Zidane: “Valverde made a rude foul but had to do it …”

first_imgSomething has to be. How can he have played nine finals and won all? “I don’t know, this club is like that. We always want to. Be patient, at rest there was a bit of discomfort because we didn’t know how we could score. There was a good team in front. You have to believe until the end and that’s what we have done”.Was the game as expected? Did you contemplate the penalties? “Yes, always. In football you never know what will happen. In the end we get it, we are happy because a title is never easy.”How can this title mark the future of the season? “Keep working. We won today, we have to enjoy, be happy. We have the trip, rest and then now, again to play. We can’t think of relaxing. We are happy, we have to enjoy, but there is a lot of League, Champions, Cup … Very long everything. “ Zinedine Zidane analyzed in the flash interview the victory against Atlético on penalties, which was the first title of the season. The French coach has played as a final nine coach and has won all.The Valverde match: “He has taken the trophy to the MVP and I am happy for him. He has done a great job, like everyone else. He sure wants to share it with all his teammates.”The expulsion of Valverde, key: “In the end it is that, he has done what he had to do. It is a rude fault but it had to be done at that time. He has done well. In the end the important thing is that he has apologized to Morata because they know each other very well.”You have played nine finals and won nine titles. It is said that the finals are not played, they are won: “We are all here, those who do not play, those who are here … It is true that this is said …”.last_img read more

Twinned with Becerril

first_imgHe is the chosen one so that the Real one fulfills his promise, made by the realistic president, Jokin Aperribay, as soon as he finishes the 0-8 of the first Cup qualifier played in Palencia, in the New Ballast, because the Mariano Haro did not meet the security requirements of the Spanish Football Federation. Both clubs promised eternal brotherhood. La Real will take care of all the expenses of the people of the Palentino club, and also of the round trip travel expenses of the inhabitants of the town who want to go.The Becerril has already begun to announce the way to sign up to travel by bus for that Saturday. You have to register in a list that you have placed in two bars in the town of Becerril, and the deadline to do so is this Monday. The buses will leave Becerril at eight o’clock on Saturday morning of the match and return at 9:00 p.m., at the end of the commitment.The people of Becerril will also organize a meal in San Sebastian before the game, and the realistic club will give them a special treatment so they can get to know the Real’s facilities much better and also enjoy the game. Curious are some pictures that this is leaving Cup With the new format. Field Calf it is a palencia town that could write a book about the Spain emptied A corner of the region of Farmland which at the beginning of the century still used four figures to measure its population. But the figure of one thousand inhabitants was falling and now there are 754. Almost everyone knows each other. Against his team, of Third, faced the Real society in the first round And all of them have chosen the date on which the Royal will fulfill the promise he made after the first qualifying round Copa del Rey.It will be Saturday, February 22 in the match against Valencia in the Reale Arena. The promise was that the San Sebastian club would invite a party in Saint Sebastian to all the people of the town of Palencia. These days in Becerril de Campos there was no talk of anything else, making pools fantasizing why party would empty the streets to have its inhabitants in Donostia.“Aperribay He told us to look for a weekend that would fit us well to go to San Sebastian to watch a Real match. They take care of everything, he told me. The players and managers pay us the bus, the entrance and even invite us to eat. And for the rest of the people who want to sign up they invite the round trip and the entrance to the game, ”he explained Juan Antonio Redondo, the president of the Becerril. That match will be the team’s visit on February 22, at 6:30 p.m.last_img read more

Love: “If Messi is angry? We’ll have to ask him”

first_imgWilliam love, director of Institutional Relations of Barça, spoke on the microphones of Movistar after the win against Betis. He gave no clues about the incorporation of the forward: “We cannot say names about signings. Names like Loren’s have come out but for now we have to wait to see how it looks Ousmane. If there is a good opportunity, you will see if we can do it. If Quique asks for a man, it’s normal and we’ll see“ About Messi and his appearance on Instagram to criticize Abidal, he avoided controversy: “What happens is that we are always used to dial. And unchecked plays very well. He has played a great game, he is involved. If you don’t dial, go. It’s very valuable. He has had occasions and always has them. We would have to ask him if he is angry but we try to solve our things internally. And Messi is good in every way. Messi is culé, sorry. Live the problem and that’s why he gets into the club’s problems, because he wants Barça to be the winner. And every time Messi talks it’s normal. “last_img read more

The Mirandés resists falling

first_imgChangesWillian José (67 ‘, Isak), Ander Guevara (67 ‘, Aritz Elustondo), Marcos de Sousa (69 ‘, Matheus Aias), Álvaro Peña (75 ‘, Antonio Sánchez), Januzaj (76 ‘, Portu), Iñigo Vicente Elorduy (85 ‘, Álvaro Rey) The times of the game, the decisive moments, favored the San Sebastian team, which did not even remove the discomfort of have the Mirandés hanging from the hump in each of its exits from behind. There is an important coach in Iraola, he had already shown it before three other First sets in this Cup, and the Anoeta thing reinforces him even more. If he is able to turn Mirandés into an author team, what will he be able to do with more means and more resources.Real’s short circuit became even more noticeable as the game progressed. What is almost always a fluid circulation of the ball, with Odegaard wielding the flag of the good game, became a harmless caudalous cake for the Mirandés. It is true that Portu could do the 3-1 with a long time still ahead, but Lemons saved well. The bad game of the local team disconnected the stands of Anoeta, who had come to enjoy a semifinal win against a set of Second and ended up asking for the time and taking the result for good.Nor did the changes alter Imanol’s plan. The entries of Guevara and Willian José did not break down the sticky plan like a Mirandés gum. If a scout of Barça has seen the last matches of the Brazilian, it is understood rather that they are still interested in him. Turn around, the decisive Anduva party that will separate this first bland act from the grand finale of Seville. La Real won the initial battle; Mirandés has points advantage. The disadvantage did not baffle the Mirandés, Nevertheless. The red box played with the bravery of always, like a tightrope walker who does not see the abyss while riding on the rope. His high blood pressure, Iraola’s hallmark, caused fear in the Real, who wants to always leave with the ball played and has forgotten other methods. Special mention deserves Malsa, a midfielder with a marathon body, small in appearance but giant of energy. His recovery over Odegaard in the goal of the tie was the confirmation that he was there to cause a major headache to the Norwegian. Matheus, good footballer, resolved later.But the Real de Odegaard, the ups and downs and the flashes, drew a stroke of genius when he needed it most, just after the goal of Mirandés and before the break. The horizon was finally opened to Martintxo and with spaces it is something else his left-handed, a hose of assists and goals. It was he himself who put the cream to his great play to return to overtake a Real that, contrary to other days, scored much more than he played. The meritorious Mirandés, the surprise of the Cup, the team able to stand up to the giants, to get their hands on this tournament, came out alive from Anoeta with a Matheus goal. Not only did he survive, but at times he was better than the Real, which reduced as few rivals this season. The dream of each other to reach the final remains intact, although with very different sensations. The Real won, the Mirandés grew bigger. Anduva will solve.Historical parties must know how to digest them, bind them, put gold trim. It is not easy and it was not for the Real, more pressed. Not even early on the scoreboard got rid of shocks. The vigor of Portu in a ball apparently lost in the area ended in an innocent penalty by Odei that was sensed since the Murcia appeared on the scene. Oyarzabal scored calmly.center_img CardsMonreal (16 ‘, Yellow) Kijera (46 ‘, Yellow) Oyarzabal (47 ‘, Yellow) Zaldua (81 ‘, Yellow Goals1-0, 8 ‘: Oyarzabal, 1-1, 38 ‘: Matheus Aias, 2-1, 41 ‘: Odegaardlast_img read more

“Vinicius, Rodrygo, Brahim … They are the future of Real Madrid”

first_imgMarcelo, apart from thanking him for his fantastic gesture and his contribution to such a beautiful cause, welcomed him with great praise: “I admire you very much. You are a patient person, you work hard and listen to the advice of others”. And is that white left back revealed his great facet in the locker room with the younger ones, out of the spotlight. He is one of the captains of Real Madrid for a reason: “We are a special club. I love helping you (Vinicius), Rodrygo, Militao, Brahim … You are our future!Vinicius also reminded Marcelo of the lost bet to score against Barcelona: “You owe me a burger. You promised me if I scored in the Classic.” In addition, to see how well both players get along and that Marcelo told him, between laughs, a small altercation of Modric with the Police. The conversation also turned on how does Vinicius feel at Real Madrid and how important is Marcelo in his adaptation to a club like white. “I am very grateful to you. On the field you talk to me a lot to correct my position, or my attack. I’m evolving a lot, and it’s what I always want “. “I did not imagine that it would be so well received. The whole club offered me their help. Nobody believes better than the rest and we all work together, “Vinicius finished. Not surprisingly, they have shared at many moments of the season the left wing of the Zidane team. Marcelo He took advantage of the day on Thursday to do a little social work and raise funds to fight the coronavirus. The footballer of Real Madrid did a live on Instagram and had the participation of the also Brazilian Vinicius.last_img read more

Ronaldo: “We are together and we will come out stronger from all this”

first_imgRonaldo it’s pure football. He always was, even in the hardest moments of his career, when injuries prevented him from living it on the pitch. As president of Real Valladolid, he continues to breathe it, responsible for his work and thinking about his subscribers, whom he has decided to contact through a letter published on the club website.“For weeks I have been thinking about how to contact you in these delicate and confining moments. I hope you can feel the affection and consideration with which I have written this letter, “asks the fan;” from my house to yours, “he continues. “We are separated by physical distance, but I am convinced that we have never been so close. We will come out stronger from all this”, united by empathy, considers the Brazilian.Ronaldo appeals to the responsibility and solidarity shown “in multiple ways” by his hobby and his “patience, caution and optimism, despite all the difficulties, challenges and losses. “Emphasizing these positive values, remember that “overcoming” is the greatest learning that football gave him in those moments in which his serious injury to the patella made some think that he would hardly walk again. His resilience, on the other hand, led him to rise and, among other things, to become world champion.The Brazilian waits “anxiously” for the return home. “He closes his eyes and thinks” of that Zorrilla full of fans. “ “It is the passion that moves me. Off the field, I am still motivated to overcome all the challenges,” he continues before finishing, a passion and a humanity grateful in social networks for the fans, who since the publication of the letter have valued these words . We are separated by physical distance, but I am convinced that we have never been so close. Empathy is what unites us now. The collective spirit, responsibility, humanity. We are inside our houses for ourselves, for those we love, for all whom we do not even know and for those who can no longer be with us. We help each other by enhancing this solidarity in multiple ways.I am writing to thank you for being there, even more now, transforming your home into a home. For turning every moment into something memorable for your family. For patience, caution and your optimism, despite all the difficulties, challenges and losses that we are facing in these difficult times.Soccer has taught me many things. The biggest was the overcoming. When I suffered my first and most serious knee injury, there were people who said that I would never play again, and that I could never even walk again. I felt like my own life was being taken from me. It was in those moments that my limits were tested, and I fought to change those opinions and show everyone that I could do what I wanted most. They were three very hard years of rehabilitation, motivated by the desire to feel all that I could only feel on the field, with the ball at my feet. In the end, the moment came, perhaps the most emblematic of my entire career: in 2002, there I was, in Japan, playing a World Cup final with Brazil. Marking two goals against Germany. For my country, the title of five-time champion; for me, the consecration of my return.I am sure that you too, when you look back, you will remember how many times you got up, of all your battles, and how many times you managed to overcome, throughout your life, to make the impossible possible and get to where you are being who you are.If this letter reaches you today, it is because, among the choices of my life, one has been the Pucela. I have also chosen. I have also been passionate. Like you, I look forward to the return to our home. I close my eyes and think about that Zorrilla full of fans. It is the passion that moves me. Off the field, I am still motivated to overcome all the challenges. And personally, that I have come after you to this family, I thank you for being with me.Stay in the mood. We are together and we will come out stronger from all this.See you soon!A hug,Ronaldo Nazário This is the full letter:Dear subscriber.For weeks I have been thinking about how to contact you in these delicate moments of confinement and bad news. Finally, I have decided to send you this letter, with which I hope you can feel the affection and consideration with which I have written it. From my house to yours. From my family to your family.last_img read more