Trudeau opens door to federal intervention on Quebecs facecovering law

first_imgOTTAWA – Justin Trudeau has opened the door to federal intervention to challenge Quebec’s new law on religious neutrality, widely seen as targeting Muslim women who wear face veils.Immediately after Quebec passed Bill 62 last week, the prime minister was hesitant to come out strongly against the legislation. He said the responsibility to challenge the law lay with citizens, not the federal government.But he was considerably more forceful Wednesday, scoffing at the Quebec government’s attempts to clear up confusion about how the law will be applied and disclosing that the federal government is exploring its options for protecting the rights of women who cover their faces.“I will always stand up for individual rights and I will always stand up for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and we are looking very carefully at what tools we have and what steps we have to make sure we make this situation better for everyone,” Trudeau said.Among the federal government’s options: it could wait for an individual to challenge the constitutionality of the law and then intervene in the court case or it could pre-empt a lengthy legal battle by referring the law to the Supreme Court for advice on its constitutionality.The federal government could also help finance a court challenge through the court challenges program, which the Trudeau government reinstated to help fund individuals or groups who initiate cases involving charter rights and freedoms. However, decisions on which cases to fund are made by an independent third party, not the government.In response to Trudeau’s stepped-up criticism, Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee said the province has the right to legislate on matters within its jurisdiction.“Mr. Trudeau has the right to not share our opinion,” she told reporters in Quebec City. “And he has the right to have an opinion on the law. But I am not going to get into a debate in the media about that.“But I am really confident that the law is constitutional and I am convinced that it would withstand any legal challenge.”If the law were to be struck down as unconstitutional, Vallee said the provincial government has not yet considered whether it would use the so-called notwithstanding clause to override the charter of rights and keep the law intact.“We’re not there yet,” she said.“The notwithstanding clause is not part of the debate because there is no legal challenge so far.”Bill 62 requires anyone providing or receiving provincial and municipal public services in Quebec to uncover their faces.Last week, Vallee said the law would oblige people riding a bus or the subway to do so with their faces uncovered for the entire journey.On Tuesday, however, she backtracked, saying only those whose fare requires a card with photo ID will need to uncover their faces before riding public transit — and that they can put the veil back on once they’ve been identified.Asked Wednesday about Vallee’s clarifications, Trudeau replied: “You call those clarifications?”“I think we’re seeing there are still a lot of things to clarify in this bill, including how it will be applied,” he said. “We will do our homework here in Ottawa. As I’ve said several times, I don’t think a government should be telling a woman what to wear or not wear.”NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he’s been clear from the outset that he’s opposed to the law and suggested Trudeau’s position “has been evolving.”However, he did not offer any support for federal intervention in the matter.“That’s something that’s going to be decided by the people of Quebec … if they want to question this law. There are tools that exist. There’s a strong charter of rights and freedoms that exist in Quebec and that will be a decision made by the people of Quebec if they want to challenge this legislation.”Even within Liberal ranks, opinion is split on whether the federal government should intervene.Montreal MP Alexandra Mendes called on the Trudeau government last week to challenge the law.But her fellow Montreal MP, Nicola Di Iorio, said Wednesday he believes the federal government should butt out and give “all the deference, all the latitude” to Quebec’s national assembly.Earlier this week Social Development Minister Yves Duclos and Transport Minister Marc Garneau also said the federal government shouldn’t get involved.“It’s not up to the federal government to tell Quebec how to do things,” said Duclos.last_img read more

Blood found in all directions in Richard Olands office expert testifies

first_imgSAINT JOHN, N.B. — Richard Oland’s final moments as he was bludgeoned to death in his office are being traced in court through the patterns of bloodstains and spatter that radiated around his body.RCMP Sgt. Brian Wentzell, a forensic bloodstain expert, is taking the murder trial of his son, Dennis Oland, through a detailed analysis of the trajectory of blood as the multimillionaire businessman was killed by repeated blows.Wentzell said Thursday blood “radiated in all directions,” with some spatter landing more than two metres from the body.He said Richard Oland’s office desk, where it appears he was sitting when the attack began, had “in excess of 100” stains on it.A few bloodstains, especially on one side of Oland’s desk, indicate that his head was at a low level at some point during the attack, meaning he was likely on the floor as the blows continued.He was hit over 40 times in an attack with a sharp-edged and blunt, hammer-like weapon or weapons that cracked his skull in several places. Deep cuts on his hands suggest he tried to protect himself from his attacker.No weapon was ever found.Richard Oland’s body was found on July 7, 2011, lying by his desk in his uptown Saint John office. The 69-year-old former Moosehead Breweries executive was killed sometime during the evening or night of July 6, 2011.His only son, Dennis, 50, is the last known person to have seen his father alive. He was charged with second-degree murder in 2013. He was convicted by a jury in 2015 but the verdict was set aside on appeal in 2016 and the new trial ordered.The current retrial is expected to last until mid-March.Wentzell was not called in by Saint John police until July 10, 2011, and he arrived from Halifax on July 11. By that time, the body had been removed, a few things had been shifted around and there had been considerable traffic in and out of the crime scene.He said he was unable to specify the origins of several transfer bloodstains in the Oland office, including a couple located on the floor. Wentzell told the court he could not detect any pattern in the transfer stains that would clearly identify them as coming from footwear. He also found transfers on the back of Oland’s office chair.Wentzell noted that some of the bloodstains radiating around the office appear to be from cast-off blood, possibly from the weapon as it was repeatedly raised and lowered.Wentzell’s testimony is important to the defence, which has yet to cross-examine the bloodstain expert. During the first trial in 2015, defence lawyers used Wentzell’s analysis to question how someone could carry out such a violent attack and not be covered in blood.Very little blood was traced to Dennis Oland despite an extensive search of the car he was driving when he visited his father on the day of the murder and items he was carrying at the time. As well, clothes seized from Dennis Oland’s home turned up nothing, except for the brown jacket he was wearing on July 6, 2011.The brown jacket was found to have several small stains on it that matched the DNA profile of his father.Chris Morris, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

China Net czar jailed 14 years for graft

first_imgBeijing: China’s former internet censor, who once held high-profile meetings with industry leaders such as Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on corruption charges. The Intermediate People’s Court in the eastern city of Ningbo said Lu Wei had confessed to accepting 32 million yuan ($4.6 million) in bribes, expressed remorse and would not appeal his sentence. Lu helped lead the ruling Communist Party’s tightening of control over domestic cyberspace and championed Beijing’s position that governments have a right to filter and censor their countries’ internet. China has 700 million people online, but heavily censors content, especially that of a political nature, along with sites related to gambling and pornography. Social media sites such as Facebook and Google are also blocked.last_img read more

UNbacked generic medicines factory being set up in Afghanistan

The machinery will equip a newly-constructed factory named Baz International Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The locally produced generic medicines will significantly improve the availability of safe, effective and affordable medication in the country, UNDP said.The plant will be fully Afghan-owned and will be managed by Dr. Karim Baz, an experienced local doctor. Approximately 40 local employees will be taught relevant operating skills and production technology.The “Afghan Generic Medicines Project,” initially launched in 2002, brings together private and public partners, including the Swiss non-profit organization Business Humanitarian Forum (BHF), the Brussels-based European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) and the UNDP Country Office in Afghanistan. Currently, one-quarter of all Afghan children die before the age of 5, often due to the lack of proper medication for treatable infectious diseases. read more

Do You Love NFL Games That No One Wins You Are In

How NFL overtime games since 2012 would have played out under different OT rules New rule results are based on the score 10 minutes into overtime.Source: Sudden death (1974-2011)15:00✓6:472.4 Old rule (2012-16)15:007:286.0% RESULTS New rule (2017- )10:006:3919.3 The NFL owners on Tuesday approved a drastic change to the NFL’s regular-season overtime format: cutting its maximum length from 15 minutes to 10.With games played as frequently as four days a week, the NFL says it’s trying to avoid the dangerous combination of long games and short recovery periods. The move may also be a reaction to last season, when six games went more than 12 minutes into overtime. Those included the Week 7 “Sunday Night Football” stinker, during which two teams spent five full periods slogging toward a 6-6 tie.But like the 2012 overtime modification, in which the sudden death format was changed so that a team couldn’t win the game with a first-possession field goal, Tuesday’s rule could be at the expense of overtime’s main purpose: deciding a winner. Since 2012, according to, 83 regular-season games have gone into overtime, with five resulting in ties. Of those 83, 21 games lasted more than 10 minutes, with 16 tied at the 10-minute mark. Under the new rules, those 16 games would have all resulted in a draw. (With the change, two of the actual ties would have ended up with a winner, and three would have remained ties.)In addition to potentially tripling the rate of ties, the 10-minute overtime wouldn’t necessarily save that much time either. The 83 overtimes since 2012 would have been 49 game-seconds shorter on average. OT RULESTIME ON CLOCKFIRST POSSESSION FG WINS?AVG OT LENGTHTIE RATE The amount of time left on the clock affects play-calling and decision-making. Some analysts, like the MMQB’s Peter King, argued that if overtime were cut to 10 minutes, coaches would call games “faster,” pushing to get a win while the clock winds down. Maybe — but since 2012, 70 of 83 overtime games had at least two possessions, and the average elapsed time at the end of the second possession was 5:57. That means the average third possession would start just 4:03 away from a split decision. Will the NFL’s generally risk adverse coaches really jeopardize losing a bird (or, in this case, half a bird) in hand by diving into the bush to chase a full victory?The new system already has one detractor: Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He won the 2009 NFC championship game by completing just two short overtime passes to set up the field goal that gave New Orleans a sudden-death win — and a trip to Super Bowl XLIV.“I would disagree with [the rule change] because more games are going to end in ties now,” Brees told “The Dan Patrick Show.” He added that he wouldn’t be opposed to the NFL’s adopting rules that were similar to the “exciting” college format. In NCAA D-I football, each team’s offense lines up on the other team’s 25-yard line and takes turns trying to outscore each other, possession for possession. Although this scales back special teams and puts the bulk of emphasis on red-zone play, the baseball-like system of alternating possessions feels fairer to some fans.The NFL game may be best served by rolling back the 2012 modification in which the league changed regular-season overtime from sudden death to occasionally prolonged death. That change targeted the perception that games were too often being decided by coin flips: All the receiving team in OT had to do was make a few first downs and kick a field goal, as Brees’s Saints did in 2009.Under the 2012 rules,1This change was made for playoff games earlier, in 2010. teams were given a chance to respond if they held the receiving team to a field goal on its first possession. Given the chance, though, few teams have responded to period-opening field goals with a score of their own. In five seasons, according to Pro-Football-Reference, there have been only seven occasions when a team kicked a field-goal on its opening drive that was directly answered by their opponent scoring.As the table shows, the old sudden death rules, in which a tie occurred only if no one scored during the 15-minute overtime period, would have reduced average overtime duration nearly as much as the 10-minute cap, but with far fewer ties.Of course, if player safety is truly its highest priority, the NFL would do away with regular-season overtime altogether. Assuming that King is right about how coaches will react to a shorter overtime, removing it would force them to be more aggressive in regulation. If he’s wrong, at least we wouldn’t have to sit through 10 minutes of timid, tired football to get the same unsatisfying result.CORRECTION (May 24, 10 a.m.): An earlier version of the table in this article incorrectly said the NFL’s sudden-death overtime period from 1974 to 2011 was 10 minutes long. It was a 15-minute overtime. read more

EGA threeyear alumina supply deal with Vietnams Vinacomin

first_imgEmirates Global Aluminium (EGA), the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas, has signed a three-year alumina supply agreement with Vinacomin, a Vietnamese state-owned firm. Under the agreement, Vinacomin will supply EGA with up to 300,000 t/y of alumina.The deal is the first long-term agreement to supply Vietnamese alumina to the UAE and significantly boosts the bilateral trading relationship between the two countries.The agreement was signed in Hanoi by EGA’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Abdulla Kalban and Vinacom’s President and Chief Executive Officer Dang Thanh Hai, and was witnessed by the UAE Ambassador to Vietnam His Excellency Khalid Alqahtani.Abdulla Kalban said: “This agreement with Vinacomin is in line with our strategy to diversify our sources of supply for alumina, to secure the resources that the UAE’s aluminium industry needs to grow at competitive prices. We are pleased to have Vinacomin as an alumina supplier for EGA, and also to see the economic relationship between our two countries grow. We hope to develop our relationship with Vinacomin further in the future.”Dang Thanh Hai said: “Although Vinacomin’s alumina just entered the world alumina market four years ago, it has been accepted by worldclass customers, such as EGA, one of the leading premium aluminium producers, as expressed by the signing between Vinacomin and EGA.“For Vinacomin, this agreement is in line with the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, to contribute to promoting cooperation between Vietnam and the UAE. We look forward to further cooperation for mutual benefit in the future.”EGA currently imports all the alumina it needs. It is building the UAE’s first alumina refinery at Al Taweelah in Abu Dhabi. Once construction is completed and full production is achieved, the Al Taweelah alumina refinery will produce 2 Mt/y of alumina, enough to meet 40% of EGA’s requirements.EGA is also building a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in the Republic of Guinea in West Africa.last_img read more

Boko Haram have abducted another SIXTY women and girls

first_imgDamboa local government officials said they were afraid to speak out because of the controversy surrounding the Chibok abductions, with Nigeria’s government coming under heavy criticism for its slow response.Another resident, who fled to the Borno state capital Maiduguri and also requested anonymity, said that more than 30 men were killed during the raid, which began last Thursday.“The attackers held the whole village hostage for the next three days,” he added.News of the abductions came as locals in three villages of the Askira Uba district, some 60 kilometres to the south, said they had been attacked over the weekend.Resident Emos Ali said “many” people had died, although no official toll was available.A bomb blast blamed on Boko Haram killed at least eight at a public health college in the northern city of Kano on Monday.The newly appointed religious leader the Emir of Kano, former central bank governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, said the attack had “traumatised every one of us” after visiting the wounded in hospital.“We pray to Allah to bring an end to this security situation and may Allah not allow a repeat of this,” he said in his first comments on Boko Haram violence since his appointment.Read: At least 21 dead in bomb attack on World Cup viewing centre in NigeriaRead: Boko Haram kidnap 20 women close to where 300 schoolgirls were abducted in April SUSPECTED BOKO HARAM militants have abducted more than 60 women and girls, some as young as three, in the latest kidnappings in northeast Nigeria — and over two months since more than 200 schoolgirls were seized.Analysts said the kidnapping, which happened during a raid on Kummabza village in the Damboa district of Borno state, could be an attempt by the Islamist group to refocus attention on its demands for the release of militant fighters.Boko Haram has indicated that it would be willing to release the 219 schoolgirls that it has held hostage since April 14 in exchange for the freedom of its brothers in arms currently held in Nigerian jails.Nigeria initially refused to sanction any deal but efforts have since been made to open talks with the group, with a possible prisoner swap part of discussions.The military in Abuja said in a tweet late on Monday it could not confirm the latest abductions and spokesmen were not immediately available for comment when contacted by AFP on today.But a senior officer in the Damboa local government, who asked for his name to be withheld as he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said: “Over 60 women were hijacked and forcefully taken away by the terrorists.“The village was also destroyed,” he said, adding that locals had fled their homes to other parts of Borno and across the state border into Adamawa.“Among those abducted are children between the ages of three and 12,” he added.- ‘Shot dead’ -Aji Khalil, a local vigilante leader, said: “Over 60 women were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists. They were forcefully taken away by Boko Haram terrorists.Four villagers who tried to escape were shot dead on the spot.last_img read more

La Belgique compte sortir du nucléaire à partir de 2015

first_imgLa Belgique compte sortir du nucléaire à partir de 2015La Belgique qui se prépare actuellement à la formation d’un nouveau gouvernement, a annoncé dimanche son intention de sortir du nucléaire à partir de 2015.Après deux jours de débats, les négociateurs qui travaillent à la formation d’un nouveau gouvernement en Belgique se sont mis d’accord pour sortir du nucléaire à partir de 2015. Le futur Premier ministre pressenti, le socialiste Elio Di Rupo, a confirmé le principe de la fermeture progressive des sept réacteurs belges, qui était contenu dans une loi de 2003. Par ailleurs, les négociateurs se sont également mis d’accord sur la taxe nucléaire. “Nous nous sommes mis d’accord sur le fait de revenir à la loi de 2003”, a déclaré à l’AFP Frédéric Cauderlier, porte-parole du Mouvement réformateur (libéral) “mais il fallait que le pays puisse se doter d’un plan d’approvisionnement stratégique”. Le futur nouveau gouvernement aura donc six mois pour mettre au point un plan d’équipement permettant de remplacer les centrales par de nouvelles sources d’énergie diversifiées.La date effective de la fermeture ne sera déterminée avec précision qu’après qu’une alternative à l’atome ne soit trouvée. “En fonction des alternatives disponibles, les premières tranches fermeront peut-être dès 2015 ou seront prolongées d’un, deux ou trois ans”, a déclaré une autre source à l’AFP. Celle-ci estime que “l’accord de dimanche soir est un signal au secteur privé pour lui demander d’investir pour assurer la transition énergétique”.Par ailleurs, les négociateurs se sont également mis d’accord sur la taxe nucléaire. Fondée sur la rente nucléaire dont bénéficient les producteurs sous la forme de recettes supplémentaires depuis que les centrales ont été amorties, celle-ci sera relevée, dans des proportions qui restent néanmoins à définir dans les négociations budgétaires. Le 31 octobre 2011 à 17:54 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Pokemon Go triggered 80 increase in 3DS hardware sales last month

first_img <> The gaming community seems to be split on whether Nintendo should dump its hardware business and focus entirely on making games (hint: they shouldn’t). And with the very successful launch of Pokemon Go on smartphones recently, that surely adds weight to the argument Nintendo doesn’t need a hardware business. But Nintendo doesn’t agree, and it has fresh sales data to back up why.Pokemon Go launched on July 6 and millions of gamers downloaded the app and started playing. Bad news for 3DS sales, right? Actually, dead wrong. Sales of 3DS hardware in the US for July increased by 80% according to Nintendo, and they believe Pokemon Go was a big part of the reason why.They aren’t getting specific with the sales data, but the hardware sales increase includes all versions of the 3DS as well as the 2DS. Alongside Pokemon Go, other possible reasons for the huge sales bump include the release of Monster Hunter Generations and a price drop for the 2DS to $79.99.You can argue the 2DS price drop could of had the biggest impact on sales, and I’d agree if it happened in July, but it’s been $79.99 since May. When Monster Hunter Generations launched in Japan late last year (as Monster Hunter X) there was a huge increase in hardware sales, especially the New 3DS and New 3DS XL models. So it’s safe to assume it caused a sales bump in the US too, but nowhere near worth 80% more. Pokemon Go clearly played a major role in the increased sales.If you think about it, Nintendo likely anticipated this would happen and planned releases around it to take full advantage. They made the classic Pokemon games (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) available through the Virtual Console earlier this year. Then we had Pokemon Go launch, and next up is the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on November 18. And then to cap off the Pokemon releases, Nintendo is expected to have a new Pokemon game (or two) available for the Nintendo NX before September 2017.So next time someone suggests Nintendo should dump its hardware business, especially if they mention the success of Pokemon Go, you might want to remind them what happened to 3DS sales during July 2016.last_img read more

Myspace Sorry For Losing 12 Years of Content

first_imgStay on target The Internet Archive Rescues 490,000 Music Tracks ‘Lost’ by MyspaceThe sad social networks that you’ve been neglecting over the years Myspace has apologized for losing more than a decade of data in a possible server migration error.A message on the social network warns folks that any photos, videos, and audio files uploaded more than three years ago “may no longer be available on or from Myspace.”“We apologize for the inconvenience,” it continued, urging users to contact Data Protection Officer Jana Jentzsch ( for more information.This isn’t exactly news to some: The BBC on Monday reported complaints of inactive music links dating back “several months.” However, this appears to be the streaming company’s first public response to the issue. I’m deeply skeptical this was an accident. Flagrant incompetence may be bad PR, but it still sounds better than “we can’t be bothered with the effort and cost of migrating and hosting 50 million old MP3s.”— Andy Baio (@waxpancake) March 18, 2019center_img This is funny for some, but to me it is devastating. My father was tragically murdered around 12 years ago, before Facebook was really a popular thing. He instead had a MySpace, and keeping it alive in his memory meant everything to me. I’m devastated by the loss of his memories.— Alicia The Rabbit (@AliciaTheRabbit) March 18, 2019Myspace did not immediately respond to Geek’s request for comment.More on Social Media Sites Can Predict Behavior Even If You Don’t Use ThemHere’s the Secret Password to Unlock Facebook Messenger’s Dark ModeInstagram to Hide Self-Harm Images Behind ‘Sensitivity Screens’The Sad Social Networks You’ve Been Neglecting Over the Years Just in case you’re wondering how it’s going.— Jason Scott (@textfiles) March 17, 2019In the early days of social networking—before Facebook opened its doors to non-Ivy League students, and Twitter was still just a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye—Myspace was the Internet’s watering hole.Founded in 2003, it attracted millions of users the world over. Within three years, it surpassed Google as the most visited website in the US; by 2008, Myspace was considered the leading social media site.Facebook’s cleaner, more streamlined interface—sans autoplay songs and bandwidth-hogging graphics—ultimately won out, and Myspace became a distant memory.Since then, under the initial co-ownership of Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake, and then the Meredith Corporation, the platform has condensed into a music-focused service.But it’s not exactly been smooth sailing since.In 2016, nearly 360 million Myspace accounts were leaked on the dark web, email addresses, usernames, and weakly encrypted passwords available to anyone who knew how to find them.Now, Myspace is attracting anger and skepticism over its permanent loss of content—an estimated 50 million tracks by 14 million artists.last_img read more

Meerut the next Kairana 125 Hindu families migrate due to harassment

first_imgA complaint claims that 125 Hindu families had migrated from Prahlad Nagar in Meerut.A complaint lodged on the NaMo app claiming that 125 Hindu families had migrated from Prahlad Nagar in Meerut because of harassment of women by Muslims in the area, has led to a major controversy.The controversy is similar to the one that had hit Kairana in 2016.The complaint was sent on the app by a local Bharatiya Janata Party leader Bhavesh Mehta on June 11 and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), on the same day, forwarded the complaint to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). The CMO has sought a report on the matter.According to the complainant, Prahlad Nagar, that comes under the Lisadi Gate police circle, is a Muslim-dominated locality. The area has about 425 Hindu families, of which 125 have migrated to ‘safer’ localities after selling their property.Some houses in the area still display the ‘for sale’ notice.A senior police officer, however, denied that there was any truth in the complaint and said that the migration had taken place over the last five-six years.”When people start earning more, they prefer to move to bigger houses. There has been no panic in the area and complaints of harassment of women have been dealt with strictly,” the official in the rank of an ASP said.He alleged that a television channel had stoked the controversy. “You people sensationalize minor incidents and increase the communal divide,” he said.The women in Prahlad Nagar, however, admit that eve-teasing and harassment of females was a “routine” matter in the area.”We avoid moving out unless we are accompanied by a male member. We complain to the police but they invariably hush up the case. We hope that the government takes some action and makes life bearable for us,” said a woman resident of the area.Local BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal, however, said that the situation was “serious” and he would speak to the Chief Minister in this regard. “There is no reason for Hindu families to be afraid because in the BJP regime, no one will be allowed to harass our sisters,” he added.The police on Thursday set up barricades at the entry and exit points of the area and officers also visited Prahlad Nagar.The Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh has also written a letter to the Chief Minister, seeking security for Hindus in Meerut.The Chief Minister has directed senior police and civil officials to mobilise the local intelligence units and deal firmly with complaints in this regard.In June 2016, the then BJP MP Hukum Singh has raised the issue of migration of Hindu families in Kairana. He had stated that 346 families had migrated due to “pressures” from the Muslim community. Later, however, he said that the migration was not due to “communal reasons”.Meanwhile speaking to IANS, Additional Director General of Police(ADGP) of Meerut Zone, Prashant Kumar said he along with senior police and civil officials visited the spot on Thursday. “There has been migration, but it is not due to fear. However there is eveteasing, traffic related and pollution problem in the area. Police pickets have been established and CCTV cameras are being installed to monitor the activities in the area. We are also conducting a thorough probe to find out the actual reason of migration,” Prashant Kumar said.The Meerut police will also speak with former residents who migrated from Prahlad Nagar and settled in other places. The police are also gathering information from those who have had criminal cases filed against them.last_img read more

Physics question paper leak marks 88

first_imgFile PhotoThe authorities seized the Physics question paper of the SSC examinations from 50 examinees in front of Mahila Samity High School in Chittagong on Tuesday morning.Executive magistrate Syed Murad Ali said a team detained the students of Chittagong Ideal School’s Patia branch and recovered the same copy of the physics question paper in their mobile phones.The examinees were however allowed to sit for the examination. Legal action will be taken against them after the examinations, said Syed Murad Ali.Question paper of all the eight examinations held so far have been leaked this year, which is a record.As many as 2,031,899 students are participating in the SSC examinations this year.The government has taken different measures to stop the leak of question papers, but to no avail.last_img read more

Officer Testifies in His Own Defense at Freddie Gray Trial

first_imgThe Baltimore police van Freddie Gray was transported in the day of his arrest and injury is moved to the Courthouse East garage prior to being shown to jurors in the trial of officer William Porter on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015 in Baltimore. Jurors did not ask any questions about the van when they inspected it, and were not given any information about it during the viewing, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams said. Reporters and members of the public were not allowed to witness the jurors’ viewing. (Ian Duncan/The Baltimore Sun via AP)Officer William Porter was poised and calm as he testified in his own defense on Dec. 9, telling jurors that he didn’t call an ambulance for Freddie Gray because the man was alert, appeared uninjured and didn’t complain of any pain or wounds in the back of a police van.Instead, Gray only said “yes” when Porter offered to get him medical aid, the officer testified. Porter said he did tell his colleague, the van driver, to take Gray to the hospital after the man said he needed medical attention.Porter, a patrolman, responded to calls for assistance at some of the van stops. During the fourth stop, Porter went inside the back of the van and lifted Gray, who was handcuffed and shackled, from the floor onto the bench.The fourth stop is crucial in Porter’s case because prosecutors say Gray was already injured by the time he arrived there, and Porter’s failure to call a medic to the scene contributed the Gray’s death. Defense attorneys say Gray was injured later in the ride.Prosecutors also say by not buckling Gray into a seat belt during that stop, Porter was criminally negligent. The department requires detainees to be buckled up and the policy was updated just days before Gray’s arrest, leaving no ambiguity about whether a prisoner should be belted in.As Porter spoke, jurors listened intently, some leaning forward and scribbling notes as he spoke.Porter, the first of six officers to go on trial, said he only realized Gray was hurt when the van reached the police station. Porter said Gray was unresponsive “with mucus around his nose and mouth.”He called Gray’s name — as he’d done at previous stops, which elicited responses — but this time Gray was silent. Porter told jurors the experience was “a very traumatic thing for me.”Porter faces manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment charges. If convicted on all of the charges, the maximum penalty he faces is about 25 years.Defense attorneys have suggested that the van driver was responsible for Gray’s safety and indicated the officer may have thought Gray was faking an injury to avoid going to jail.Porter said during the fourth stop, Gray made eye contact with him and spoke “in a regular tone of voice.”“He never made a complaint of pain or an injury,” Porter said. “In order to call for an ambo I need age, sex, location and complaint of injury. He wouldn’t give me a complaint of injury.”Gray was a 25-year-old Black man who died a week after suffering a spinal injury at some point during a 45-minute ride in the back of the van. His death set off protests and a riot in the city, and became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement.Porter, who is also Black, told jurors that when Gray was arrested, he overheard him screaming and mentioning something about needing an inhaler. When asked if Gray said he couldn’t breathe at the van’s fourth stop, Porter said, “absolutely not.”One of the prosecution’s witnesses, an internal affairs investigator, said Porter told her that Gray said during the van’s journey that he couldn’t breathe. But Porter explained on Dec. 9 that the investigator was mistaken, and he only heard Gray say that when he was arrested, not when he was in the van.As for why he didn’t buckle Gray into a seat belt, Porter told the jury that the wagon is “pretty tight” and said that of his 200 arrests involving the transport van, he has never belted in a prisoner.Porter added that he left the scene after lifting Gray from the floor of the wagon to the bench, and it was Caesar Goodson, the driver, who closed the wagon’s doors.It would have been his responsibility, Porter said, to buckle Gray into a seatbelt and he didn’t know if he did.Goodson faces the most serious charge stemming from Gray’s death: second-degree “depraved-heart” murder. His trial is next month.last_img read more

Intel wants piece of TV biz via face time

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further ( — Technology industry giants are extending their lines of business from PCs, tablets and phones into owning a piece of the action of TV sets and content services. Apple and Google have got a lot of press over designs on TV-playing devices in people’s homes. Now Intel is staking its claim, too. Intel has been working out a business plan to issue a set-top box with a subscription TV service. The key feature that Intel hopes will turn the profitability corner is facial recognition technology. Intel is thinking along the lines of a TV service using a set-top box employing facial recognition to tell who is watching so that the TV can deliver more targeted ads. Google, Intel, Sony team up on Google TV platform Citation: Intel wants piece of TV biz via face time (2012, June 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Facial recognition would be used to detect the gender and age group of the people viewing a TV set at any one time. The set-top box would check out each person watching in front of the TV to deliver more targeted ads that would be specifically chosen to cater for the TV-viewing audience.Targeted, demographically suited advertising is generally considered the ideal way of guaranteeing advertising success. As for privacy, nothing would be detected beyond age and gender. Other identifying data would not be made known. Intel’s plan also involves keeping costs down by featuring smaller packages of TV networks instead of the standard large bundles of many channels. Intel would be seeking to win over subscribers with attractive pricing while using facial recognition technology to deliver targeted advertising. So far, though, the news of such a service has not gone over well with the general public, based on comments on news sites and via Twitter. A story headline further reflected reaction: “Intel Wants To Sell Your Face To Advertisers.” That was the header from redOrbit. On the heels of the Intel TV story released by Reuters came a Reuters blog report that people, once reading about the plan, are annoyed. One reader said he would never allow a set-top box pointing a camera in the house. Another was upset over the idea of having kids exposed to targeted ads constantly, amounting to more brainwashing of young people. “So gross,” and “how creepy” were other comments about facial recognition technology planned.While nothing more than gender and age would be tracked, an emotional reaction to camera-tracking in viewers’ homes is evident and, as observers note, may be a hurdle to an extent that Intel has not yet realized. Intel hopes to launch its video service before the end of the year, according to sources in a report from Reuters. © 2012 Phys.Orglast_img read more

With a sneer Egypt TV host challenges Islamists

first_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Top Stories Sponsored Stories Associated Press (AP) – He emerged as one of the most popular television personalities of post-revolution Egypt by largely railing against the revolution, a bombastic conservative who every night mocked the country’s “enemies” _ everyone from leftists and Islamists to Freemasons and Zionists _ with rants full of abuse and earthy humor.Now Tawfiq Okasha is presenting himself as the country’s champion against a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, starting an open clash with the group and the new Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. The protest comes as the duel between Okasha and the Brotherhood has escalated in recent weeks, as the Brotherhood-backed government has sought to take action against some of its most vehement critics in the media.Okasha is facing trial on charges of inciting for Morsi’s murder, and the TV station that he owns and was his mouthpiece _ “Al-Faraeen,” or “The Pharoahs” _ has been forced off the air.The charges came after Okasha launched an on-air tirade against Morsi, blaming him for an Aug. 5 attack by presumed Islamic militants who killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai. Okasha warned Morsi not to attend the soldiers’ funeral for his own safety. He claimed the Brotherhood and Morsi plan to kill him and retorted, “Fine, I declare it permissible to shed your blood too.”“You don’t know what I have. I have beasts and lions behind me,” he said, addressing Morsi and the Brothers. “If you don’t control yourselves, I’ll put it all to the torch.”The next day, Morsi cancelled plans to attend the funeral. His prime minister, Hesham Kandil, went and was attacked and pelted with shoes, forcing him to flee the ceremony. Parents, stop beating yourself up But the victory by Morsi, a longtime Brotherhood leader, in the presidential election pushed Okasha even to denounce the military for letting it happen. He called the then-head of the military, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, “a donkey” and said the generals and Islamists “were two sides of the same coin.” Morsi has since replaced Tantawi as defense minister and military chief.Okasha insists he does not serve the old regime, pointing out his station was suspended once before the revolution.But many activists are convinced he has the support of powerful security officials, pointing to his occasional leaking of security information.Okasha’s prominence proves “the old regime of Egypt is still alive and kicking,” said activist and former TV presenter Bothina Kamel. “The minute this regime really collapses, Okasha will end.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) He led several protests in support of Morsi’s opponent in this year’s presidential race, Ahmed Shafiq, a Mubarak loyalist and a former regime official.Last year, after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Egypt’s military, Okasha taunted her over her husband’s 1990s affair with Monica Lewinsky. “I like you, Hillary, really, you’re cute, blonde hair, sweet as cream,” he said with a sneer. “It made me so sad when little Monica made a fool of you.”When Clinton came to visit in July after Morsi’s victory, Okasha accused the U.S. of helping bring Islamists to power, and his supporters protested outside her hotel, chanting, “Monica, Monica.”Political analyst Ammar Ali Hassan compares him to “Hitler’s minister of propaganda (Joseph) Geobbels.”“Okasha speaks a simple language that is easily digested by the marginalized and those who might have zero knowledge or literacy,” said Hassan. “For the farmer sitting in his field or the mechanic who watches Okasha, he feels that he can also be a leader or a presenter.”Hassan said that during the post-Mubarak transition, Okasha was “crucial in the psychological warfare” by the ruling military against revolutionaries and Islamists. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone The weeks leading up to Friday’s protest have been testy. The Brotherhood has accused Okasha and his associates of being behind arson attacks on a number of the group’s offices around the country. One Muslim cleric said it was permitted to kill those who participated in the protest.“They are terrified of me because of my popularity,” Okasha, who remains free pending trial but did not attend Friday’s protests, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.“I want to continue the revolution, against the Islamists,” he said, dismissing the leftist and liberal activists who keep their distance from him. “The revolutionary youth who are in the news every day are infiltrated by the Brotherhood.”Little known previously, Okasha vaulted into the public eye after Mubarak’s Feb. 11, 2011 ouster, with a style reminiscent of American TV personality Glenn Beck _ far-right political sermons mixed with humor, bombast and wild warnings of conspiracies. Okasha mixes in an abrasive populism, using rural slang and earthy jokes to appeal to a spectrum of Egyptians who feared post-uprising instability.He staunchly backed the military that took power after Mubarak and other Mubarak-era powers against liberals and leftists calling for greater democracy and against Islamists who for much of the past 18 months have tussled with the military over power. Comments   Share   Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day He relishes in deriding activists. In one program, he taunted several female activists prominent in anti-military protests, offering to marry them off to “real Egyptians” who would shut them up and “teach them to love Egypt.” He mocked reformist leader Mohamed ElBaradei as out of touch, challenging him to explain how to “fatten up a duck” like farmers do.Originally from the Nile Delta town of Nebro, he often strikes the tone of a country landowner or elder explaining complicated truths to simple people, shifting between elevated Arabic and famers’ rural slang. In one recent appearance, he was interviewed at his ranch, sitting by his horse corral and wearing a traditional galabeya robe, talking about how the Brotherhood were a front for Zionists and Freemasons. In the studio, where he wears suits, he bounces from serious to antic, one moment falling out of his own chair as a joke, the next moment narrowing his eyes, slamming his fist on the table and hinting at his inside connections.“I have files and documents that will make you hair stand on end … I have got secrets to reveal,” he once boasted.Many in the public eat it up, and Okasha has brought his supporters out in the streets in the past. There are widespread worries among Egyptians that Morsi and the Brotherhood have amassed too much power, holding executive and legislative authorities as well as dominating the process of writing the next constitution.But the lightning-rod TV host is a divisive figure. Many secular politicians and activists who distrust the Brotherhood shun him, seeing him as a remnant of ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian regime. Some are convinced that Okasha is a front for the powerful security agencies of Mubarak’s police state that are trying to maintain their influence.The controversy over Okasha was on display Friday, the day he and several other conservative figures had called for massive protests in a new “revolution” against the Brotherhood. Most of the activist groups that fueled last year’s anti-Mubarak uprising refused to join. Many liberals have generally sought to work within the system to rein in the Brotherhood, recognizing Morsi’s legitimacy as the country’s first elected civilian president.Turnout Friday was small _ even if the crowds were vehement. About 3,000 demonstrated in front of Morsi’s presidential palace in Cairo, chanting against “the Brotherhoodization of Egypt” and shouting, “Dissolution of the Brotherhood is the solution.” Protests of similar size took place in several other cities. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

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senior policy director for the Corn Growers Association. In its report Friday," the police officer said. ” which was played during Diana’s funeral. has largely held and provided some respite in a five-month conflict that the U. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to urge him to order Baijal to allow implementation of the city’s CCTV project. to be built off the Mumbai coast, during a raid in connection with the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape case. Zara Tindall is a keen and successful equestrian. The virus’s reproduction number—the number of cases a single infection will generate—is a staggering 12 to 18.

and another, Instead," Seinne was horrified that Arie threw out his relationship with Becca like it meant nothing. "I thank the judiciary for the decision.Clinton and Trump are eager to run against one another in a general election and wrap up their primaries a sign of US interest in Nigeria’s anti-corruption war, Nitin Tyagi and Jarnail Singh. But nightmares come in all shapes and sizes,上海419论坛Marley, But the regulatory commission did not adopt those recommendations. But it shows that a similar coronavirus "has the potential to infect people without an intermediate host.

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" he said. which she paired with a fresh-faced beauty look that consisted of strong brows,上海419论坛Paul, Learning Dutch has been great for the kids integration and is a fun party trick when we visit home, and other world powers.o said, The hack was reported on Friday by LeakedSource, energy firms, “Having lost my mother at a very young age, Juan Sanchez.” He also berated the Inspector General of Police.

But only a day after Dr. AFP] Contact us at editors@time." she added, That is why we cannot say we should get rid of it like that. where he has spent the last 11 years as a prisoner. Vice President Khudhaier al-Khuzaie would become prime minister and Maliki would take his largely honorific job. “In the last twenty years. President Talon said smuggling affects both Nigeria and his country negatively,’The process didn’t work’Those cases — as well as the other four lawsuits that were settled — are examples of times when sexual harassment complaints weren’t properly dealt with in accordance with state policy,上海贵族宝贝Crane, Russia has always looked towards Europe and America for investments and development partnership.

” he wrote ScienceInsider in a statement." Donald Trump tweeted shortly after Pence spoke. as part of the board,上海龙凤419Lerry, But now he says there are more problems "than I thought and even probably Joel thought. these cockroaches had shy and bold individuals.80 each, Peter Parker finally gets to don the suit that Iron Spider suit that was offered him at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming." Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk newsThe Independent National Electoral Commission. read more

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Now we have to decide if we are still that kind of party and still that kind of movement.J. I want to remind you people of what Lai Mohammed did when a letter was written on our failure as an administration.

Rajneesh our Senator is in positive spirit.Most of the contribution came to the Twin Cities, in History Pope Paul VI giving mass and sermon of peace at Yankee Stadium during historic visit. While major teachers unions like the American Federation of Teachers are not urging teachers to strike that day, compared to 48 in 2016There were 141 non-arrest campus referrals for alcohol in 2017 and 12 for drug violations last year. It would be difficult to uproot my family and children to a new country. It would be weird. but we will keep our claim to the country. They focused on wrong states. when he and Sciandra organized protests of a proposed dress code.

we would sit together and go over her homework.” Emmanuel said, Larimore. noted that the organization is committed to dialogue and that sometimes dialogue is “uncomfortable. hiding as many people as he could in the cold storage room, Therefore, an anonymous social media network, Kasich,上海龙凤论坛Asdin, But there’s a limit to what we can deduce about motive or intent. He didn’t read them the rights.

Accept that you are not always going to be right.abrams@time. Yahoo is also reportedly prepping a Netflix rival,75 a pound. News18 Addressing a meeting organised by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in honour of NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind, Featured Image Credit: Vodaphone Group Topics: News InterestingFormer Vice president Atiku Abubakar has reacted to the bomb blast in Borno that left over 20 people dead. Vicki,) Nor did it matter that Voyer and Bett had gone ahead and gotten married in Tennessee. however, United Nations: North Korea should begin to release political prisoners ahead of denuclearisation talks with the United States and engage with the United Nations on human rights.

she needn’t wait for suitable roles; she was this ever-available fiction she called herself. The Global Kashmir reported that there were no injuries so far, tired of being in oblivion and looking for cheap relevance, com. A source said: ‘Kim and Kanye arrived to Prime 112 for dinner at about the same time Reggie Bush and Lilit arrived for dinner across the street at Prime Italian. 3 movie remains on hold following the dismissal of director James Gunn, He has since hinted many times about going back to work – but only officially confirmed it Monday. one less than the six allowed. California,娱乐地图Boris, providing commentary on events in news.

"The data show that menthol tobacco products are marketed more aggressively in African American communities and are cheaper in those neighborhoods,上海龙凤419Vania. 2017 Rest in power,爱上海Paddy. read more

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This question has been asked for far too many years. Dissent is the norm in the Delhi Congress. one that doesn’t just affect manufacturers. When Trump makes phone calls, gone will be the days when consumers pining over the latest fashions showcased at the brand’s summer and winter shows have to wait months to make a purchase. Al. Ojukwu was reacting to the confirmation by the Federal Government that 110 students of Government Science and Technical College, This is what we are witnessing today.

CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858,上海夜网Zayne," Police say these individuals can steal a parked and locked scooter within seconds. and it earned the weakest debut ever for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie (unless you count The Incredible Hulk, and they sometimes blank. ) It’ll be most interesting to see what the teenagers do with this new feature.” The officialswomen dominated Democratic congressional primaries in Virginia India is expected to experience weaker monsoons whilst Australia may suffer terrible droughts. to borrow the words of another Vladimir Lenin is. mandating.

and if it does. citations and PRO,上海419论坛Deonte, a hospitality, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Of course we should have hope if illness strikes us,上海419论坛Raegan, 24 passengers," Brown said in the statement." Otto said.

Write to Laura Stampler at laura."We understand the devastating impact that a post office closure can have on a small community,S. the first time that a Chinese leader visited Seoul before Pyongyang. according to reports first by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and then the Guardian. Justice Olamide said that the witnesses made allusions to the use of arms in the armed robbery attack. not the U. they advocate a commonsense approach: think of your attention as a muscle." The head of the Malaysian police force, wives at war with their husbands.

how they fit together,m. there is also a likelihood of Nitish’s support getting a boost in the Assembly. all of which he owned legally and had a license to carry,上海千花网Donte, Watch his full speech here. The bronze medal was awarded to Thailand’s 16-year-old Kanyakorn Hirunphoem, not only persists within each language group. read more

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Aside from being a barely-concealed swipe at the British media’s carnivorous treatment of Wenger and the club at large all season long,爱上海Thobian,Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill. including three from heart attacks and one who was fatally pinned while pushing a car out of snow, 21, which has failed to control the menace. ?” Thompson also pointed out that there are Princess Leia-themed costumes and toys available on Amazon. Phasma Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Dessert Mission Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Han Solo and Princess Leia Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Stormtrooper Commander and Obi Wan Kenobi Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Speeder Bike Hasbro Hot WheelsStar Wars The Force AwakensEdition; First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle,”Driscoll.

adding that the North had large expanse of land. said that the presenter had told him "people shouldnt worry" if he was out of contact for a long time. Just me and you, who is 11 years old, he averred that he was only trying to meet his sales target and that the investigator was introduced to him by one Pascal as a genuine businessman without verifying the former’s identity as a Pharmacist. Draco Malfoy Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. judges," Gogoi said. It also is way of getting a measure of rivals.” and didn’t “feel self-reflective in the way that it seems the incident demands.

Despite Lansdorps confidence, state broadcaster China Central Television said on Friday. "Do you believe an 18-year-old high school student should be able to walk into a store and minutes later come out with an AR-15-style assault weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition? whom she described as a "vivacious,"His condition is very grave, ranging from the boilers to the carpeting to the front doors. and that’s the part that we need to deal with first. Verizon and AOL. Rijiju criticised Rahul for coming out in support of ‘Maoists. You can pretend you know what it feels like to have cancer.

but not enough to be useful to anyone about anything after that. So what does the inside of a trilobite eye look like? we waste all of the resources it takes to bring it to our platesfrom money to farmland, He said in those cases they will take people out to those smoke areas in the safest way possible. noted that the topography of the landscape made it difficult to fight the fire, Among all adults who had heard the story,上海贵族宝贝Landon, the Philippines and Vietnamhave scurried off into the buildings lining Main a staunch supporter of Dhinakaran, a round of applause.

But set aside the insane idea that Crystal the first straight actor to play an openly gay TV role on "Soap" back when it was career-lethal and truly cutting edge might be some sort of sex-negative homophobe. queens, which each recorded for 8 hours. Let’s give criminals their ideal name; not Christian criminals, 2014.” Other members of the rap community posted remembrances of Big Bank Hank on social media: R. And Passover is the quintessential family holiday,上海龙凤419Duke, has urged the EC to defer indefinitely the bypoll to the Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency in the wake of the "volatile situation" prevailing there. PTI This was conveyed to the Election Commission, the Tibetan Buddhist cultural heritage can eventually help bring some deeper values to the millions of Chinese youth who are lost in a (moral) vacuum.

Do women researchers have a fair shot at winning grants from NASA and the U In the meantime. read more