In observance of International Women’s Day: Mary Brownell Blames Parents for Vulnerability of Girls

first_imgVeteran Liberian teacher Mary Brownell has blamed the vulnerability of girls in Liberian society on failure of parents to provide guidance for their girl children.Speaking in a telephone interview Monday on the problems affecting women and girls in society, Mother Brownell said, “I cannot remember [a time] during my days when girls of my age group were seen at late hours in the street. You would be asked by an elderly person why you should be out, and that person will surely trace your parents or even discipline you for staying out late. But today parents do not care about where their children go and do not give them advice; and as a result, you see girls in the streets and sleeping there.”She said the failure of parents to provide guidance for their girl children has resulted in the high rate of teenage pregnancy in Liberia.Mother Brownell, who turns 87 on March 12, said she believes that the Ministry of Gender is doing well to identify the problems affecting women and girls in the country; but because parents are not exerting effort in teaching and advising their girl children, these girls continue to face sexual exploitation and other forms of gender-based violence.She also pointed out that women’s organizations are all over Monrovia and in other parts of the country seeking donor funding to help girls, but lamented that their impact is not being felt.According to her, if women’s organizations and parents were playing their roles as role models for girls, prostitution and teenage pregnancy would have reduced by now.Weighing in on the issue of the age of consent, Mother Brownell proposed that 18 years of age is preferable as the statutory age of maturity. A girl of that age, she said, will have the attributes of decision making and can decide what is good for her.In Liberia, however, many boys and girls aged 18 and beyond still live with their parents and rely fully on their support for schooling and other basic necessities.In response to this concern, she said parents will also have to play their roles in moùlding the child to be able to demonstrate maturity by that age.“The way parents teach their children in the home will help their children to demonstrate maturity at the age of 18. The girl or boy child in the home learns from the parents, and anything the parent does is what the child will learn. For the girl child to be matured and independent at the age of 18, parents should set the pace for the child to follow. Get the child to school at the required age and by the time she reaches 18 she is out of high school and thinking about going to college,” the veteran educator and mother emphasized.Another concern Liberian women have as they celebrate International Women’s Day is the30 percent political representation exclusively allotted for women by the constitution.The “Gender Equity Bill,” sponsored by Montserrado County District #1 Representative, Josephine Francis, has lingered in the House of Representatives for years without passage.Mother Brownell, while expressing support for the bill, stressed that she is disappointed in women on ground. Their lack of support for one another, she observed, is responsible for their marginalization by men.She also asserted that women, if they want to break the barrier, should get acquainted with their constituents and demonstrate their competencies as leaders. They should not simply rely on T-shirts and a few bags of rice in election season.She added that the dominance of men in Liberian politics is highly reflective of the fact that 50% women’s participation is needed to equitably bridge the gap.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Legendary Golden State Warrior quits his dream job

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.)Chris Mullin, the former Warriors star who went home to coach his alma mater at St. John’s four years ago, cited a “personal loss” while announcing his resignation from the school on Tuesday.The 55-year-old Mullin stepped down following the most successful of his four seasons partly because of the death of his brother Rod last month due to cancer.“This has been an extremely emotional decision, but after a recent …last_img

Peru agrees to eliminate trichinae testing requirements

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest In a big victory for the U.S. pork industry, Peru has agreed to eliminate trichinae testing requirements on chilled U.S. pork based on a U.S. Department of Agriculture certification that the pork originated from Pork Quality Assurance Plus farms. PQA Plus is an education and training program run by the National Pork Board that certifies that hog operations are meeting their commitments related to animal well-being, food safety, worker safety and environmental protection.NPPC worked closely with U.S. and Peruvian officials for many years to eliminate the testing, which artificially raises the cost of selling chilled pork in the South American country. The risk of getting trichinae from consuming U.S. pork is less than 1 in 300,000,000. Peru’s U.S. pork imports increased significantly after the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement was implemented in 2009, jumping from just $650,000 in 2008 to more than $6.7 million in 2014. Based on analysis conducted by Iowa State University economist Dermot Hayes, National Pork Producers Council expects pork exports to Peru to grow even more now that the trichinae testing requirement has been eliminated.last_img read more

7 Reasons Why Your Creative Vision Isn’t Translating to the Screen

first_imgHere’s a few tips for translating your creative vision to the big screen.Have you taken a film or video project from conception to completion…only to find yourself unsatisfied with the end result? Here’s a few reasons your projects may be falling flat.1. You Focusing on the Details, Not the Big PictureWhen it comes to filmmaking there is a lot to remember and we are afforded the opportunity to learn something new every time we shoot. In a way, creating a film is a lot like a flexible checklist. While you would never say it out loud, the thought that’s probably going through your head on-set is something to the effect of:Composition, Check.Depth of Field, Check.Continuity, Check.Stabilization, Check.Focus, Check.Actor’s Delivery, Check.Motivation, Check.Etc, Etc, Etc, Check, Check, CheckIt can be easy to compartmentalize the production process and fall into a series of checklists, but this can be extremely harmful to your end result. The beauty is not in the details, it’s in the finished project. If you’re busy focusing on small stuff like script formatting, and not the script itself, you’re going to be disappointed.2. You’re Putting to Much Emphasis on the Craft Instead of the StoryWe talk a lot about gear here on the PremiumBeat blog and rightfully so, it’s fun to follow gear. New cameras, lenses, and equipment releases are exciting. But one rut that new filmmakers tend to fall into is focusing way to heavily on the gear and not the story at hand.Sure having an impressive 2 minute long tracking shot is cool, but how does it fit into your narrative structure?  Have you spent more time focusing on the gear than the characters in the film?Having cinematic quality footage is important for keeping your audience engaged, especially if you are trying to prove your legitimacy, but we live in an age of progressing technology. If you want your film to have real staying power, focus more on the story. It’s easy to forgive a film with average cinematography if the story is solid.3. It Wasn’t Feasible Given Your ConstraintsIn a perfect world you can simply come up with any idea and have the tools available to see that idea through. Realistically there are many limitations to an indie-film budget. Recognizing these limitations, and creatively working around them, is vital for creating a believable film.Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Sure, you should push your creative limits every time you make a film, but have reason when considering a new idea. This is a tough pill to swallow especially if you are a passionate filmmaker, but setting unrealistic expectations will only leave you disappointed.4. You’re Not Hiring the Right CrewHaving a solid crew is vital for creating a good film. If you are forced to pick up the slack from other crew members it’s going to show in your end result. One of the biggest things to look for when choosing a crew is attitude.It’s not uncommon in this industry to work with people with pride issues. Avoid them like the plague! Ultimately poor crew members will distract you from the story at hand. To learn more about this check out our ‘Traits of a Good Crew Member’ post.5. You’re Not Communicating WellCommunication is your most powerful tool as a filmmaker. How well your creative vision comes to life depends in large part with how well it is communicated to your talent and crew before, during and after production. Spend the time before the camera rolls to make sure that everyone involved is ‘in-the-know’….and this isn’t just limited to just the story and how you invision the final product. Communication around the logistics of production can make or break your project. Use a call sheet, use a camera log, and stay organized.6. You’re Skipping Over Pre-ProductionThere’s nothing sexy about pre-production – except storyboarding (I love a good storyboard!). It can be easy for filmmakers to skip over this aspect of the filmmaking process and into production. Create a detailed shot list, storyboard scenes if necessary, set realistic production timelines and finalize your budget.Take the time to personally visit all the locations you’re planning on shooting. Did you obtain any necessary permits or forms to shoot at that location? What is the lighting situation? Where is power located? You must know these things well in advance of your proposed shoot date to allow time for change of location if necessary.7. Your Creative Vision is MuddyIs your idea fully baked? It’s easy to fall in love with a story idea, but you need to validate it early.How well vetted is your script? Is the story confusing in any way? If you’re too close to the project and story you may not recognize it’s weaknesses. Seek brutally honest feedback.Successful filmmaking is collaborative filmmaking….nobody wants to work with a dictator. Settle on a vision early and then have others poke holes in it, finding flaws with the story, the production plan and the overall vision. Revise the plan and repeat. Your creative vision may not be the same as it was when you started, but you’ll be the better for it.Want more creative inspiration? Check out a few of the following links here on PremiumBeat:5 of the Greatest Cinematographers for Creative InspirationFeature Filmmaking: Creative Problem SolvingStop Being Original and Start Being InnovativeHave any tips for seeing your projects through? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

PWD jacked up prices of Games projects

first_imgIt’s no doubt that Suresh Kalmadi is in for a tough time over allegations of corruption related to the Commonwealth Games.Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit.Be it Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) is being given the royal snub ever since the Games ended.While the Prime Minister has ordered a probe over alleged financial irregularities, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit has gone on record claiming the needle of suspicion is on the Kalmadi-led OC. But in her haste to blame Kalmadi and company, the chief minister perhaps failed to overlook the doings of her own departments.The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has pointed out several irregularities in the two showpiece road projects built specially for the Commonwealth Games by the Public Works Department (PWD) of the state government. In documents provided in an RTI reply to Mail Today, the CVC has expressed shock at how the cost of the prestigious elevated road over Barapullah Nullah could increase by over Rs 80 crore.The RTI query found out that while the estimated cost was Rs 352 crore, the tender was awarded for Rs 433 crore and that too within days of drawing up the estimate.”The estimate for the project was approved on July 30, 2008. Approximately 90 per cent items in the estimate were calculated on the prevailing market rate. But the work was awarded by the PWD (in August the same year) on higher rates by 23 per cent,” the CVC said in its reply.advertisementThe CVC has also indicted the PWD’s Ring Road bypass project, which provided dedicated access to the Indira Gandhi Stadium.The tender for this project was awarded by the department for Rs 214 crore to M/ S Simplex Infrastructure Ltd against an estimated cost of Rs 172 crore. The CVC documents say the tender was awarded by the PWD at “very high rates” by jacking up prices of materials and labour by as much as 36 per cent.” The amount was highly inflated by various methods. In labour rates, Rs 3.68 crore was included as transportation cost from labour camp to site of work which was not justified.Surprisingly, labour camps were allowed on site and do not involve any transportation of labour. There was another unjustified amount of Rs 25.84 crore by way of 25 per cent extra charges on labour and machinery cost,” the CVC document pointed out.With inputs from agencieslast_img read more

Lauterbach: TRACE32 extends embOS awareness to RH850

first_img Continue Reading Previous Infineon: driver IC improves efficiency for LED stripsNext Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality… What is the reality? Lauterbach has extended the kernel awareness for the embOS Real-time Operating System from SEGGER Microcontroller to the RH850 family of microprocessors from Renesas. TRACE32, the class leading debug tools from Lauterbach, already supports embOS on ARM, PowerPC, RX, SH and NIOS-II families and this tried and tested technology has now been extended to include RH850.The embOS awareness plugin for TRACE32 allows the developer to visualise RTOS resources and objects such as task lists, mailboxes, timers and semaphores. Developers are free to investigate interrupt routines, drivers and application code all from within the familiar environment of TRACE32. When the awareness is configured, extra features become available, for instance the setting of task aware breakpoints.All members of the RH850 family provide dedicated counter registers which can be accessed non-intrusively by the TRACE32 debugger. These can be configured to display minimum, maximum and mean runtimes for a user marked block of code or the runtimes of various tasks in the embOS system.If the target provides off-chip trace capabilities, TRACE32 can record processor cycles and can be configured to collect data on task switches. Using this information, a detailed analysis of the program history, including task switches, can be viewed.All features of the TRACE32 awareness for embOS do not require any additional target configuration or any hooks or patches within the RTOS itself. The philosophy of TRACE32 is for the application to behave exactly the same in the debug environment as on the final product; only this way can 100% certainty of testing be achieved.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software last_img read more