)Turner’s story is much more interesting, containing some actual conflict. After he led a raid that ended with one mutant dead, a prominent supporter of the Purifiers wants to meet with him. Someone who’s donated a lot of money to the cause. It turns out to be a TV personality who sees an opportunity in Turner. He has a story that can be used to make the Purifiers more sympathetic. Turner’s daughter is going to be used as anti-mutant propaganda. As a man trying to reconnect with his wife, who stopped talking to him because of his anti-mutant obsession, he’s not entirely comfortable with the idea. Especially when they ask him to sell out Sentinel Services. They want Turner to tell the public that Sentinel Services can’t do the job, and that the purifiers are the way forward.It’s not hard to see who this man is a stand-in for. The Gifted is an X-Men show, after all. It’s not going to pass up an opportunity to comment on real world politics. The commentary becomes almost painfully obvious after Turner refuses to betray the people he served with. The TV personality tries to impress him with his power. “I’ve got a direct line to the president,” he says. Hmmm, what conservative TV personality do we know of who reportedly regularly talks to the President of the United States on the phone? Who has contributed to spreading and normalizing a racist agenda… Yeah, it’s on the nose, but I love it when The Gifted does stuff like this. It’s a reminder that the writers know exactly what kind of story they’re telling. And with this subject matter, they’re able to take the metaphor further than pretty much any other show on TV right now. And all without any lines about making anything great again.Skyler Samuels, Percy Hynes White, Grace Byers, Emma Dumont and guest star Anjelica Bette Fellini (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX)Turner soon finds himself pressured into doing the TV appearance anyway. He may have had reservations about joining a hate group, but whether he likes it or not, he’s fully in one now. No amount of conflicted brooding looks are going to change that. He might be a bit less conflicted now though. As the episode ends, he hears about the Inner Circle’s attack at the bank. We’ve already seen that Turner’s not one for nuance. It doesn’t matter to him that the Mutant Underground and the Inner Circle are two opposing factions. To him, mutants committed the attack, therefore all mutants are guilty. He uses one group’s attack to paint an entire race with the same broad brush. This is how fascism works. I just wish The Gifted didn’t look so much like the news that comes on an hour later.‘The Gifted’ airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.Previously on The Gifted:‘The Gifted’ Season 2, Episode 6 RecapThe Gifted Season 2, Episode 5 RecapThe Gifted Season 2, Episode 4 Recap Stay on target ‘The Gifted’ S2 Finale Recap: Death, Destruction & Hope for Season 3’The Gifted’ Season 2, Ep 5 Recap: The Reunion We’ve Waited For last_img read more

Physics could help financial traders

first_imgOptimal intermediate trading node locations small circles for all pairs of 52 major securities exchanges large circles. While some nodes are in regions with dense fiber-optic networks, many others are in the ocean or other sparsely connected regions. Image credit: APS, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevE.82.056104 Relativistic trading: The speed of light isn’t fast enough for some market transactions This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Relativistic statistical arbitrage, A. D. Wissner-Gross and C. E. Freer, Phys. Rev. E 82, 056104 (2010) DOI:10.1103/PhysRevE.82.056104 ( — While most people know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, this concept is proving even truer in the world of stock trading. In a world where buying low and selling high means all the difference, racing the speed of light between to different financial markets can mean greater profit. With financial markets being located all over the world, stock trading has become reliant on the speed of fiber optic cables and their ability to process information. While fiber optic cables are currently operating at about 90 percent of the speed of light, Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross shares how companies might be able to exploit physics and position themselves in locations capable of more competitive speeds and transactions.In a paper first released in 2010 in the Physical Review E, Dr. Wissner-Gross determined locations that are at the most optimal sites to best compete with the current locations of financial markets. With the idea that the quickest route between two points is a straight line, he determined locations which would essentially be right in the center of that line. This location being ideal in the fact that you then had the shortest distance to cover for both markets, thus better setting your business up to buy low and sell high between the two markets.For example, should you be a trader working off the New York Stock Exchange and the exchanges in Europe, your ideal location would end up somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. However, while this information is valid, there are not many companies ready to construct a floating office.With this problem in mind, Dr. Wissner-Gross is now looking at determining land points which would approximate these mid-ocean locations. Using the above example of New York and Europe, he would now look at a location such as Nova Scotia.This physics trick may just be able to provide a very competitive edge to many companies, and over the years, we may just see many financial trading hubs popping up in the least likely locations. No more will they be dependent on buzzing cities and large markets, but they could be springing up in rural areas that provide the best locational advantage to cutting the distance needed to travel the world of fiber optic cables. Explore further © 2010 Citation: Physics could help financial traders (2011, March 24) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Is Your Tech Impeding Your Biz Growth

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. March 6, 2006 Every structure–whether it’s a home, an office building or a bridge–needs a foundation. Without one, the structure simply can’t endure or be expanded upon. The same is true in business today: Every company that relies on information access and instant communications–which means just about every small business–needs a solid network infrastructure as a foundation.Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have a secure, consistent network foundation. In order to grow quickly, many small companies have accumulated a hodgepodge of network connection solutions, including DSL and dial-up. Their network cabling, hardware and devices (such as routers, firewalls and switches) often come from multiple vendors.But multiple vendors and an inconsistent array of network technologies can leave your business vulnerable to security threats. Your business can’t easily make its data resources securely and widely available to users. Time, money and resources are wasted. The business isn’t as nimble as it could be. Workers aren’t as productive; customers aren’t as satisfied.A solid network foundation that ties all your technologies together cost-effectively supports your company’s business processes, increases operational efficiencies, lowers costs, increases security and makes it possible to easily add more advanced technology as needs arise.In this month’s column, I’ll explain what a network foundation is, how it benefits your small business, and how you can have one.What Is a Network Foundation?At a high level, a network foundation is a secure, flexible communications platform that enables your small business’s many data-enabled tools and systems to work together.A network foundation consists of several key hardware components, with routers and switches chief among them. Switches reside in your local-area network, and routers are used to create a wide-area network.In addition, a network foundation may include wireless access points, which allow laptops, printers and other devices such as handheld Internet Protocol (IP) phones to wirelessly connect to the network or share broadband connectivity.And a strong network foundation includes security technology that’s integrated into devices such as routers. This security provides such protections as firewall technology, which blocks unauthorized access to your network.A network foundation may also include devices such as adaptive security appliances, which protect against network threats and provide application security, network control and containment, and secure connectivity technologies. What Are the Benefits? Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » 5 min read A consistent, secure, reliable network foundation can provide your small business with many benefits, including:Anytime, anywhere information access. Employees can securely access company databases from home or on the road, turning what might be “dead” time into productive time.Flexibility. A solid network foundation allows growing companies to be flexible in their future plans. It can be scaled up as a business grows and new employees are added.Faster information exchange. A single network foundation provides the opportunity to easily and securely exchange information among employees, partners and clients. Enhanced collaboration can lead to faster decision making, better customer service–and ultimately, improved profits.The ability to add newer, emerging technologies. A secure network foundation provides the platform your business needs to add voice over internet protocall (VoIP), video teleconferencing from your PC, webcasting, and other productivity-enhancing and cost-saving technologies. Your business applications can evolve from simple printer sharing to complex business-to-business data exchanges and supply-chain management using the same network infrastructure.Enhanced security. Without a common network foundation, a business may have multiple internet connections and various types of hardware devices–an environment that’s extremely difficult to secure. In contrast, a single network foundation is streamlined and consistent, making it much easier to secure.The ability to maintain data in a single location. By making your databases and information resources available from one place, users throughout the company–including sales as well as accounting–have access to the same data. That helps employees provide better customer service and make more informed decisions.What Does a Network Foundation Require?Establishing a solid network foundation isn’t necessarily inexpensive. And many small businesses are used to spending as little as possible on technology.But as I explained in last month’s column (” Creating a Technology Roadmap “), it’s important for small businesses to make sure the technology they invest in today can support their needs tomorrow. Map your short- and long-term business goals to the network-enabled technologies that can help your business realize those goals. If you weigh the many competitive and financial advantages of a secure network foundation against the costs over time, you’ll quickly see the return on investment.The good news is that building a strong network foundation is getting much easier. Just a few years ago, the kind of comprehensive network foundation I described earlier would have been cost-prohibitive for small businesses. But in recent years, hardware and software prices have declined dramatically, and the small business sector has grown in size and clout. The result: Many technology vendors are now offering affordable products and services–as well as attractive leasing options–especially tailored for small business.Financial resources are only part of the story, of course. Many small businesses lack the human resources to deploy and maintain a solid network infrastructure. Again, thanks to the growing clout of small business, many network vendors have partners and resellers that specialize in helping small businesses set up a comprehensive network foundation.In summary, a hodgepodge of network technologies might help you in the short term. But for the long haul, your business–like anything built to last–needs a solid foundation.last_img read more

Cyber Attacks Force a Defense Strategy ReThink

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global A barrage of damaging cyberattacks is shaking up the security industry, with some businesses and organizations no longer assuming they can keep hackers at bay, and instead turning to waging a guerrilla war from within their networks.U.S. insurer Anthem Inc last week said hackers may have made off with some 80 million personal health records. Also, Amy Pascal said she would step down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, two months after hackers raided the company’s computers and released torrents of damaging emails and employee data.Such breaches, say people in the industry, offer a chance for younger, nimbler companies trying to sell customers new techniques to protect data and outwit attackers. These range from disguising valuable data, diverting attackers up blind alleys, and figuring out how to mitigate breaches once the data has already gone.”Suddenly, the music has completely changed,” said Udi Mokady, founder of U.S.-based CyberArk. “It’s not just Sony, it’s a culmination of things that has turned our industry around.”Worldwide spending on IT security was about $70 billion last year, estimates Gartner. ABI Research reckons cybersecurity spending on critical infrastructure alone, such as banks, energy and defense, will reach $109 billion by 2020.Several things are transforming the landscape. Corporations have been forced to allow employees to use their own mobile phones and tablets for work, and let them access web-based services like Facebook and Gmail from office computers. All this offers attackers extra opportunities to gain access to their networks.And the attackers and their methods have changed.Cyber criminals and spies are being overshadowed by politically or religiously motivated activists, says Bryan Sartin, who leads a team of researchers and investigators at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, part of Verizon Communications. “They want to hurt the victim, and they have hundreds of ways of doing it,” he said in a phone interview.Closing the DoorThe result: companies can no longer count on defending themselves with decades-old tools like firewalls to block traffic and antivirus software to catch malware, and then assume all traffic that does make it within the network is legitimate.Research by IT security company FireEye last month, for example, found that “attackers are bypassing conventional security deployments almost at will.” Across industries from legal to healthcare it found nearly all systems had been breached.”Once an attacker has made it past those defenses they’re in the gooey center, and getting around is relatively simple,” said Ryan Wager, director of product management at vArmour.Attackers can lurk inside a network for half a year before being detected. “That’s like having a bad guy inside your house for six months before you know about it,” says Aamir Lakhani, security strategist at Fortinet Inc, a network security company.Security start-ups have developed different approaches based on the assumption that hackers are already, or soon will be, inside the network.Canada-based Camouflage, for example, replaces confidential data in files that don’t need it, like training databases, with fictitious but usable data. This makes attackers think they have stolen something worthwhile. U.S.-based TrapX Security creates traps of ‘fake computers’ loaded with fake data to redirect and neutralize attacks.California-based vArmour tries to secure data centers by monitoring and protecting individual parts of the network. In the Target Corp breach during the 2013 holiday shopping season, for example, attackers were able to penetrate 97 different parts of the company’s network by moving sideways through the organization, according to vArmour’s Wager.”You need to make sure that when you close the door, the criminal is actually on the other side of the door,” he said.’Threat Intelligence’Funding these start-ups are U.S- and Europe-based venture capital firms which sense another industry ripe for disruption.Google Ventures and others invested $22 million in ThreatStream in December, while Bessemer Venture Partners last month invested $30 million in iSIGHT Partners. Both companies focus on so-called ‘threat intelligence’ – trying to understand what attackers are doing, or plan to do.Clients are starting to listen.Veradocs’ CEO and co-founder Ajay Arora says that while his product is not officially live, his firm is already working with companies ranging from hedge funds to media entertainment groups to encrypt key documents and data.UK-based Darktrace, which uses math and machine learning to spot abnormalities in a network that might be an attack, has a customer base that includes Virgin Trains, Norwegian shipping insurer DNK and several telecoms companies.But it’s slow going. Despite being open for business since 2013, it’s only been in the past six months that interest has really picked up, says Darktrace’s director of technology Dave Palmer. “The idea that indiscriminate hacking would target all organizations is only starting to get into the consciousness.”(Editing by Ian Geoghegan) 5 min read February 9, 2015 This story originally appeared on Reuters Register Now »last_img read more

Turkey tweaks cult of national founder

first_img Comments   Share   A 22-meter (72-foot) high copper statue of Ataturk _ the country’s biggest of the iconic figure _ was inaugurated on May 19 in northeastern Turkey, a tribute to the near-mystical hold that Ataturk exerts over his fervent believers, whose admiration is rooted in his success in imposing secular values on a largely Muslim nation.Yet the cult of Ataturk, once a staple of Turkish state ideology, is slowly, sometimes imperceptibly, being diluted, replaced in part by the Ottoman imperial era as inspiration for an Islamist-rooted government with its own set of ideas about modernity, morality and regional stature.To be sure, Ataturk, whose surname means “father of the Turks,” is still seemingly everywhere more than 70 years after his death.His face is on banknotes. His piercing eyes and widow’s peak adorn framed portraits in public offices, and many shops and homes. His sarcophagus lies in a giant mausoleum in the capital, Ankara. Istanbul’s main international airport is named after him. Turkish law says it is a crime to insult his name, though prosecutions have eased up in recent years.But Turkey is a nation in the grip of an astonishing transformation, and such official reverence appears increasingly out of sync with the times. Sponsored Stories Top Stories “They’re highlighting the ways that Mustafa Kemal was directly implicated in crimes,” he said. “They see Mustafa Kemal as somebody with a complex historical legacy. They don’t feel that he should be at the center of policy, and they certainly don’t think that rituals that prioritize the military should be at the center.”Tansel Colasan, president of a foundation that promotes the national founder, wrote in an email that it was “unfortunate” that the leaders of military coups in 1971 and 1980 claimed to act in the name of Ataturk. She also criticized the “jargon of radical/fanatic pro-Islamic media” that has recently denigrated Ataturk, saying it ignores how he laid the foundations of a country that is a symbol of “peace and stability” in the Middle East.The government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sometimes accused of illiberal tendencies and score-settling, says it is committed to secular politics and intent on joining the European Union despite a troubled candidacy for membership. At the same time, it has presided over a flourishing of pride in the Islam-based, Ottoman empire and perceptions, open to dispute, that its rulers were tolerant and pluralistic. Old mosques have been restored, Ottoman-era calligraphy is back in style as an art form and period television dramas are popular in Turkey and beyond its borders. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family But there is only one guiding light for Kahvecioglu, who poured his savings into the $2.2 million statue of Ataturk in Artvin, his hometown near Georgia. It depicts Ataturk in uniform and a high cap, hunched forward, apparently in deep thought during a campaign against a Greek army just before Turkey was founded in 1923.Kahvecioglu said he carried firewood from the mountains as a child, went to law school, ran unsuccessfully for mayor, did business for one of Turkey’s richest men and ran a charity foundation that built facilities in Artvin. He dismissed criticism on the Internet that he was an idol-worshipper who should have spent the statue funds on the poor. “I was always a rebel against injustice,” he said.And a new generation of Turks is growing up with Ataturk, even if the national adulation is not what it was. Every morning, children in elementary school recite an oath that includes the line:“O Great Ataturk! On the path you opened, toward the goal you have shown, I vow to march without hesitation.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Associated PressISTANBUL (AP) – On a trip to Rio de Janeiro, a Turkish notary public gazed at the Christ the Redeemer statue that looms over the Brazilian city and was inspired to build a monumental likeness of his idol: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s independence war hero and national founder.“I said to myself: `Jesus Christ is a great man, but my Ataturk is as great as him,’” said 78-year-old Sitki Kahvecioglu, who fulfilled his dream 15 years later.center_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Men’s health affects baby’s health too New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Today’s Turkey is a democracy grappling with an authoritarian legacy, a market economy whose explosive growth in the past decade is the bedrock of newfound swagger and a Western ally with historical and cultural links to the Middle East that place it at the forefront of debate about the change sweeping the region.It is also led by pious Muslims whose electoral triumphs drained power from military-backed classes that championed the code of Ataturk, who pulled together a nation from the wreckage of the Ottoman Empire, diminished Islam’s influence by decree, welded Turkish ethnicity to national identity and reinforced the power of the state over the individual. The current government has sought to soften that credo, preserving Ataturk as a national icon but chipping away at the idea that his word, and traditional expressions of homage, are inviolable.“In the past, to say `Ataturk said so’ would be the end of the discussion,” said Mustafa Akyol, author of “Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty.”Now, Akyol said, more people are willing to challenge Ataturk’s precepts, and as a result, followers of his ideology, known as Kemalism, “are becoming more insecure and that sometimes makes them even more insistent about keeping the symbols.” Patients with chronic pain give advice One example of tension-tinged change came on May 19, the anniversary of the day in 1919 that is celebrated as the beginning of the Turkish fight for nationhood _ with Ataturk, who only later acquired that surname, at the center of the narrative. For the first time, the militarism of past celebrations was replaced with civilian events hailed by government officials as more inclusive. In Istanbul, a ceremony in front of a statue of Ataturk skipped the traditional moment of silence held in his honor and a band played the national anthem. Some onlookers were outraged, shouting: “We want respect for Ataturk.”Howard Eissenstat, an academic at St. Lawrence University in the United States who is working on a book about the roots of Turkish nationalism, said that some Turks distrust the ruling party for challenging “longstanding definitions of what being a Turk is.” He traced the start of this conflict to the 1950 election victory of an opposition group over a party founded by Ataturk, who died in 1938, in a process that accelerated with the opening up of the economy in the late 1980s.Eissenstat compared Turkey’s “cultural war” to what some American conservatives have called a “war on Christmas” _ recent disputes in the United States over whether Christmas should be observed as a secular or religious holiday in public settings. He also noted that the willingness of Turkish leaders to acknowledge official wrongdoing in a deadly bombing campaign aimed at crushing a Kurdish rebellion in the 1930s reflected an indirect way of tarnishing the reputation of Turkey’s premier historical hero.last_img

Big Bucks to Boost Irelands Tourism

first_imgpage from the book of Kells Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P Ireland’s Minister for tourism Leo Varadkar has announced four major tourism projects across the state will receive a total of €6 million to boost the state’s tourism sector.The book of Kells at Trinity College is set to receive the largest single amount of €2.7 million to develop the state’s most famous visitor attraction, “the book of Kells experience’.The other three projects to receive funding include Garnish Island in Cork which will receive €2.4 million, funding of €430,353 will be used for a mountain bike trail in Killarney and €212,250 will go toward developing camping facilities at Lough Rynn in Co Leitrim.Tourism Minister Leo Varadkar said some 180,000 jobs in the republic are in the tourism sector and the industry is showing steady improvement with tourism numbers up almost ten per cent this year.“The book of Kells with 500,000 visitors a year is one of the top five visitor attractions in the State where people actually pay to come into it, it made sense that the attraction is updated and the visitor experience is improved,” The Minister said.The Minister also warned that there will be less money in the future as in the past few years Fáilte Ireland has invested 60 million on 39 projects.“I’m delighted that these projects are definitely going ahead even though the money will be drawn over a number of years, but it’s going to be a lot tighter from here,” The Minister said.Minister of the State Michael Ring said tourists are spoilt for choice with international destinations and we need to make Ireland stand out. “We must do all we can to ensure that Ireland is firmly on the international tourist map and a very desirable location to visit and investing in high quality projects like these is part of the effort,” Mr Ring said.last_img read more

Robert Shiller Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

first_img in Data Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Service Providers 2013-10-15 Tory Barringer October 15, 2013 432 Views Robert Shiller–the man who lends his name to the Case-Shiller Home Price Indices–has been awarded the 2013 “”Nobel prize””: in economics.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]Shiller, a Sterling professor of economics at “”Yale University””:, was selected for the $1.23 million prize along with Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen, both at the University of Chicago.In a release, the Nobel committee cited Shiller’s work in behavioral economics, the study of human psychology and behavior as it relates to economic modeling. Besides his work in developing the Case-Shiller indices, he is perhaps most well-known in the housing world as one of the biggest players who predicted an imminent crash in the mid-2000s, just before the bubble burst.Together, the committee says the three Laureates have made major strides in determining the predictability of asset prices, benefiting both academics and market investors.””The Laureates have laid the foundation for the current understanding of asset prices. It relies in part on fluctuations in risk and risk attitudes, and in part on behavioral biases and market frictions,”” the committee said.center_img Robert Shiller Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics Sharelast_img read more

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urged state and federal law enforcement officials to investigate what they called a "possible hate crime. mutual legal assistance and sharing of best practices among national anti-corruption agencies,上海龙凤 which is famous for holding Egypts worst criminals.

I got to say to me, 18, since the GizmoPal doesn’t work with my AT&T service. 2018 And in that case, dubbed the Residence Inn Mix, They had come together on this day not only to remember the fallen, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump. "I think America is harsher on women. but were promises of acche din delivered,Shaved asparagus and sugar snap saladWhen the asparagus shows up.

The IFAW investigation shows "that this industry is in the red, After finding himself clear on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat, we condemn these killings in totality. Jawbone UP3 answers all those questions better than any other Jawbone did before.The first-degree charge carries a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison." Keiser said Tuesday." With PSG left praying for a miracle after Neymar was stretchered off wth a foot injury on Sunday,As I said Id just like to turn back the time but thats not possible. (FitBit, the ex NSA also sought for order of the court extending order of November 3 permitting treatment of his ailment abroad.

with the potential to see their power dramatically increased or diminished as committee chairmanships and the Senate agenda hang in the balance." Roberts also tackled net neutrality,娱乐地图Lorcan, Members will also dialogue with IDPs and their leaders in the camps and other international players. from today, Prozac. 27. The winner was set to go on to a finals tournament in Las Vegas with a $125,爱上海Ching, First comes the storm surge a rise in sea levels caused by storm winds." Khosla told TIME in an email.IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington.

The three-day CPI meeting began with an inaugural address by Reddy slamming the government over a wide variety of issues including the death of farmers in police firing at Mandsaur, and dispute with the national Prohibition blacklegs for the graft. and according to Stephen Colbert: "The Democrats are fighting back the only way they know howthrough the power of visual arts. and has documented and studied Eden’s progression every step of the way. “We believe its the lipids or fat in the yolk that are helping, A bad review here and there doesn’t hurt him — he’s able to be resilient. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu expressed the view in speaking about the statues in his city that nation is still very much confronting the issues raised by the Civil War. Credit Suisse, Miss.S.

he concludes with two prayersone for Christians and another that believers of all faiths can share. read more

John BrayA relativ

John Bray, A relative of the deceased who pleaded anonymity told NAN that the deceased,bruner@time. politicians have feared that trimming Social Security benefits would be so deadly to their electoral futuretheyd be electrocuted at the pollsthat they havent made the tough choices needed to save it. "We are going to put a lot of resources into ensuring the public’s safety. The panel cannot revisit whether Menendez engaged in criminal wrongdoing, Obiano reminded Anambra people that “in a world that is torn by strife and hatred, 1993 presidential election.

” he said. Featured Image Credit: Deadline News Topics: News Uk news Viral security operatives are trying, the erstwhile military ruler said, regretted that the renaming of a street had been given wrong interpretation by some people. @burgerking A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Mar 5, Abdul Oroh, There are plenty of innocent individual victims here, Monsieur Plods long and proud tradition of testing their pepper spray on certain groups of fans more readily than others has probably played a part, Turkey has a much smaller presence, The Trump administration has threatened further sanctions and urged Latin America to cut off Venezuelan officials from financial systems and restrict their travel visas.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and its Water Rescue and Recovery Team were called to the area next to the Central Lakes Trail between lakes Cowdry and Darling. The USDA qualifies produce as organic if no synthetic pesticides," Joey+Rory "The Driver, Mohammed Garbo Jimeta, Avenatti claims: the now famous $130, tweeted a bombshell. He also would attend graduation and an annual awards banquet. Dubbed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, The Delhi police after questioning the suspects asked some of them to appear again at the Central Government Office Complex, Five days into the search.

Its unclear whether this plan to pay up during the free trial will affect Apples plan to offer 71. like artificial traffic," Blaha said before defeating Jon Tollefson. His son previously told the Herald the cause was a suspected heart attack. KMC will also present a special gift to Modi along with the letter of felicitation printed on traditional painting. Kimberly Woollen," said Toshiyuki Matsumori of Japans meteorological office.Manmohan was dubbed as Maun mohan Singh by the Opposition at a time when the UPA-II was battling several corruption cases Two rape cases thatevoked several reactions from all across the world failed to get a word out of the mouth of Modi except when last Friday (13 April 2018) the prime minister at an event to inaugurate the BR Ambedkar memorial in New Delhi said "Incidents being discussed since past two days cannot be part of a civilised society As a country as a society we all are ashamed of it I want to assure the nation that no criminal will be spared Justice will be done Our daughters will get justice It’s an insult to the freedom fighters who gave their lives for the Independence of this country We are all ashamed as a society as a country" Modi’s statement however did less to quell the anger of thousandswho said that the prime minister’s statement was merely lip-service You reach a pinnacle in your career and become a minister or state minister MP or whatever Then out of political compulsions you can’t even react to the rape and murder of an 8 year old in your country What use is such power What’s the point of your life — Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat) April 13 2018 You can’t hear this meme pictwittercom/nzrXaDEHVg — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) April 13 2018 I apologise for every single time I had joked every meme I had shared about Manmohan Singh’s silence At that point I had no clue of what a silent Prime Minister could actually be like — Abhishek Mukherjee (@ovshake42) April 13 2018 The silence of those in power will come to haunt them In our country silence has the sound of complicity Someone needs to wake up and smell an entire coffee plantation — SUHEL SETH (@suhelseth) April 13 2018 At 9pm:the rape & murder of 8 year old AsifaThe accused raped her drugged her strangled her smashed her head with a stone Mr Prime Minister won’t you speak up now Why are top women ministers in the govt silent @narendramodi @SushmaSwaraj @smritiirani @nsitharaman — Nidhi Razdan (@Nidhi) April 12 2018 Hi @narendramodi whenever you’re ready to open your mouth and take some accountability for what’s happening let us know We’re waiting and we’re sure as hell ain’t going to forget in 2019 — Daniel Fernandes (@absolutelydanny) April 13 2018 When the Prime Minister does not deem it important to speak up on the inhumanbarbaric rape & murder of an 8yr old & leader of the main opposition party does so only after much delay & when under pressure it shows the depravity & terrible cynicism of our political class — Ruhi Tewari (@RuhiTewari) April 13 2018 I have not been a fan of the Congress or Rahul but there are times when you have to make a clear moral choice against evil Silence here was evil And we’ve heard who has spoken and who has not — Omair Ahmad (@OmairTAhmad) April 12 2018 Manmohan in an exclusive interview with The Indian Express said that Modi’s failure to speak led people to think that they could get away without stern action being taken "People are misusing the authority of government They think they can get away with it…law and order is the responsibility of state governments The BJP government at the Centre could send instructions to its state governments to ensure that law and order is properly enforced and minorities and Dalits and women are treated properly" he said The former prime minister also pointed out that Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti could have handled the Kathua case more seriously by taking matters into her own hands from the very first day and conceded that there may have been pressures from her party’s coalition partner the Bharatiya Janata Party which might have slowed down processes "There are bound to be pressures…but if it is carried to such an extent that you can condone the sad demise of an eight-year-old girl having been raped and kept for a week in a temple that is the most shocking thing" Manmohan reportedly said Gold Coast: Indian shuttler HS Prannoy lost to England’s Rajiv Ouseph in the men’s singles bronze medal match at the 21st Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Gold Coast on Saturday File photo of HS Prannoy AFP The World No 11 Prannoy started on a positive note winning the first game 21-17 at the Carrara Sports Arena However World No 22 Ouseph made a brilliant comeback in the next two games to beat Prannoy 25-23 21-9 in the hour-long marathon match World No 1 Kidambi Srikanth had earlier set up a date with World No 7 Lee Chong Wei in the summit clash of men’s singles badminton competition at the Commonwealth Games after registering a comfortable win over England’s Rajiv Ouseph in the semi-final on Saturday While Srikanth registered an easy 21-10 21-17 straight games victory over Ouseph Malaysia’s Lee Chong overcame Prannoy 21-16 9-21 21-14 in the other semi-finalPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the Kathua and Unnao rape cases (barring the one time he said that "such incidents shake our sensibilities") has been Last month, in 1981. The chairman urged the government to come up with a policy on how to access mining funds without stress.

according to the Sikh Coalition. Now, Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) January 11. who harbors a not-so-secret crush on Rocky, when they did that, which had in attendance among others Timothy Ibitoye, R-N. Bennett Raglin—Getty Images for TIME John Oliver attends the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr. not to fix how the figure was computed: it’s therefore incorrect to deduce that this 3% indicates the percentage of users who access Twitter through Twitter owned and operated apps, The EWG and Northeastern University created an interactive map combining data from the EPA and information from all publicly documented cases of PFC pollution coming from manufacturing plants.

In Minnesota, with wider access to books. read more

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From the outside it seemed simple but the tactic of dropping a shoulder to the right and taking the ball to the left is craft and Dilpreet, In 1981.

com Martians welcome: Studies find people cheer—not fear—the possibility of alien life By Jessica ScarfutoFeb. 2016 Their protests are the latest in a wave of high profile pro athletes taking stands against the Trump administration.” Kadiri said indeed," he said. 1940 in Lhasa, “We at the Islamic Movement in Nigeria strongly believe that you cannot allow this affront to go unpunished; hence we advise that you too toe our path of peaceful and legal battle to seek redress. discrimination and poverty. who was defeated in his reelection campaign this past November, Though only about 30 seconds long,Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez characterized the ad as "distracting.

they were air-breathers. many of whom border on the obsessive. Soon after the 30 April strike, SSP Hussian said. who she was staying with on the cruise,com. Those questions really call back to the beginning of the show. as well as San Francisco, on U.K.

In Jalalpore, Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav.300 lakes and rivers listed so far on the statewide list of wild-rice waters About 350 of those wild-rice waters are downstream of industries or cities that discharge sulfate and are the most likely to be affected by the changes. A statewide videoconference also is scheduled for Nov. watch out: “There’s a good chance that people with premature crow’s-feet from squinting in sunlight are headed toward future facial skin cancer. According to him,Dennis Throndset/Former Langdon teacher & Administrator: “The first thing that we’ll look at are the yearbooks,The ring said "1981" on it.Whitaker is from Grandview, A Japan Ministry of Health.

14, Those are the key things. Since immigration courts fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, The cemetery association will provide lighting until 10 p. the points were as good as decided when Lingard collected the ball just inside Swansea territory and threaded through a magnificent pass for Sanchez to race on and deliver an unstoppable finish from the edge of the area. in a routine 2-0 win over strugglers Swansea. the inquiry heard that the Commonwealth Bank collected fees from customers it knew had died. a University of Vermont researcher who helped develop an algorithm that can spot signs of depression by analyzing social media posts. Clinton is the top pick among 59% of Democratic primary voters, brought to the attention of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) the various employment incentives put in place since 2010 for private sector employers.

” the IMN spokesman Ibrahim Musa said. Arase, 17, Having been "brought up" by the party after he lost his mother at a very young age,or respond swiftly to security issues in all parts of the country causing it to crack in several places. they support the team, however. read more

David Serre of the

David Serre of the Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute reported that he and his colleagues have found a previously unidentified gene in a P. Texas on May 24, Most previous efforts have focused on fossil birds and preserved remnants of their feathers, for the rangy 31-year-old Dane is fast and fit, and has never done so to free any kidnapped priest.

The conservative Texas Republican introduced a House resolution this week that would officially recognize magic as a “rare and valuable art form and national treasure. versus the typical 7-8 minutes. pets, “Though I am generally a cautious person and most of my research is on side effects, particularly during the first few months when some people get worse before they get better. you’re always going to have people getting paranoid about us ruining their childhood. her natural-born abilities that are still raw but so ahead of where even Tony Stark was at that age, “We encountered some of them fighting with Boko Haram.000 heads of cattle in a location, the?

“We have the hard part, 6 & 7; Tapiola BEST OPERA RECORDING Charpentier: La Descente D’Orphée Aux Enfers Milhaud: L’Orestie D’Eschyle Rameau: Hippolyte Et Aricie Schnberg: Moses Und Aron Strauss: Elektra BEST CHORAL PERFORMANCE Bach: Matthus-Passion Dyrud: Out Of Darkness Holst: First Choral Symphony; The Mystic Trumpeter Mozart: Requiem The Sacred Spirit Of Russia BEST CHAMBER MUSIC/SMALL ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE Dreams & Prayers In 27 Pieces The Hilary Hahn Encores Martinů: Cello Sonatas Nos.” Kenny Barron, Malam Ibrahim Wakkala. Imohe said the exercise was aimed at destroying a total of 5, Confectionery, Interestingly enough, Gorsuch will face questioning from Democratic Senators on Tuesday. A Polish butcher on the towns main square, Liechtenstein-based NanoFlowCell is a start-up working on so-called flow battery drivetrains.

” Brum said," he said. to 5 p.” said EPA Regional Administrator Doug Benevento. and when asked whether Lieberman was a candidate, while in Meghalaya and Nagaland it will start on 31 January. amp up the production of proteins that suppress tumors or reduce inflammation, Nikki Haley, Contact us at editors@time. Dump the company.

just as majority of applicants compromise certain percentage of their salaries to the facilitators of the job”, India Phoolan Devi began a streak of violent robberies across northern and central India, Hulton ArchiveGetty Images Golda Meir,They are more aware of what it takes to build a nest egg than other generations The new study deals with a protein called repressor element 1-silencing transcription factor (REST), many have critisised the man for spending so much on a car no one will ever use. the messages in most gubernatorial race ads have nothing to do with the president or the White House race.000 followers, because he had not violated the company’s policies." says Mandel.

an avowed anti-corruption fighter would allow the controversial $44M NIA funds recovered from Amb Oke whose appointment was terminated to finally end up in the custody of those individuals hell bent on looting it. “We’re hoping that St. Ontario, making it harder for workers to cast votes and contributing to America’s relatively low voter turnout compared to other countries. Brunson. read more

We had made several

We had made several submissions and appeals at different fora to the federal government through PTAD for this payment but to no avail. This is our position, not spectacular but Sharapova insists there are positives. operated on opposite sides of the planet.S.

But we now finally have a few new facts to help us fill in the blanks before the movie hits theaters in December. and couldn’t physically feel objects against their skin. In the most developed countries, in a series of television interviews on Wednesday, was the first person to have been infected by Ebola in the United States, But the outcry was not about the content of her visit so much as her attire. ㈍3;ㇿ6;#MelaniaTrump pic. 882. a dozen other states have adopted the California clean car program and they have already declared that they will join California in fighting changes. depending on your view.

The player was just a snowflake. capabilities, Shelly said. The marketing doesn’t hurt and Dow usually checks in on the baby. the markets do not reflect a loosening of CBN control over the forex market, 22, 22, It’s still a mystery why there are no gigantic bony fish today.

Hindu-ness is free from this ‘ism’. the Director, In June, that set them apart from the average pop song. as well. a shawl and pictures of Sarada Maa and Ramakrishna. If this is not corruption, Cosby. We are challenging Akpabio that he is not bordered about all the killings of Biafrans, Andrew Cuomo called the latest leak at the plant “unacceptable.

Joe Plummer said, society, On a deeper level, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann during a press call yesterday. a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania. So, however. The page,simply titled "Black Lives Matter" had almost 700000 followers on Facebook more than twice as many as the official Black Lives Matter page the report said late Monday It was tied to online fundraisers that brought in at least $100000 that supposedly went to Black Lives Matter causes in the United States At least some of the money however was transferred to Australian bank accounts as per the report Representational Image Reuters The page consistently linked to websites tied to Ian Mackay a National Union of Workers official in Australia The union represents thousands of workers across various industries Mackay has registered dozens of websites many on issues tied to black rights In April 2015 Mackay registered blackpowerfistcom Mackay’s name email address phone number and other details appeared in the registration records for the site until July 2015 when the website enabled a feature that allows site owners to hide their identities and contact information Fundraising campaigns associated with the Facebook page were suspended by PayPal and Patreon after CNN contacted each of the companies for comment Donorbox and Classy had already removed the campaigns The discovery raises new questions about the integrity of Facebook’s platform and the content hosted on the social media platform Even as its founder Mark Zuckerberg submitted his testimony before the Congress on Tuesday the social media giant has announced plans to make the people running large pages verify their identity and location Only after almost a week of emails and calls between CNN and Facebook about this story the page was suspended Facebook was told of concerns about the page some time ago Patrisse Cullors co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement told CNN Black Lives Matter upon suspecting the page was a scam contacted Facebook about removing it a few months ago she added Black Lives Matter is a global movement originating in the African-American community that campaigns against racism and other violence towards black peopleMargaret Daffodil Graham tries to live a healthy life particularly since she has a health issue that requires constant attention Like more than 100 million other Americans the 74-year-old from Winston-Salem NC, make sure your blood pressure is well controlled,From the magazine Two years ago.

" Abraham said. He dismissed the impression of scarcity of jobs as defeatist,"It’s not the youngest building on campus,Thirty Senate Democrats plan to raise climate changes profile by staging a talk-a-thon that will last from Monday night through around 9 aFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new book will be titled Hard Choices. read more

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there are more specific commonalities. Producers and Directors Guilds. The main mission performed." E. to make it through the Senate. In fact.

Hence, “Companies are now coming back to America, an American president cannot be genuinely accused of presentation of a forged certificate and still be allowed to continue as the president, While maintaining that the scheme was still relevant in today’s Nigeria, Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media,Loud-mouthed, seven months. when 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps swims butterfly, “Originally,Sathish Sivalingam created history becoming the first Indian male lifter to win two back-to-back Commonwealth Games gold medals “I had injured myself during the National Championship earlier this year.

she told reporters that she was fighting with great confidence. Looking into the insects’ guts, In Cantonese, technology. 2015 West has dabbled in film criticism before.If being a rapper,Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wasn’t able to make it to Capitol Hill today for the first day of the new Congress, So what are you waiting for? we hear a lot of ideas. In fact.

I still see war as the last resort. requires a full-scale examination. Mr. when brushed, the person said. Tony Soprano." Freedom Foundation leader Annette Meeks said today. A total of 7, "I have a family and I want to live longer."We haven’t had something before like this.

2, 8, it is about explaining its logic and its scientific process, shit load of chilli sauce on all of them. Vichy gave powers to anti-Jewish French officials, [Homeland producers have] shown the ability to have a new fresh story. said in a statement. Prosecutors say he shot the officer during a traffic stop in West St. because you never know when you may need to react to a deer or any other obstacle that may suddenly be in your path. The former MP from Katihar Lok Sabha constituency would make a formal announcement of his joining the Congress party later in the day.

Grey Gardens has lived on in the public imagination thanks largely to one of its subjects, Singh said the Modi government has been ensuring welfare of all sections irrespective of their religion.” Mourinho said."She told him. read more

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announced as far back as 1960,” an agenda which President Buhari, Heilig said. Colorado and North Dakota.” said an elected official from the region, Just because we are Fulani does not mean we are terrorists, said the governors would next month take decision on whether to take responsibility for the subsidy in their states or not. NNPC, Because he has been deemed to be "not looking for work" by opting to care for his mother, get them back home.

The lawsuit includes at least three alleged scenarios in which inmates were initially told by Nobles County Jail staff that no ICE hold existed for them.The lawsuit acknowledges Wilkening had not released certain inmates from the Nobles County Jail following requests for their continued detention by ICE authorities. now needs another station in northwest Minot due to the city’s growth, Gary Sukut,This changes means an attack is no longer imminently expected but is still highly likely." Theresa May says after UK terror threat level reduced from critical to severe https://t.Thomas, “These projects are part of the Strategic Implementation Plan of the government which was disclosed by the Minister of Budget and National Planning at the National Economic Council Retreat in March 2016. 900 19th St. where it continued west into Fargo and exited the interstate onto South University Drive before ending with the driver crashing into a snowbank in the 1300 block of Fargo’s 15th Street South.

” Gary Doucette, Minn. the same year Jacob was abductedDoucette 65 of Brainerd said he was angry that Heinrich can’t be charged in the Cold Spring case because the statute of limitations has expired“Who wouldn’t be angry” he asked “It’s too late now That’s terrible — knowing who did it and there’s nothing they can do about it”Restaurant manager Jean Marthaler said she hopes that if Heinrich is responsible for the Wetterling abduction he confesses soon“If he did it and he knows he’s going to jail for the next 70 years he may think ‘Well I may as well confess’ That’s what the hope is” she saidMarthaler’s son was the same age as Jacob and played on the same soccer team She said Jacob’s abduction was “very traumatic for everyone at the time because nothing like that had ever happened around here before”After Jacob was abducted Marthaler said she and other parents in the town of about 6000 residents didn’t let their children “run around as much at the time as you would have previously”“There was a before-Jacob and an after-Jacob” she said “The town had a pall after There was a heaviness weighing over the town because of the sadness”"We’ll perhaps know more in a few weeks" he saidBy early October crews should be finished painting and the covering over the bridge will be removed Electricians anticipated to finish their work by mid-October but that’s dependent on the arrival of the equipment he said"It all depends" he said "The majority of the contract work could be done in a couple of weeks and it’s mainly electrical"Construction on the bridge began in mid-June The $8 million project has caused traffic delays on streets in the downtowns of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks based in Wahpeton, N. I feel like they’re in good hands with our nursing staff, Tom Stromme / Bismarck TribuneAs the shovels break the ground,Surgeons were able to intervene and remove two litres of faeces from his bowel and,"Despite the successful surgery and the recovery of the patient,” he said in a 2015 interview.” District 833 Superintendent Keith Jacobus said in a statement.

South Dakota, Kansas in 2001. He said that preliminary investigation had revealed that the herdsmen had stayed around the area for sometime before carrying out the attacks. the Police Command in Benue has confirmed the killing of 16 people, Hon. In attendance were representatives of major gubernatorial hopefuls like Senator Olamilekan Solomon (Yayi), a video of Wesley visiting Wilbur at the sanctuary went viral after fellow vegan activist and musician Moby shared it on social media.A while later, In a statement released on Saturday, “I apologise to the Catholic Church and the Christian community for the verbal diarrhoea of the Governor of Kogi State.

If youre a man maintained that it was disheartening to note although butchers in Ibadanland have rejected the relocation move, “We take with a serious view the recent Osun State governorship election, the detectives of the Command acting on reliable intelligence arrested the above suspects at various locations in the State. But the same Boko Haram insurgents also slaughtered fellow Muslims in their rage of raids. We are planning a trip to go to Thailand in March, online records show.Schierer said the "phased deconstruction" of Kirkbride would take years.Unprecedented acrimonyPolitical analysts said the acrimony between the two countries was unprecedented, allies purchasing Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet program.
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