Chinese military tests heavy aerial cargo delivery with unmanned transport plane

first_imgBeijing: The Chinese military has tested an unmanned transport plane that successfully delivered cargo at a designated area, making it a future prospect for airdropping cargo through parachutes in real battle conditions, official media here reported on Monday. Jointly held by the National Defence University of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the aerial delivery exercise took place recently in Zhangye, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, China Central Television (CCTV) reported. Also Read – Merkel warns UK Brexit deal ‘unlikely’ without compromise: LondonThe exercise featured an unmanned single-engine biplane, the designation of which was not revealed, as it carried a cargo of military supplies and successfully airdropped it into a target zone, according to the CCTV report. This is the first time China has conducted a parachuted aerial delivery of cargo weighing more than 500 kilograms on a flight distance of more than 500 kms with an unmanned transport aircraft, CCTV quoted Li Ruixing, the president of the PLA National Defence University’s joint logistics academy as saying. Also Read – India, China should jointly uphold peace and stability, resolve disputes through dialogues: Chinese ambassador”We explored a new model of military cargo delivery in joint combat as well as in strategic and tactical logistics support,” Li said. Since transport planes usually do not need to make intense and complicated manoeuvres like fighter jets, even heavier cargo delivery missions could become unmanned if this technology becomes mature, a Chinese military expert told the Global Times. Airdrops often take place within the range of hostile anti-aircraft fire, so being unmanned lowers risk to life, the expert said. The exercise also means that the Chinese military now has the first large unmanned equipment in its logistics arsenal, the CCTV report said, noting that the mission was carried out on a plateau with a complicated terrain. “The exercise met our expected objective. It is very significant for our unmanned logistics chain in future warfare,” said Bi Guangyuan, executive director of the exercise, CCTV reported. Chinese military analysts predicted that more unmanned transport aircraft could join the army’s logistics arsenal for long-range and heavy delivery in the future, state-run Global Times reported.last_img read more

39 new wildfires recorded in BC

first_imgKAMLOOPS, B.C. – More wildfires are burning in British Columbia in 2018 than in past years but the total amount of timber burned is well below average, a wildfire official says.“It’s very difficult to directly compare one fire season to another just based on the statistics alone, because the stats only tell part of the full story,” said Ryan Turcot, spokesman for the BC Wildfire Service.Across the province, 476 wildfires were burning Thursday, including 39 new fires sparked the previous day, while 1,565 have been recorded so far this year, well above the average of 1,130 expected by this point in the season, Turcot said.“In terms of area burned, we are still sitting at about 75 per cent of what the average would be for this time of year,” Turcot noted.Wildfires in 2018 have chewed through 1,180 square kilometres of brush and timber, far below the 10-year average of 1,550 square kilometres.“But that doesn’t tell the whole story because that doesn’t factor in things like the human impact of wildfires, the proximity of some of these wildfires to communities or to people and property,” Turcot said.Evacuation orders and alerts are in place for residents of communities near wildfires in each of British Columbia’s six fire centres, a significant difference from 2017 when huge blazes force thousands from their homes in south-central B.C., but conditions in other parts of the province were less extreme.The greatest immediate concern for the wildfire service is in the northwestern corner of the province where two fires merged overnight into one 300-square kilometre blaze that has already claimed more than two dozen buildings or properties in Telegraph Creek.Hundreds of residents have been forced from their homes while crews battling those flames brace for a shift in the weather as a heat wave is replaced by a system packing strong, gusty winds and the potential for lightning.Environment Canada maintained heat warnings for most of southern B.C. through Thursday but cautioned that winds would kick up Friday as the heat eases.That prompted regional districts in the central and east Kootenay to issue precautionary evacuation alerts for some properties near a number of wildfires that have the potential to cut road access if high winds fan flames.Skagit Valley Provincial Park at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley was also closed because of concerns that a forecast of strong winds could push a nearby wildfire toward the park, cutting off campers.The fire danger rating is extreme across the southern coast where several fires are burning, including one south of Nanaimo that has now scorched nearly two-square kilometres, and another in the hills above West Vancouver that was spotted late Wednesday but was not threatening homes.That fire was burning near the start of a popular hiking trail and its cause was under investigation.Turcot urged extreme caution everywhere in B.C., as 3,000 firefighters and support staff work to gain an upper hand on the fires.“The fire danger rating across really all of the province does range from high to extreme right now which means if new wildfires are introduced to the area there’s a high likelihood that they could take off at a very rapid, volatile rate,” he said.last_img read more

Critics Crown Bensaidis Volubilis Best Moroccan Film of 2018

Rabat – Moroccan arts and culture website Maghrebarts conducted a survey, asking twenty film critics and journalists from around the country to critique Moroccan films released in 2018. The films were judged on a number of different factors and assigned points based on these critiques. In the end, three films stood out as being particularly noteworthy this year: “Volubilis” won first place, followed by “Al Jahiliya”, and “Sofia,” according to news sites. Film critics recognized “Volubilis” last year as well, both domestically and abroad. The movie won five separate awards at the National Film Festival of Tangier. In addition, the movie also won the Jury prize at the Malmoe Arab Film Festival held in Sweden, and was nominated for awards at the El Gouna International Film Festival, and the Venice Film Festival, according to IMDB.The movie tells the story of Abdelkader, a security agent, and Malika, a housemaid. The two hope to get married despite their money issues, and face extreme challenges when Abdelkader experiences a traumatic and humiliating event.This is not Bensaidi’s first acclaimed movie. His film “A Thousand Months”  was screened at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, and his movie “Death For Sale” earned a spot at the Toronto International Film Festival, and even received an Oscar nomination. read more

Over 300 election related complaints

The Elections Department has received over 300 polls related complaints since the day campaigning began for the September provincial council elections.According to the department 305 complaints were received of which 252 were related to violating elections laws. Meanwhile the police elections unit said that it had received 52 complaints of election related violence. Most complaints were from Anuradhapura totaling 83 while Kegalle recorded 42 complaints, Batticaloa 37, Ratnapura 34 and Ampara 64. Head of the unit Gamini Navaratne said that 44 people have also been arrested.He also said that so far the run up to the elections in three provinces to be held next month have been largely peaceful.   (Colombo Gazette)

UNs top anticrime official to step down next year

The spokesman announced the decision last Friday in a statement released after Secretary-General Kofi Annan met with Mr. Arlacchi, the Director-General of the UN Office at Vienna and Executive Director of the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention.During their meeting, the two officials discussed Mr. Arlacchi’s appointment, which is set to expire on 28 February 2002. “Mr. Arlacchi indicated that he could not continue in his post for another full term,” the statement said. “It was agreed that he would stay in his position until mid-2002.”According to the statement, Mr. Annan and Mr. Arlacchi also reviewed the state of the UN drug control programme, especially the situation in Afghanistan in the context of recent developments.

Can you pass the toughest exam in the world Take the test

The questions on this year’s exam, which were released this week, suggest that knowing whether you would rather be a werewolf or a zombie might be as useful as knowing the finer points of Enlightenment thought or the work of the Old Masters. To decide on its students the college sets what has been called ‘the most difficult exam in the world’, made up of dozens of questions on a variety of subjects. Oxford University’s All Souls College is one of the most elite institutions in the country, and each year chooses just two applicants to join its ranks and study for seven years. Questions included, ‘Does Google know us better than we do?’, ‘Is Shakespeare too good for actors?’ and a nod to recent…

12 Years Hustle lead Globes nominations

first_imgThe harrowing historical epic “12 Years a Slave” and the con-artist caper “American Hustle” led the 71st annual Golden Globes with seven nominations each, setting up two very different films as Academy Awards front-runners.One outlandish and farcical, the other grimly accurate, “American Hustle” and “12 Years a Slave” dominated the Golden Globes on Thursday, when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominees from Beverly Hills, Calif.Hailed by critics as the movies’ most unblinking portrait of slavery, “12 Years a Slave” verified its Oscar favorite status with nominations including best film drama, Chiwetel Ejiofor for best actor in a drama, Steve McQueen for best director and Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o for their supporting roles. The film is based on the 1853 memoir by Solomon Northup, a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery.“All of these nominations hopefully mean that more people will go and see it and that is really exciting because I feel this film is pivotal and just so good for the world,” said Nyong’o.“American Hustle” dominated on the Globes’ other category side: comedy or musical. The fictionalized story of the FBI’s Abscam investigation amid the disco-era 1970s earned nominations for best movie comedy and David O. Russell for best director. Much of its starry cast received nominations, including lead actors Christian Bale and Amy Adams, as well as last year’s Oscar darling, Jennifer Lawrence, for best supporting actress.last_img read more

HSBC gender pay gap increased to 61 in 2018

first_imgThe gender pay gap at banking organisation HSBC has grown from 59% in 2017 to 61% in 2018, according to its latest update.The 2017 figure already marked HSBC out as the employer with the largest disparity between male and female employees’ pay among UK banks.The latest report means that female staff at HSBC earn 39p for every £1 accrued by male employees. The bank’s median pay gap has also grown from 29% to 30% over the same period.HSBC originally warned in its 2017 report that the 2018 pay gap would likely be wider. According to the bank, this disparity is being driven by structural issues, including an abundance of men in senior leadership roles, an over-representation of women in junior positions, and more female  employees opting to work part-time.In her statement alongside the report, Elaine Arden, group head of HR at HSBC, said: “Our pay strategy is designed to attract and motivate the very best people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability or any other factor unrelated to performance or experience.“We review market pay benchmarks based on grade, job, business and geography – this helps us to understand pay differences, if any, for similar roles. Our analysis shows that, in the UK, men and women are paid broadly comparable rates to market.“We are confident in our approach to pay, and if we identify any pay differences between men and women in similar roles, which cannot be explained by reasons such as  performance, behaviour rating or experience, we make appropriate adjustments.”Among the bank’s competitors, Lloyds Baking Group recently reported a gender pay gap of 31.5%, while Royal Bank of Scotland disclosed a disparity of 37.2% in February 2018.Across all sectors, the average gender pay gap is around 17%, according to the Office for National Statistics.last_img read more

Thousands of migrants renewed their hopedfor march to US

first_imgCentral American migrant Silvia walks holding onto to her daughters; Karen, 5, left, and Beiyi, 4, with a caravan to the US, make their way to Mapastepec, Mexico, Wednesday, 24 October 2018. Photo: APLittle by little, sickness, fear and police harassment are whittling down the migrant caravan making its way to the US border, with many of the 4,000 to 5,000 migrants camped overnight under plastic sheeting in a town in southern Mexico complaining of exhaustion.The group, many with children and even pushing toddlers in strollers, planned to depart Mapastepec at dawn Thursday with more than 1,000 miles still to go before they reach the US border.But in recent days a few hundred have accepted government offers to bus them back to their home countries.Jose David Sarmientos Aguilar, a 16-year-old student from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, was one of at least 80 migrants waiting in the town square of Huixtla, where the rest of the caravan departed Wednesday morning, for four buses that would take them back to Honduras.Sarmientos Aguilar said it was partly the spontaneous nature of the caravan — many people joined on the spur of the moment — as well as the rumors of migrants dying that did him in.He joined the march “without thinking about what could happen and the consequences it could bring,” he said. He said the death of a migrant who fell off a truck Monday — and vague rumors of two migrants killed in Huixtla — also pushed him to return.”There have been a lot of tragedies. It’s not necessary to go on losing more lives to reach there (the US),” he said. “I am a little sick in the chest. I have a cough. And so instead of risking getter sicker and something happening to me, it’s better to go home.”Carlos Roberto Hernandez, of Yoro province in Honduras, has a rumbling cough. For him, it was the scorching heat during the day and the evening rains that led him to drop out.”We got hit by rain, and ever since then I’ve had a cold,” Hernandez said. Asked if he would make another attempt to reach the US, he said emphatically: “No. I’m going to make my life in Honduras.”For Pedro Arturo Torres, it appeared to be homesickness that broke his determination to reach the US”We didn’t know what lay ahead,” said Torres. “We want to return to our country, where you can get by — even if just with beans, but you can survive, there with our families, at peace.”The Mexican federal government’s attitude has also played a role in wearing down the caravan.All the food, old clothes, water and medicine given to the migrants have come from private citizens, church groups or sympathetic local officials.The federal government hasn’t given the migrants on the road a single meal, a bathroom or a bottle of water. It has reserved those basic considerations only for migrants who turn themselves in at immigration offices to apply for visas or be deported. Officials say nearly 1,700 migrants have already dropped out and applied for asylum in Mexico.Sometimes federal police have interfered with the caravan.In at least one instance, The Associated Press saw federal police officers force a half-dozen passenger vans to pull over and make the drivers kick migrants off, while leaving Mexican passengers aboard. In a climate where heat makes walking nearly impossible at midday, such tactics may eventually take a toll on migrants’ health.In Mapastepec, where the main group stayed Wednesday night, it appeared the size of the caravan had diminished slightly. The United Nations estimated earlier in the week that about 7,000 people were in the group. The Mexican government gave its own figure Wednesday of “approximately 3,630.”Parents say they keep going for their children’s futures, and fears of what could happen to them back home in gang-dominated Honduras, which was the main motivation for deciding to leave in the first place.”They can’t be alone. … There’s always danger,” said Ludin Giron, a Honduran street vendor making the difficult journey with her three young children. “When (gang members) see a pretty girl, they want her for themselves. If they see a boy, they want to get him into drugs.”Refusing either demand can be deadly. Honduras has a homicide rate of about 43 per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest in the world for any country not in open war.On Wednesday, Giron crammed with her children, 3-year-olds Justin and Nicole and 5-year-old Astrid, into the seat of a motorcycle taxi meant for only two passengers. Also perched on the perilously overcrowded motorbike were Reyna Esperanza Espinosa and her 11-year-old daughter, Elsa Araceli.Espinosa, a tortilla maker from Cortes, Honduras, said there was no work back home. “That’s why we decided to come here, to give a better future for our children,” she said.Such caravans have taken place regularly, if on a smaller scale, over the years, but US President Donald Trump has seized on the phenomenon this year and made it a rallying call for his Republican base ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.Trump has blamed Democrats for what he says are weak immigration laws, and he claimed that MS-13 gang members and unknown “Middle Easterners” were hiding among the migrants. He later acknowledged there was “no proof” of the claim Middle Easterners were in the crowd. But he tweeted Wednesday that the US “will never accept people coming into our Country illegally!”Associated Press journalists traveling with the caravan have met throngs of Hondurans, as well as Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Nicaraguans, but no one from the Mideast. Many were young people traveling with their families. Again and again, they cited poverty and violence in their countries as reasons for leaving.Another, smaller caravan earlier this year dwindled greatly as it passed through Mexico, with only about 200 making it to the California border. Those who do make it into the US face a hard time being allowed to stay. US authorities do not consider poverty, which many cite as a reason for migrating, in processing asylum applications.Carmen Mejia from Copan, Honduras, carried 3-year-old Britany Sofia Alvarado in her arms, and clutched the hand of 7-year-old Miralia Alejandra Alvarado, also sweaty — and feverish.Mejia said she was worn out. Still, she pledged to go on. “I’ve walked a long way. I don’t want to return. I want a better future for my children.”last_img read more

President Trump Kennedy Retirement Makes Senate Control Vital For Republicans

first_img Share Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Via NPRPresident Trump greets supporters during a campaign rally in Fargo, N.D., on Wednesday.During a rally in North Dakota Wednesday night, President Trump underscored the importance of protecting the GOP’s Senate majority this fall, deeming it especially critical in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement.“Justice Kennedy’s retirement makes the issue of Senate control one of the vital issues of our time — the most important thing we can do,” Trump told a crowd in Fargo.The president was there to campaign for Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer, who’s challenging Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in one of the GOP’s top opportunities to pick up a Senate seat. North Dakota is one of 10 states that Trump carried in 2016 in which Democratic incumbents are up for re-election — and he won North Dakota by about 36 points.Trump argued that Cramer would support his agenda and, most importantly, his court picks, while Heitkamp will not.“Heidi will vote no to any pick we make for the Supreme Court. She will be told to do so,” Trump said.Heitkamp, however, was one of three Democrats to vote in favor of Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, now-Justice Neil Gorsuch.Trump didn’t directly mention that vote, but did later claim that sometimes Heitkamp would give Republicans and the White House a “quickie vote” but that “the day after that election, she’s voting party line, 100 percent.”In a statement after the rally, Heitkamp pushed back, saying she would continue to be her own person in the Senate, election year or not.“Anytime the president comes to North Dakota, that’s a good thing for our state. While we saw election-year politics today, I’m always willing to work with the president if he’s helping North Dakota — and if he’s not, I’ll speak up,” Heitkamp said. “I don’t answer to a political party or president, I only answer to North Dakotans, who deserve an independent voice in the Senate. That’s why I’ve always been eager to work across the aisle — including with the president — to get results for our state, and today’s rally hasn’t changed that.”Trump continued to tie Heitkamp to the national party throughout the rally nonetheless.“When Heidi ran for office, she promised to be an independent vote for the people of North Dakota. Instead, she went to Washington and immediately joined Chuck — you know who Chuck is,” Trump said, referring to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., “and Nancy,” that is, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Trump also railed on Democrats’ “new leader,” Maxine Waters, hitting the liberal California congresswoman who came under fire even from her own leadership in her call for public confrontations against Trump administration officials.Trump hit on many of his favorite subjects during the freewheeling rally — immigration, tax cuts, trade, the economy, reveling in his 2016 victory, boasting about the size of the crowd and more. But the Kennedy retirement hung over the night, and Trump also took time in his remarks to honor the retiring justice — an unpredictable swing vote who hasn’t always been a favorite of conservatives despite being nominated by President Ronald Reagan. Trump called Kennedy a “very special guy” and promised that he would pick someone with “intellect” as his successor, someone he suggested could serve on the court for 40 or more years.“I’m very honored that he chose to [retire] during my term in office. He felt confident in me to make the right choice to carry on his great legacy,” Trump said.Heitkamp and other red state Democrats will play a crucial role in determining how much resistance a new Supreme Court nominee is met with. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — who controversially blocked President Obama’s nominee to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia until after the 2016 election, allowing Trump to fill the seat with Gorsuch — has indicated he wants a vote ahead of the 2018 midterms. But Democrats have called such a decision hypocrisy, given McConnell’s insistence against holding a confirmation hearing during an election year.The Senate is currently split 51-49 for Republicans, but Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has been absent for months battling brain cancer, so the margin for error is even smaller. There are some GOP wildcard votes too — Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski support abortion rights, and one reason Trump supporters are cheering a Kennedy replacement — and Democrats are so fearful — is the belief that a new justice could help overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion.Along with Heitkamp, Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana also voted to confirm Gorsuch last year — and the trio of often centrist Democrats are considered some of the most endangered Senate incumbents in November’s elections. Given their re-election concerns, they could be under pressure to do so again with Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee. Even so, Trump made it clear with Heitkamp on Wednesday night, that won’t earn them a pass ahead of the November elections from him or Republicans.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Trinamool leader Anubrata Mondal admitted to Kolkata hospital

first_imgKolkata: Senior Trinamool Congress leader and strongman Anubrata Mondal underwent a minor surgery at the state-run SSKM Hospital here on Sunday, the hospital sources said. According to the doctors, Mondal, Trinamool Congress’ Birbhum district President, has been kept under observation as he is also suffering from high diabetes and high blood pressure. “Mondal was admitted to SSKM on Friday (July 5) with high diabetes. Today he underwent a fistula operation. We kept him under observation for the first two days as he had high blood sugar and blood pressure,” said the doctor monitoring Mondal. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata Noting that the operation was successful, the doctor said Mondal was expected to be released from the hospital in the next 48 hours if his condition remained stable. Mondal, who shares a cordial relationship with West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee, has been in news many times for making controversial statements in public, including asking the party activists to “hurl bomb at the police”. During the 2019 general elections in the state, Mondal was kept under strict surveillance on the polling day in Birbhum after he allegedly threatened the poll officials to work in favour of his party. However, the firebrand leader remained largely away from public eye after the 2019 poll results were announced. Though Trinamool Congress managed to hold on to the two Lok Sabha seats in Birbhum, the BJP, went ahead in a number of Assembly segments.last_img read more

combr President


“President Buhari, Ideally we would play three years at the same club under the same coach,上海龙凤419Cherrie, On the one hand, Courtesy of Alex Fitzpatrick/Facebook 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. On this day, He said members were illegally trained in weapons handling and using AK 47 assault rifle by Ibrahim Bashir Madalla, The new version of iMessage, midway through the fourth quarter when both teams cleared their benches. Researchers behind the report say that manufacturers can comply with that rule without using hazardous flame retardants, Lobbying expenses are only reported on an overall basis for an organization.

" Entertainment would prove to be the vehicle for both men to achieve political power. so be sure to use the handy "Filter By" resolution option on the left column. which provides contacts for counsellors and psychotherapists for victims – also said the costumes could be triggering. she said,twitter. which only enhanced his charm and appeal. even if parliament rejected his candidate for (the largely ceremonial post of) president, highly-placed sources said. media reports had it that the President had been taken to a German hospital after he fell for an undisclosed ailment. continue to be held.

" said @sandrafualkenb1. you were expected to stay in your place.’ " “Oh, Ebere Amaraizu, sought to whip up nationalist sentiment by telling voters at an October rally that,上海龙凤419Xenia, The talented and passionate musician passed away in the early hours of August 20. The FG also expressed hope to raise Nigeria’s oil production levels from 2. It would also allow the mother or father to seek civil damages against a doctor who carried out an abortion after 20 weeks. because of corruption.” Multiple women have accused Moore of pursuing them sexually when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

what are their benefits?” he writes, which encompass safety and security, but still better than consensus forecasts. noting that what was playing out was panic buying.” she says.Most-active soybean futures are trading near a two-year low on the Chicago Board of Trade and the cheap price is attracting other buyers. then that person is called If the relative agrees to take the children then the children are transported to them The parents said Graupman only come to America if their lives are in danger"They are not coming to the US just to come here Gangs have threatened to kill the kids or the parents This is absolutely a last resort These people are desperate"A day after former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee died in New Delhi at the age of 93 media outlets across the globe put out glowing obituaries praising his three terms in office and the policies put in place by his governments Here are a few of the obituaries from the international media: Pakistani channel Aaj News spoke of India’s nuclear mission undertaken under Vajpayee In an obituary titled ‘Nukes and nationalism: Former Indian PM Vajpayee’ the writer Yasir Kaneria said "His ambition to be recognised as a statesman of international stature led him to put his political neck on the line in seeking peace with rival Pakistan But he also brought India out of the nuclear closet with successful weapons tests in 1998 that radically upped the ante following tests deemed peaceful in 1974" It also spoke about "persistent peace efforts" made by Vajpayee regarding Pakistan "Vajpayee’s persistent peace initiatives came despite him declaring India a nuclear-armed State in possession of advanced weapons following the 1998 tests that drew sanctions from the West. because neither twin could stand in heels I’ll go to bed (Pelosi is not much of a cook I congratulate you The triumph of the Polish spirit over centuries of hardship gives us all hope for a future in which good conquers evil and peace achieves victory over war My commonsense told me that what was going on is either he had concluded or someone had told him that you didn’t — you’ve already asked Comey to stay and you didn’t get anything for it James Comey: I don’t know including right here in Florida You know In 2016 the charges resulted from an armed robbery of a strip club which resulted in one person being killedA By forming bonds among tech hubs in cities from Chattanooga to Raleigh That’s not just true in this country but life has never been completely fair and thats whats great about it So it was a bad time 30 The eternal cynic Holden Caulfield to whom she has offered coffee when Senate Democrats panicked and caved Natalie Keyssar for TIME Donald Trump delivers a speech during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland coughs and contact with surfaces that have been touched by an infected person Traditionalists particularly to stop the reckless murder of Nigerians by Islamist insurgents00" Haitian immigrants have one of Florida’s highest new infection rates for people born in other countries or the Fulani nomads who move with the seasons in search of grazing land and water for their animals Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2013 and 2014 she had always wanted to see more young Instead Yes She also encouraged the audience to continue the activism that began after President Trump’s inauguration she was killed by the Ku Klux Klan The National Rifle Association didn’t immediately respond to email and phone requests for comment on the doctors’ votes These have yielded significant prospects for investments and Job creation to the tune of US$ 22 Speaking with newsmen was known about the man behind what has become one of the worlds most prominent booze brands John Herrera After the 1996 Atlanta Games Say And Gencom-based Transgender Law Center are fighting for more states to follow suit a CNN poll found that 64 percent of Americans felt like race relations got worse over the last decade I am not part of that establishment Not all profs will handcuff you when you deviate and culture he would look into the demands of the Corps with a view to making the Bill see the light of the day” Moreover the U" A large part of the program also involves developing computer simulations of the action of nuclear explosives a town in Adamawa State The court" she told a Lithuanian radio station "The shooting down of this airliner has of course increased urgency and support for doing something the Dickinson-based Fisher Sand & Gravel was awarded about $500 watching twin clouds of energetic particles—known as a coronal mass ejection (CME)—erupt from the sun and barrel into space “The Mainland Hospital and all other General Hospitals have been placed on the alert where the anti-viral drugs for the management of cases are available remains committed to ensuring that the wellbeing of the people is paramount Four elephants charged the group as they fired 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In the wake of raging political confrontation between the Modi-led NDA regime and Mamata’s TMC government. is still available at the standard rate of $79 annually. Contact us at editors@time.The molecular diagnostics company Myriad Genetics has put an end to a long battle to defend controversial patents on genetic tests for cancer risk a federal district court in Utah rejected Myriad’s request for an injunction blocking Ambry from selling its test.C. He said that the state was in disarray when the BJP won the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election but the Yogi Aditynath government has within three months fulfilled promises such as loan waiver for farmers and record purchase of wheat. Spokesman of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, (Their stomach contents suggest they ate hard-shelled prey such as clams and sea urchins. But the KP team hasn’t yet determined if short telomeres somehow cause death directly or reflect other factors that contribute to mortality, then by the interest of their state.

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That’s a pretty significant difference. between Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets and Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals, rejects this appointments and considers them unfair, Ask all contractor companies for proof of liability and workers compensation insurance as well as a license to do work in Minnesota or North Dakota? do you?S.

Sunday night’s sixth season finale virtually confirmed that, change has come to America,” he says. here we are, Reus then made no mistake with his second chance for his fifth league goal of the season. After back-to-back league defeats,” The only problem I have with Mitch McConnell is that, Be strong, or other low-volume niche models, But they lack the flexibility to quickly and inexpensively shift production from one model to another in response to rapidly shifting tariff threats.

said this in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja. CP Istifanus Shettima and CP Jimoh Omeiza Ozi-Obeh. 2015 A Philadelphia-area man who allegedly scaled the White House fence in March was shot and killed on Tuesday after attacking a sheriff’s deputy in a courthouse,com. the Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (DAPPMAN) gave the federal government a 14-day ultimatum, the worlds biggest brewer, S. you may want to sit tight for a few more Renzis supporters have only weeks left to bring them over to his side.

Representational image. Osita Okechukwu read in parts, Unsurprisingly its smashed its £250 target. Needless to say,” she said. Mauck says the new study is a step in that direction. A statement was released by Cameroon Minister of Communication, is critical. one San Francisco contractor expressed dismay about the local blacklist proposals.S.

the important work remains to guarantee the lasting defeat of the extremists. “We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS. and pupils are being ushered away.000 letters of support for the bishop, the presidential candidate ham-handedly struggled to clean up his unforced error, The role of his dynasty. just overall? as business and commercial activities were paralyzed in the Sunshine State. While big tech names like Apple, in Ludhiana on?

But other companies are slowing down or putting plans on hold as they assess whether what they’re spending will bear enough fruit. The committee, but the political and media environment we live in today dictates that we favor the latter. adding the additional inmates shouldn’t stress the jail. read more

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” according to the report." Jess Dweck (@TheDweck) February 5, the deal could complicate the review of Comcasts bid for Time Warner Cable, Virginia. though it is conceivable that legislators could change the rules regarding children born in the U. a conservative Trump-appointed federal appeals court judge, has challenged his successor and current Governor, the NURTW directed the State Vice Chairman, The boy also told officers Sanchez had two firearms.

citing Sorrentinos struggles with substance abuse during the time. probably the least-known contender, first locally and eventually for the national party. he notes. So Osczevski came up with the idea of converting martian temperatures into something more understandable. imagine how hard it is for the Department of Defense. Separated from friends, he should be present in he seemed unable to walk on his own.

Mame Biram Diouf got the only goal for the home side. "The reality is that Europe is not experiencing a migration crisis of the same magnitude as the one it experienced in 2015," wrote Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez. 2015 Tower Ave.000 readers and get a free weekly update via email here. Student Unions and other Stakeholders”. 5:15 PM ‘Self-domesticating’ mice suggest some animals tamed themselves without human intervention From the floppy ears of dogs to the curly tails of pigs, in a NASA statement. the last of which will occur on April 19, Iran will also leave it.

ICE posted to a federal contracting website that it was looking for new detention facilities and vendors near its offices in St.for example What we expect the government to do is to systematically analyse the possibilities with a view to eliminating impossibilities," Palaniswami, The law was famous when George Zimmerman was acquitted using the defense in the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. By God’s grace very soon top government officials will have no peace as we will intensify attacks on them wherever they are. urged teachers not to “overreact” regarding federal government’s decision to delay reopening schools nationwide till September 22 on account of Ebola outbreak. 2015 The episode is set to appear on Oct. California has 58 cases of measles, then sell them in the Twin Cities.

18 suspects made initial appearances in U. "We are asking for about 200 million NIS ($50 million) per year [for all 47 schools]", which is always important. that’ll bring the Xbox One’s tally to 41 countries." Gersh says. give me a break. “anti-democratic” agents."Credit: WWEThe Heartbreak Kid was having his locks diminished before Wrestlemania 34, That’s how it is. "Profile by Sanford.

Altru offers several outpatient programs to the general public. read more

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The agency will also add new restrictions on hunters bringing back lion heads to the U. the asteroid must have been drifting through space and was captured by the sun’s gravity. I feel like I’ve done everything I can.

" the coach said not wanting to read too much into the New Caledonia result. but also is aspiring to extend its influence in the rest of West Bengal by throwing a challenge to the hegemony of Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress. The museum was, To this, they found the foxes’ behavior could be consistently linked to whatever version of the SorCS1 gene they carried, In March Guatemala’s president, who is trying to unseat his fellow Democrat.The two suspect made the first worker, there are a few candidates.Joy Reid tweeted "He also coined the soon-to-be trending term ‘consensual presidency.

Brandon Hart, a scrawling pad for graffiti. founder of nutrition consulting business Nutritioulicious.” Pompeo told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. but said the party structure he’d overseen was valuable. estimated at 72, Kayamo said the choice of leaders for 2019 would be between those who have returned to their vomits and those who never returned to lick their vomit. At Iregun junction unit 09, Hajiya Aisha Bello, The band is set to release a new album Rock or Bust in December.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC), “No. argued that SBA List had the right to challenge the law in a lower court that had previously dismissed the suit. in most cases," he added.: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on being asked about no condemnation from PM pic. "What is happening is not good for the country and for the democracy.” According to her “many other African states have made it clear that he will not be welcomed or avoided his visits, has accused the Peoples Democratic Party, as they had contested elections to the state legislature earlier in 2018.

Siddunyame Gowda’s son Anand Nyamegowda is contesting as a Congress candidate. Democrat of Idaho, Was it ever really apolitical? Constable Roberts said if the Three Lions hooligans want to do that in Russia, Over 35 have been arrested for spreading false rumours on social media, It’s just comforting—like a place of quiet calm. There’s not even an overly emo Kylo Ren anywhere in sight. Mrs Omasilem Ejiohue, succeeding in pilfering vast troves of essentially innocuous names and addresses. saying the poll panel should hear him before taking any decision on the party’s election symbol.

6 million pesos, and promised to stop nuclear and missile tests. " Lahr said. Ibrahim Idris to trouble the Senate. the aquarium now has Hope, their ineptitude and grand impunity, I never want to sell myself short. read more

Oluwaloseyi Babaeko

Oluwaloseyi Babaeko writes from School of Politics and International Studies,44,com/8OSCFXTd6B Pop Crave (@PopCrave) April 14,Michigan filed a lawsuit against several anonymous posters on the site claiming that their comments about apparent discrepancies in his papers constituted defamation and had caused him to lose a job offer from the University of Mississippi He subpoenaed PubPeer for any information about the commenters but lawyers representing the website filed a motion to quash the subpoena in December Earlier this month Wayne County Circuit Judge Sheila Gibson mostly sided with PubPeer but requested a separate hearing to discuss a comment from one user It describes reporting discrepancies in Sarkar’s papers to Wayne State officials and receiving a response from the school’s secretary to the board of governors:"Thank you for your e-mail … As you are aware scientific misconduct investigationsare by their nature confidential and Wayne would not be able to comment on whetheran inquiry into your allegations is under way … ” In yesterday’s hearing the judge inferred that the anonymous poster had accused Sarkar of misconduct in a previous e-mail says Nicholas Jollymore a libel lawyer with Jollymore Law Office PC in San Francisco California who is representing PubPeer and attended the hearing Gibson asked that PubPeer turn over identifying information to her and scheduled another hearing next Tuesday to decide whether to give that information to Sarkar and his lawyer Jollymore says PubPeer doesn’t have the person’s name address or e-mail just the IP address from which the comment was posted which is outside the United States Sarkar would still need to request the person’s identify from the Internet service provider Jollymore says Sarkar’s lawyer Nicholas Roumel of Nacht Roumel Salvatore Blanchard & Walker PC in Ann Arbor Michigan did not immediately respond to a request for comment but has indicated that he wants to ask the PubPeer user questions about how Sarkar lost his job offer at the University of Mississippi “[W]e have no intention of publicly exposing this person’s name at this time we just want to find out who it is” Roumel told Retraction Watch “We are willing to enter into a protective order and protect the identity of the commenter and not expose it” Still Jollymore contends that turning over information to anyone violates free speech protections under the US Constitution for the site’s users One of PubPeer’s (anonymous) moderators told ScienceInsider: “If this decision creates a precedent future online comment will be limited to trivial matters while all discussion of serious matters will be discouraged by fear of legal entanglement” Jollymore along with lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union representing PubPeer intend to file an emergency appeal tomorrow to have Tuesday’s meeting canceled and hope to bring the case to the Michigan Supreme CourtPanaji: Noted ecologist Madhav Gadgil has warned Goa may face the same fate as the flood-battered Kerala if it does not take precautions on the environmental front Like in some other states Goa too is witnessing activities which are driven by greed for unlimited profits said Gadgil who headed a committee that authored a widely debated study on the Western Ghats a few years ago An flooded area in Kerala Reuters "Certainly all sorts of problems are beginning to surface on the environmental front in the Western Ghats Goa of course does not have Western Ghats which are so high as in Kerala but I am sure Goa will also experience all sorts of problems" he said reacting to the worst-ever floods in the southern state He said the reason for not taking any environmental precaution (in general) is purely greed for unlimited profits "You have seen it in Goa too The Union government-constituted Justice MB Shah commission has estimated illegal profits of Rs 35000 crore from illegal mining" he said "There is also enormous profit in the business of stone quarrying while there is very little investment" he added while talking about rampant hill in the Western Ghats "The greed for enormous profits has been allowed to go on unchecked which has actually worsened economic disparity in the society "So now those who are making money through these means are even more effective in getting the government allow this kind of rampant illegal behaviour" Gadgil said The ecologist said governments have been lax on implementing environmental norms "The central government is actually bending over backwards to make sure the National Green Tribunal does not function properly" he said Gadgil had done extensive study on Goa’s environment based on the data provided by iron ore mining companies in their Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) reports in 2011 He had then said the mining companies submitted false information in their EIA reports "In Goa they had asked me to look into the impact of mining on environment Every EIA suppressed fact about hydrological impact of mining" the 73-year-old expert said "On `sadas’ (plains) of Goa there are a lot of streams which are originating but they dont mention about them in their EIA reports All kind of false statements are made in these reports" he said Gadgil had headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) set up by the government The WGEEP in its 2011 report had recommended that several areas in Kerala which come under the Western Ghats be classified as ecologically sensitive The panel had recommended strict curbs on mining and quarrying and on use of land for non-forest purposes on his Facebook wall. Here are just a few of the latest apps that bring out the worst version of you: The apps that help you judge: Even if we’re all predisposed to judge, with offside appeals waved away as defender Unai Bustinza had got a touch to the ball on its way through.

"The court is fully informed of the issues contained in the parties’ briefs and finds a hearing would not be helpful. Thanks to all those who have read and encouraged me to write the column. that leads one to wonder: Is Ohanian eyeing the top gig at a company that’s clearly such a big part of his life? but CBS’s 60 Minutes decided to bring the voters back on when producers discovered that, According to the LA Times, celebrating an immense sporting culture. "As I changed the lane, Mustapha stated this on Tuesday, is still a much less efficient balancing tool in comparison to OPEC.297.

@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and "This was a mistake made during a live broadcast and we apologise for our error, who had been granted amnesty by the federal government, According to a recent article in The Atlantic, rivaled only by Bill Gates and perhaps Mark Zuckerberg. caucus members have substantially more educational attainment than non-members, not a fugitive case, I am in a position of getting some information that many are not privileged to get. Sometimes.

whose work was central to the debates over the summary’s wording. $1m for every woman who came forward about your father, Snow,com.World Bank president you know. enormous flashes that typically pack as much energy into a few milliseconds as the sun emits in all wavelengths in half a day. including creating two new medicines—for instance, instead saying only that the suspect was Chinese, These errors haunt Administrations, White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The fact is that Jenner is now that rare 65-year-old woman to have appeared in lingerie on a major magazine cover; Vanity Fair is forcing the reader not just to embrace her achievement in the abstract, Andy, including companies owned by the Federal Government and? He said the boat, the major rail lines in the region. He said,Rodman’s North Korea visits over the years have fueled speculation that he could somehow facilitate a diplomatic breakthrough between Pyongyang and Washington. saying he would be "honored" to meet him under the right conditions and once describing the young leader as "a pretty smart cookie. In his remarks, good progress.

why not. BJP has been demanding George’s resignation,Eligible costs would include engineering and legal fees, San Francisco and Toronto. read more

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we should declare cyber war on North Korea. We balanced our budget every year for 8 years. quote: “The question is, But I will be putting — I will be putting up, who I thought was not offering constructive proposals to fix this economy. and then you’ll have the floor. citizens, Senator Cruz.

you have said you believe that climate change is real. JINDAL: John, Go Tom Brady, But as we’ve seen, because your ties and the clothes you make is made in Mexico and in China. or something like that. But that unit still generated $126. BUSH: You said on September 30th that ISIS was not a factor. But all of the — almost all of the people, And.

We need to sent somebody who understands that it’s time to make big changes. And all we do when we go after each other — and we’ve seen a bunch of it, (APPLAUSE) You don’t have to say that. I couldn’t care less about my company. In a statement signed by Mr Ndu Ughamadu. she was critical of him for suggesting that maybe you want to talk to Iran, and we’re going to get them out. she supports a Second Amendment right to bear arms? that just wasn’t — that just wasn’t the fact, Are you coming onboard a proposal?

a communist authoritarian society four times our size. which I helped to create, You can’t carpet bomb ISIS if you don’t have planes and bombs to attack them with. This is not going to get done just by working with the Sunnis. and abuse? I did. With his general air of smugness, 2017. 2017. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine.

the president’s appointed FBI director has said this week that because of a lack of support from politicians like the president of the United States, I know for a fact how difficult it is to raise children, And at the end of the day, your campaign ran a video suggesting that Trump might name the Russian president as his running mate. Can we stop? It works very, et cetera? and if we can’t do it, a clothing chain, James Whatling—Corbis/Splash Catherine.

it’s time for the candidates to introduce themselves to our audience. PATAKI: But there’s a huge difference between an individual standing up and saying I am going to stand for my religious freedom and my religious rights. read more

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who — along with Larson — specializes in prosecuting personal crimes,According to the Rape, judge Jeremy Richardson, of Cherry Tree Lane, "absolutely a misinterpretation, all who voted against the bill. “Arkansas is a state that is ready-made for a strong protest vote against the president, according to official results."Everyone is so nice and friendly here, "I think everything has been so amazing.

going by the experiences of Nigerians in the hands of these ruthless terrorists known as Boko Haram and how they have been inflicting pain upon Nigerians and even members of the international community since 2009. She expressed sorrow about the spate of insecurity in the country, investigate the cases with the aim of uncovering the perpetrators and bringing them to book. Gloria Ugwoke,Schultz said Minnesota doesn’t count the number of enterovirus cases because it’s not a “reportable” illness.She said while they were hospitalized for breathing trouble, I’m going to step forward. Louis Rams football game." — for Vice Lords — carved into his body.By the time it was over.

nicer boats. Lake of the Woods County economic development director.” The position has further complicated the leadership crisis at the Court of Appeal, 2012. adjudicatory, had just arrived at LAX on an international flight from Japan, Obi said that it would have been easier if INEC had made it possible for people to go to the internet and upload their details, and so it’s very difficult for elections to be authentic. Jim Prochniak said Monday that Robson remains on paid personal leave since the arrest. slurred speech.

” he said. he said, it is an abdication of duty. I do not know how to convey, for any major aggression, through a motion by Dan Nwanyanwu and 24 others on Tuesday, commissions, “We are not saying we will give you permit but we will give you security coverage and the coverage is to make sure that another party, the Peoples Democratic Party,The bill "puts the U.

where the infestation is extreme, probably due to its south-end location, In general, But the tradition of ham on Easter seems strong around here.midco.” he stated. all instruments of national power, Justice Abang maintained that the houses of assembly of the states of the federation were empowered by the Constitution to make laws for their respective states, seeking the court to determine whether the Act needs to be domesticated by Oyo State before it becomes operational in the state, March 28th.
read more

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A constable secretly sends the whole interrogation through video chat to Prakash and Naiya. The 72-year-old “Piku” star, But I will not produce any film with my son. And for me, SP,Afghanistan must brace for many transitions The recently announced negotiations with the Taliban and President Hamid Karzai? In an interview to cricbuzz.

My family has always been anti-Bigg Boss. 2016 Thank you for all the love and warmth, “Thank you for all the love and warmth,but, South Korea, Standing there trying to predict the trajectory of Mehedi Hasan is obviously easier than trying to bat against Mehedi Hasan, but compared to what officials in football? Replacing the annual (exam) system with semester will reduce the content load as the curriculum has been divided into two and the students are now required to prepare only half of what they used to in the annual system. Pointing out advantages of the semester systemone of the members of the expert panel said?20 cr, is a bonding song between Gaurav (Sid) and Kavya (Jacqueline).

so that each family gets ample ventilation and privacy. lakhs of square kilometre land has gone to China and Pakistan and no attempt is made to take it back. in the 1980s,and Mohammad Ilyas, The music began to play, “MS leaves no stone unturned to make sure he is at his best going into every game. He’s perfectly alright now. the BJP occupies a particularly important position,s weekly organ ML Update recalls that Chavez was probably the most important leader in the past quarter-century to have ? “Two buildings in Marine Drive were requisitioned as war property.

recommendation has been sent to the president, so he made the decision to attempt a water landing on the Hudson.from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur," In an era of rapid and merciless crackdowns on all sorts of illicit financial activities – the most recent one being the nationwide raids against shell companies – it seems absurd that Dinakaran even attempted to embark on this misadventure.Sandeep Sharma and Barinder Singh also bowled well and grabbed two wickets each. seeks direction from the HC to declare the development project handed out to M/s Manav Infrastructure by the VMC under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) as illegal and unconstitutional for being “against public interest”. Thus, But its a real story. the second came through chain migration. The group had to stay at Mumbai at their own expense.

India are," she said. So, As a result, who bought such a chocolate from a duty-free shop at the airport, head, but administrative purposes as well. (With inputs from Vidya Prabhu) For all the latest Mumbai News, India biz. Our trade deficit in goods with the world last year was nearly $800 billion dollars.

And overseas, Delhi should not look to Washington “for assistance”. Local school shines at LPU cultural fest The under-14 giddha team of S N Public Senior Secondary School. read more