Bassonians Split over Superintendents’ Resignation for Alleged ‘Misspent’ Ebola Funds

first_imgThe women, elders, paramount and clan chiefs of Grand Bassa County have distanced themselves from the recent petition of the Aggrieved Bassa   Citizens (ABC), calling for the immediate resignation of Superintendent Etweda A. Cooper and Assistant Superintendent for Development, Adonie Z. Greaves. The Aggrieved Citizens want the Superintendent and her Assistant to resign for their alleged misappropriation of the County Ebola Fund (CEF).But the Governors of the county’s five districts, the  Traditional Council Chairman and the County Supreme Grand Zoe have distanced  themselves from the position of the Aggrieved Citizens. In a petition to the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus dated Monday, October 13, 2014, the  Traditional Council Chairman and the County Supreme Grand Zoe argued that there is no substantial proof to the alleged mismanagement of the CEF.The Bassonians, under the name “Traditional Council of Grand Bassa,” also condemned the recent demonstration in Buchanan orchestrated by ABC.The ABC had staged several street protests in the county petitioning the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus to ensure  the resignation for the Resignation of the two top officials, the Superintendent and her Assistant for Development on charges of embezzling over L$100,000, intended to be used to buy personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, thermometers, chloride, buckets and other items for  the fight against the deadly Ebola disease.However, the Bassa’s women, elders, paramount and clan chiefs as well as Governors and the Traditional Council Chairman said they are not a part of such plan.  They argued that the anti-Ebola fight should supersede all personal or unsubstantiated claims.The Traditional Council of Grand Bassa, represented by  Elder Isaac Toe, stated that the ABC’s petition, which called for the resignation of the county’s two top officials, on charges of alleged mismanagement of the County Ebola funds, has no foundation because these officials have not been investigated.  The charges against them is, therefore,  an unlawful attempt to undermine productivity, Elder Toe asserted.He and the Traditional Council  maintained that any act of unlawfulness in the management of County Ebola Fund must be investigated by the General Auditing Commission to prove the alleged offense for appropriate action under the Law.   Another county youth group,  the Concerned Youth of Grand Bassa, also call on the county’s  Legislators to join forces with the county government in the fight against Ebola “Our position is clear. In this Ebola crisis, we do not need any confusion and should be directing our full attention combating this deadly pestilence.Elder Toe further stated,  “If there were anyone who has unlawfully mismanaged our County Ebola Funds, we think it is prudent  to carry out  investigations to ascertain the  facts before taking an action against our leaders.”“In this regard, therefore,” he stated, “we do not support the argument of the ‘ABC’ who went against the organic laws and traditions of our county by organizing unauthorized demonstrations and street protests calling for immediate resignation of our County Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Development in the absence of substantial proof which in this case could best provided through an audit report.“We remain steadfast in our fight against Ebola and will never allow anything to divert our course.”House Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, receiving the Traditional Council’s petition on behalf of the Legislative Caucus, cautioned Bassa citizens to be civil and respectful in their dealings with officials of government.The Grand Bassa District # 1 Representative disclosed that people may disagree on issues of interest but does not in any way warrant gross disrespect to national leaders.District # 4 Representative Byron Brown challenge the Traditional Council to join forces with the Caucus in finding what he considers as common ground for peace and unity among the Bassa People.Representative Brown argued that one of the cardinal responsibilities of the Traditional Council is to initiate  programs that will promote peaceful coexistence among the various groups in the county.  For his part, Senate President  Pro Tempore Gbehzonhgar Findley told the groups that their interventions were timely and lawmakers had no option but to work together for the common good of the citizens.The Grand Bassa Lawmaker said politics should take the back stage for now, while they confront the common enemy, Ebola.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

China Makes Huge Humanitarian Donations

first_imgThe People’s Republic of China’s intention to cement relations with Liberia continues to be manifested as the country turned over equipment and materials worth about US$5 million to the Liberian Government.The equipment and logistical materials turned over yesterday to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Yue, include 20 ambulances, 20 pickup trucks, 10 incinerators, 100 motorcycles, 150 hospital beds, 4000 sets of healthcare products, 60,000 sets of PPEs, 20,000 bottles of hand washing disinfectant, and 215 sets of assorted medical instruments, 645 sprayers, and 215 infra-red thermometers.Among the equipment donated are 10 forklifts which Ambassador Yue said were not mentioned in the original listing.“I recommended adding these 10 giant fork lifters to the list when I saw the urgent offloading needs at the Liberian ports of entry which handle thousands of tons of goods pouring into the country,” Ambassador Yue noted.“These goods come at a time when people here are striving for post-Ebola resilience and getting prepared for future epidemics,” according to the Chinese Ambassador,Yesterday’s consignment is the 4th batch of humanitarian assistance the Chinese Government has given Liberia amid the Ebola outbreak that claimed many lives in the country and the sub region.Recalling some slogans relating to China-Liberia friendship, Ambassador Yue said, “Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends” and “A friend in need is a friend indeed” are two of them that I have often heard when people talked about China-Liberian relationship during the last several months. He also recounted the handing over ceremony of the first large batch of humanitarian assistance from China held at the Free Port on August 12 in the presence of President Sirleaf, saying, “China was the first country to deliver a large batch of very urgently needed humanitarian assistance over 10,000 miles by a chartered cargo-plane to Liberia and other affected countries.”Ambassador Yue told President Sirleaf and Liberians that the humanitarian assistance was not only a manifestation of solidarity from the Chinese people, but also firm confidence of Liberians winning the battle against Ebola.Last year in China, an earthquake struck the Yunnan Province with various kinds of disasters in other parts of that country. Despite the situation, the Chinese Ambassador said, China spared no effort to reach out a helping hand to Liberia and the sub region.“Up to now, China has contributed 4 rounds of humanitarian assistance worth more than US$120 Million to the region, of which nearly US$52 Million worth of materials and cash went to Liberia,” he recalled. He further detailed that China has sent nine special planes, transported more than 200 tons of materials and 400 medical personnel to Liberia.“China is the only country to build and operate an ETU here. Thanks to the hard work of China’s PLA medical team, 6 confirmed Liberian patients walked out of the ETU and rejoined their families and the society,” he added.Ambassador Yue then promised President Sirleaf that China will work with Liberia to ensure that the country recovers from its economic loss sustained during the Ebola crisis.He then warned Liberians that while the country has turned from being the worst Ebola hit to the best Ebola free, people should avoid complacency and observe health protocols to keep safe.President Sirleaf in response to the gesture acknowledged the role of China in Liberia and thanked Ambassador Yue and the People’s Republic of China for the assistance given Liberia in its time of need.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Buchanan Port Installs Navigation Aids

first_imgThe Port of Buchanan will no longer be constrained to operate only one shift or only in the daytime, because its management in collaboration with ArcelorMittal has completed the installation of aids to navigation.The installation followed three years of collaborative efforts with ArcelorMittal, the management of the National Port Authority (NPA) said.Acting NPA Managing Director, David F. Williams, made the disclosure yesterday at a press conference in Monrovia.He said the facility was tested back and forth on technical and operational details relative to extended operating hours in the Port before it was installed.Aids to navigation (or navigation aids) are special structures or markers intended to guide vessels in determining their position or safe course, or to warn them of dangers or obstructions to navigation. Mr. Williams said the facility will help increase vessel traffic and government revenue through tariff, taxes and royalties.He noted that the Buchanan Port will reduce vessels idling time on all berths and full utilization of all berth and berthing opportunities.‘’Buchanan Port has taken a giant step to becoming a competitive port of call by going 24/7, demanding additional work force from all the stakeholders, including NPA, by providing additional job opportunities for Liberians,’’ he said.He said the decision to go 24 hours in the Port of Buchanan is to increase economic activities in the county.However, Mr. Williams said the installation of the navigation aids means that Liberia has taken a step toward becoming a competitive port in the region.He further disclosed that APM Terminals procured the navigation aids on behalf of NPA, according to the NPA’s technical specification and had them installed at cost-with no additional charges or cost of capital to NPA.APM Terminals will recover the cost of purchasing and installing the aids through deductions from NPA Government of Liberia royalty, said Williams.He said in full compliance with the applicable regulations, the NPA has sought the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) advice in the process and also sought and obtained the approval of the Debt Management Committee to proceed along this line.At the same time, Mr. Williams also disclosed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between APM Terminals and NPA has been drafted, pending signature between the two companies.Mr. Williams used the occasion to acknowledge President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her leadership support and guidance to the management team at NPA, including Board of Directors for providing appropriate governance in ensuring that the port actions are circumscribed within the framework of policies and regulations as is required.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Nimbians Abandon Rice for Marijuana Production

first_imgThe Nimba branch of the national Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has identified Wea Clan in Buu–Yao Administrative District as a marijuana production center in the county.Speaking to reporters on August 31, DEA County Commander, Col. Julius Kanubah, said citizens in Wea Clan, some of the residents are involved more in the cultivation of marijuana than their staple food, rice.He added that most of the marijuana that has been seized from traffickers is believed to have come from the area. The Clan has approximately five towns including Beaplay, old and new Beadatuo towns, Wea Neintuo and Binwea.Col. Kanubah explained that about two years ago, DEA officers raided several farms in the clan and destroyed huge quantities of young marijuana crops, but those in the production of the illegal substance continued to conduct business in the narcotic drug.He added that due to the limited manpower and the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD), the DEA has been unable to regularly visit some of the suspected farms.He named two towns in the clan where marijuana crops are mainly produced as Wea Beadatuo and Wea Newtown respectively.Col Kanuba also named the Gbi Forest in Lower Nimba County as one of the areas where marijuana is heavily cultivated, more than rice.The Gbi Forest is situated around the Gbi and Dorlu Administrative Districts in Tappita Statutory District, Lower Nimba County. The serious challenges of accessibility to that part of the county presents an apparent security for those growing marijuana undisturbed.However, Col. Kanuba said the DEA is working with the civil authority in Buu–Yao Administrative District; a neighboring district, to help sensitize the residents to desist from cultivating marijuana.In a related development, a Nigerian national who was recently arrested and charged with cocaine trafficking in Ganta has been sent to court for trial.Paul Omerny Ikebgunm was charged for “unlawful possession of a narcotic drug (cocaine) and is expected to appear at the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court to answer to the charge.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A Bright Chance to Qualify for Afcon 2017

first_imgHead coach James Salinsa Debbah and his technical team may not be joking these days and therefore national team players abroad wanting to be called to join the team must not be joking either.Examining Lone Star’s chances in the last four games, there is a high possibility that Liberia could qualify for the 2017 Afcon to be held in Gabon.To get closer to qualification, Lone Star must first take care of Djibouti on March 23, next year in Djibouti City. And with the level of commitment that the players exhibited against Tunisian that had beaten Djibouti 8-1, there is a bright chance that Liberia could consolidate its position by beating Djibouti at home.Beating Djibouti would improve Liberia’s chances to qualify, for the next match would be against Togo right here in Monrovia, in a tricky affair on July 3. And like the Djibouti story, the second hurdle must be cleared to consolidate Liberia’s chances than any of the contestants.The Lone Star technical team is saying that with the future looking so bright players that would be asked to make up the Lone Star team would be those who are active and on their first team list abroad.Playing against Togo at home is a tricky affair as I stated earlier. Please recall that in their first encounter in Lome, Liberia took the steam out of Togo when they took a 1-0 lead till their soccer daredevil Adebayor , who had promised victory for his country, proved prophetic, working overtime to bang in two quick goals before the end of the game.So it means that coming for the return-leg away from home, the Togolese are coming with some element of uncertainty and might fight to seek a draw. For if the Liberians could take the lead right in Lome, then it makes sense they could even do some damage before their home fans.True, the Togolese would be coming with Adebayor but if we can maintain the level of performance demonstrated against Tunisia at home, there is a chance that with effective policing of Adebayor on the field he could be made ineffective.So if Liberia could secure victory over Togo, what would remain is to bank the last hope on Djibouti in the return encounter in Monrovia because Liberia would play Tunisia on September 2, next year before the last match against Djibouti.If Lone Star could secure six points from Djibouti and Togo, and add the three points secured from Tunisia, Liberia would wait for the game to play out with Djibouti as the last sacrificial lamb to secure three more points for Gabon 2017.The above painstaking analysis demands Liberia Football Association and the Ministry of Youth & Sports to play their cards carefully and effectively because with such a bright prospect for Gabon 2017, we cannot accept lame excuses.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

In observance of International Women’s Day: Mary Brownell Blames Parents for Vulnerability of Girls

first_imgVeteran Liberian teacher Mary Brownell has blamed the vulnerability of girls in Liberian society on failure of parents to provide guidance for their girl children.Speaking in a telephone interview Monday on the problems affecting women and girls in society, Mother Brownell said, “I cannot remember [a time] during my days when girls of my age group were seen at late hours in the street. You would be asked by an elderly person why you should be out, and that person will surely trace your parents or even discipline you for staying out late. But today parents do not care about where their children go and do not give them advice; and as a result, you see girls in the streets and sleeping there.”She said the failure of parents to provide guidance for their girl children has resulted in the high rate of teenage pregnancy in Liberia.Mother Brownell, who turns 87 on March 12, said she believes that the Ministry of Gender is doing well to identify the problems affecting women and girls in the country; but because parents are not exerting effort in teaching and advising their girl children, these girls continue to face sexual exploitation and other forms of gender-based violence.She also pointed out that women’s organizations are all over Monrovia and in other parts of the country seeking donor funding to help girls, but lamented that their impact is not being felt.According to her, if women’s organizations and parents were playing their roles as role models for girls, prostitution and teenage pregnancy would have reduced by now.Weighing in on the issue of the age of consent, Mother Brownell proposed that 18 years of age is preferable as the statutory age of maturity. A girl of that age, she said, will have the attributes of decision making and can decide what is good for her.In Liberia, however, many boys and girls aged 18 and beyond still live with their parents and rely fully on their support for schooling and other basic necessities.In response to this concern, she said parents will also have to play their roles in moùlding the child to be able to demonstrate maturity by that age.“The way parents teach their children in the home will help their children to demonstrate maturity at the age of 18. The girl or boy child in the home learns from the parents, and anything the parent does is what the child will learn. For the girl child to be matured and independent at the age of 18, parents should set the pace for the child to follow. Get the child to school at the required age and by the time she reaches 18 she is out of high school and thinking about going to college,” the veteran educator and mother emphasized.Another concern Liberian women have as they celebrate International Women’s Day is the30 percent political representation exclusively allotted for women by the constitution.The “Gender Equity Bill,” sponsored by Montserrado County District #1 Representative, Josephine Francis, has lingered in the House of Representatives for years without passage.Mother Brownell, while expressing support for the bill, stressed that she is disappointed in women on ground. Their lack of support for one another, she observed, is responsible for their marginalization by men.She also asserted that women, if they want to break the barrier, should get acquainted with their constituents and demonstrate their competencies as leaders. They should not simply rely on T-shirts and a few bags of rice in election season.She added that the dominance of men in Liberian politics is highly reflective of the fact that 50% women’s participation is needed to equitably bridge the gap.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Irresponsible, Tragic Response to Development, but Thank God for Saving the Children

first_imgThere are not too many people who remember Kpakor Hill, the high peak near Tubman Farm in Totota, Bong County that motorists traveling up country in the past frequently found impossible to climb, especially during the rainy season.Many, many travelers died when the vehicles in which they traveled plummeted over the steep, muddy cliff into the gorge. Some vehicles, especially trucks loaded with goods bound for the interior, waited for days at the foot of the hill for the mud to dry before attempting the dangerous climb.But all of that is no more. In the early 1960s the Tubman administration engaged the Italian road experts, Vianini, to pave the Monrovia-Totota Road and since then, motorists and passengers have had a safer ride to Totota and beyond. But drivers have taken terrible advantage of this long awaited development, driving recklessly on the paved and levelled hillside, and killing many in totally unnecessary accidents.That road, unmaintained throughout the 14-year civil war, came into serious and hazardous disrepair. One of the successes of the Sirleaf administration has been the paving of the road from Careysburg through Ganta, as far as the Guinea border. After President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dedicated the road at the Guinea border a few months ago, this newspaper editorially called on motorists plying that vastly improved highway to show their appreciation for this great development by driving safely to reach their destinations, every traveler in one piece.Alas, that was not the case last Thursday, when a tragic accident occurred at Kpakor Hill killing nine marketers who were bringing their goods from Nimba County to marketplaces in Kakata and Monrovia!According to Observer Assistant Editor C.Y. Kwanue, eyewitnesses saw the driver speeding on the paved highway, and reaching the Kpakor Hillside, lost control and plunged headlong over the cliff!But despite the tragic episode, God graciously showed His mercy: An infant and a four-year-old boy were saved from the wreckage!But what a totally unnecessary loss of life—nine innocent and hapless market women and men, most likely farmers also, bringing their goods to the marketplace for sale. They lost their lives, their money and their goods, and their families have been made suddenly destitute.When will our drivers realize that speeding can be costly—and deadly? When will the Liberia National Police be empowered to patrol the highways throughout the country to monitor and control the traffic and curtail speeding on our highways and paved corridors to save lives and property?This seems to us to be among the critical security issues in the country that have a direct impact on our agricultural, commercial and economic development. For surely, when our farmers have struggled to grow and harvest their crops successfully, they must be given the chance to get them safely to the market, go shopping for needed items to take back to their families, and save some of the money to expand their farms and other businesses. But when they are endangered along the way to the marketplaces, losing their lives and their produce, what future is there for their children and other dependents and for their farms and businesses?The Liberia National Police (LNP) Commissioner Chris Massaquoi should take far more seriously the issue of patrolling traffic throughout the country, to save lives and property and keep our farmers and market people safely and profitably engaged in their businesses, by which they can raise their families, further develop their farming and other enterprises, raise their standard of living and enhance the development of their counties.Furthermore it should be a priority to empower all LNP branches in the counties to engage in effective patrolling of the traffic on the paved streets and highways within city limits and most especially along the highways, to stop or at least control the reckless driving that all too frequently occurs.Inter-county drivers should be made to understand that they should show appreciation for the road development being undertaken at great cost by the government. They should not make things worse for the people by having them injured or killed on the highway due to reckless driving, lack of sleep, driving while intoxicated, overloaded vehicles and driving vehicles that are not road worthy and so on. But rather, our drivers should make things better for the safety, comfort, livelihood and progress of the Liberian people and all others who dwell within our borders. It would make a big difference for the better if commercial drivers were required to attend an annual one day road safety certificate workshop which will cover all the issues of road safety, courtesy, passenger care and basic first aid. Many of our drivers learned informally from relatives and friends therefore they never received any training on many of the important issues mentioned above.Formal driver education from a recognized driving school and a comprehensive, scrupulous (trustworthy) driving test must be among the requirements for getting a driver’s license to ply the streets and highways of the nation, if we value the lives of our local traveling citizens and other residents. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Bong to Get More Access to Justice

first_img– Advertisement – Bong County District # 6 Representative Adam Bill Corneh An Act seeking to create a Magisterial Area (including the establishment of a Magisterial Court) within Totota, Salala District, Bong County has been approved by the House of Representatives and forwarded to the Senate for concurrence.The Act was unanimously passed on Thursday, April 6, as a result of a recommendation from the Joint Committee on Judiciary, Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning and Internal Affairs.“Having scrutinized this Act in Committee room, Hon. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, administering justice has been and continues to be a concern to national peace and stability, passing into law an Act that will establish procedures for the people of Bong County will be a boost to our justice system,” the Joint Committee, chaired by Rep. Worlea Saywah Dunah said.Bong County District #6 Representatives, Adam Bill Corneh, who sponsored the bill, said the long distance between Totota and the current magisterial area is posing serious challenge to access to justice; especially the lives and properties of residents which he noted are in danger due to the lack of administration of justice.Speaking over the weekend from his Capitol Building office, he stressed that the new magisterial area would lead to the establishment of a court, will be a relief for people who had to travel more than 37 miles to get legal help.  This, he said, would strengthen peace, make access to justice and promote human rights.He added that it would encourage citizens to live in harmony with each other and also help to reduce crime.“Between 43,000 to 45,000 inhabitants reside in the area and it is a well-defined territory,” said Rep. Corneh.He pledged support to the people of Bong County to ensure that more developments happen in the county.Meanwhile, upon the concurrence of the Senate, a stipendiary magistrate and two associate magistrates as well as other officers will be appointed and their salaries provided through an annual budgetary appropriation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Kparblee District Wants Police Depot

first_imgAn old warehouse that hosts the new Magisterial Court in Kparblee.The absence of a police station in Kparblee Administrative District is undermining the smooth operation of the New Yourpea Magisterial Court.Speaking to this newspaper recently in New Yourpea, Associate Magistrate Augustine Gaytay said owing to the lack of police services in the district, defendants refuse to honor calls from the court to respond to charges leveled against them.The court, which is operating from an old warehouse, is also packed with suspects who face charges, including disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, robbery, aggregated assault and terroristic threats.“Most defendants are in the habit of refusing our writ and even challenging our authority, because there are no police officers to help enforce their arrest,” said Samson G. S. Sayon, one of the office staff at the court. “Our bailiffs are not on payroll, neither is the private security working here.”Kparblee District is located between Tappita and Buutuo, where there is a police station, but takes about a four-hour drive to get to any of the points.Since Kparblee falls under the jurisdiction of Tappita Statutory District, the Tappita Police Depot monitors activities in the district, which makes it difficult for officers to respond to situations, according to officers at the Tappita Police Depot.Last year, a soccer tournament between Old and New Yourpea ended in violence during which properties were vandalized before police arrived from Tappita.Kparblee has a long border with La Cote d’Ivoire, where most of the border points are porous, thereby making it difficult to maintain law and order, according to security officers at the border.Mr. Sayon called on the government to open a police depot in the district.“This court is serving people in communities here and police presence will serve a very useful purpose,” Sayon said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Inmates- Itch- Outbreak

first_imgKakata, May 2, (LINA) – Authorities at the Kakata Central Prison in Margibi County says there is an outbreak of a rash (itchy skin disease) among inmates that is causing serious health problems for them.According to the Liberia News Agency a copy of report from the Kakata Central Prison during the county’s regular monthly Peace, Security and Rule of Law Pillar meeting, the Deputy Prison Superintendent, Marcus Yanco, said the situation at the central prison requires an immediate attention by government through the Ministry of Health to avoid it becoming catastrophic.Yanco said the inmates were receiving treatment twice a week from the Margibi County Heath Team, which stopped; and as result, inmates at the Kakata Central Prison are experiencing a very serious outbreak of rash on their bodies.He further said in the report that the nurses assigned at the prison to provide medical treatment for the inmates are not regular anymore as they have abandoned their duties and responsibility to the inmates.  He appealed to the Margibi County Health Team to resume their medical services to the inmates.In a related development, there are reports of the over crowdedness of the Kakata Central Prison.In the Deputy Prison Superintendent’s monthly report to the Peace, Security and Rule of Law Pillar meeting on Monday, May 1, Marcus Yanco said there is currently a total of 176 adult inmates including two females and four juveniles.He said out of the 176, 55 have been tried and sentenced by the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Kakata.He stated that the Kakata Central Prison, which was constructed in 1980 during the administration of former Superintendent Lafayette Carter, was intended to host a total of 55 inmates, a number it has exceeded three times over.He also said the prison lacks padlocks and other essential materials to properly manage it.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more