Microsoft warns on universal Internet Explorer browser bug

first_imgBeing one of the most common web browsers in the world does mean problems will arise. However, the latest security bug that Microsoft has uncovered is not targeted at its latest browser, but in fact will affect all versions of Internet Explorer (IE). The security vulnerability is so severe that if exploited by a booby-trapped webpage the bug would allow attackers to take control of an unprotected computer.A temporary fix has already been published whilst Microsoft works on a permanent fix, and the company has said it had no evidence it was currently being used by hi-tech criminals. The bug seems to exploit the way IE manages a computer’s memory when processing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which as most tech heads will know is widely used within web pages to control the look and feel of a website.AdChoices广告In a statement Microsoft comments:We are investigating the bug and working on a permanent fix. In the meantime we recommend those concerned to use a protection system known as the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. Mind you, installing and applying the toolkit could require Windows XP users to update to the latest service pack, and even then some of the protection it provides for Windows 7 and Vista users will not be available.Read more at the BBClast_img read more

XIM3 brings highprecision mouse keyboard controls to the Xbox 360

first_imgHaving grown up playing first-person shooters on a PC, any attempt I make to play such games on a console has been met with me thinking “this would be so much better with a keyboard and mouse”.Unless the game is terrible, I keep playing and make do with the joypad as a controller. But if I had the option of plugging in a keyboard and mouse I would probably use it. Well, if you are a 360 gamer that option now exists thanks to the XIM3 adaptor.AdChoices广告The XIM3 consists of a small LCD display and 4 USB ports. Each port allows for a connection to your Xbox 360, keyboard, mouse, and 360 joypad, all of which need to be connected for the system to work. The joypad also allows for navigation of the XIM3 settings–you do not need a PC at any point.The most important feature of the XIM3 is the real-time command transfer, so there is no lag between your keyboard and mouse input and the game. As far as the 360 is concerned, you are using a joypad to input commands.Configuration controls are included on the XIM3 to allow you to configure on a per game basis. There’s also 10 Smart Transitions specifically for setting up mouse precision and overcoming dead zones which can differ depending on the game being played. Watch the video below for more information on this:If you want mouse and keyboard control on your 360, then this does look to be the best option at the moment. However, it’s not cheap and you can expect to pay $149.99.Read more at XIM3, via  HotHardwareMatthew’s OpinionI’m sure a lot of 360 gamers will have an issue with this and its potential to improve a user’s performance in multiplayer on games like Modern Warfare 2. It’s true that keyboard and mouse do allow for more accurate movement, but a seasoned joypad user should be able to match a XIM3 player. It’s when you put two new players in a room that you’ll probably see the XIM3 give an advantage.This video of the XIM3 being used with Halo 3 shows accelerated turning while allowing for accurate aiming. So yes, it does offer an advantage if such settings are used.At $149.99, I doubt you will see many players making the investment. But for some, the draw of being able to use keyboard and mouse input will be enough to warrant the investment.last_img read more

Get notified when one of your Facebook friends ditches you

first_imgI did not know this, but last Friday was supposed to be a Facebook Defriend Day. This was a day when you were meant to clean up your list of friends, i.e. remove those who are no longer your friends or you feel have mistreated you in some way.So if you log into Facebook today and notice that half of your friends are missing you will no why. However, it could take some time tracking down which friends have left, especially if you have hundreds of them. The reason being that Facebook does not have an email facility in place which informs you when a friend leaves and nor would they, as Facebook does not want to advertise that somebody has left the service, after all it’s bad for publicity.AdChoices广告A solution does exist, though, and takes the shape of 3rd party plug-in’s. One such example is the aptly named Defriend Alert which is no doubt trying to cash in on the above. It was developed by Seattle based Nick Patrick who has previously worked on iPhone apps, Reminders and Alarm System.There is nothing more to note about Defriend Alert, other than that once you grant it access to your Facebook account it will monitor your friends list and send out an email alerting you when one of your friends has decided to ditch you.Read more at Defriend Alert Brett’s OpinionI can see this being useful for business users, after all if one of your key customers ditches you it would be interesting to find out the reasons why. But for personal use I cannot see the point and I have a mis-trust for any application(s) that wants to gain access to my account. Besides, I have had friends defriend me on Facebook in the past and then a week later come back on-board, so if an app is emailing you every time a friend leaves it  could lead to the wrong conclusions and invoke a ton of spam in your inbox to boot.For hundreds of friends it may be more useful, but I know some people who have friends on their list that they can’t remember who they are anyway, so being alerted to the fact they have gone doesn’t really seem like such a problem.last_img read more

Japan suffers 74 magnitude earthquake aftershock

first_imgJust as Japan was starting to come to terms with the loss and rebuild after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, the country has been hit again by a very strong aftershock.The USGS website is reporting a 7.4 magnitude earthquake near the coast of Honshu, Japan. That’s the same northeastern coast that suffered the 8.9 magnitude quake last month. Again, it hit off the coast meaning the chance of a tsunami is there and predicted to be 3.2 feet in height.Even though this aftershock is not as big as the first, it’s still up there and managed to shake buildings in Tokyo some 205 miles away. The troubled Fukushima nuclear plant was only 90 miles away, but has not been further affected by this.The only good news is, if a tsunami does happen the area it will strike is already mostly deserted as rebuilding work happens. The Japanese people will also be on much higher alert this time with relief efforts already in place.We hope this is the last aftershock Japan has to endure and no further earthquakes happen for the foreseeable future and that a feared second tsunami never appears.via MSNBClast_img read more

Vodafones Evolution of Mobile advert using 3D projection mapping

first_imgVodafone has just released a new advert in the UK, and used some cutting-edge 3D Projection Mapping techniques to show off the evolution of the cell phone in a different way.Most of you will have seen projection mapping before in those videos of buildings being seemingly destroyed or manipulated at night. Here’s a good example:AdChoices广告Vodafone look to have perfected the effect yet further, though, with this great evolution video. It starts with the old Motorola brick phone we’re all glad has now disappeared. That then morphs into a smaller Nokia 1G phone with a little help from a hidden hand replacing the device on the table.The text message, first popular game (Snake), color screens, GPS, and Android are all highlighted. In fact, Vodafone show the HTC Desire S last, meaning they think it is currently the most evolved. But they also ask the question “what’s next?”via Android Centrallast_img read more

RealNetworks sues over a hyperlink to freeware

first_imgIt’s safe to say that most people are, to some extent, bargain hunters. Why pay for a product when there’s a cheaper, possibly free, but equally as good product elsewhere? Sounds logical. What happens when you direct people to the cheaper version? In the case of Hilbrand Edskes, you get sued by RealNetworks.The court case concerns a hyperlink to freeware that Edskes had on his website, His website hosts links to a number of freeware programs with one of them being Real Alternative, a competitor to RealNetworks’ RealPlayer. RealNetworks alleges that Edskes hosted certain software. This isn’t the case–Edskes only linked to the software in question. Edskes’ computers were confiscated as a result.RealNetworks claims that Edskes failed to remove the link from the site and the company alleges that the reference in the DNS directories existed after February 12, 2010. Yet, the company that confiscated Edskes’ computers confirmed the link’s removal, as did the hosting provider. Despite this confirmation, RealNetworks maintains that the link stayed up for 43 days which translates to €210,000, roughtly $302,000 in damages.Edskes has already racked up €66,000 ($95,000) in legal fees. Should he lose, he will also be required to cover RealNetwork’s legal fees which currently total €75,000, or roughly $102,000. Edskes asserts that DNS caching, which takes a long time, is the reason for the delay.RealNetworks’ decision to pursue Edskes instead of the people behind Real Alternative is deeply concerning. Edskes didn’t make the software, nor did he actually host the software. He only held up an arrow sign to where the freeware actually lived. There’s no real harm in linking to the freeware because the software is available on a number of sites. Edskes is not to blame and most would agree that RealNetworks has the wrong guy.This case has a serious financial burden for Edskes as it has prevented him buying a house. What do you think? Is hosting a link to freeware a crime?via PC Advisorlast_img read more

Prototype battery case charges in just ten minutes

first_imgA cool new battery case from NTT DoCoMo can charge in just ten minutes. The case then passes on its power to the phone at regular-charge speed whilst on the move.The prototype case, debuted at Ceatec 2011 in Japan, employs lithium-tintanate battery technology – a modified form of the more standard lithium-ion battery – to achieve super-fast recharge speeds.The case itself seems a bit bulky and is designed to fit over a regular phone as a sort of backup power system for those times when you forget to charge it. The fact that NTT DoCoMo is not simply incorporating the lithium-tintanate technology directly into the regular phone battery suggests that it is not ready for mainstream adoption, possibly due to the bulky nature of the current batteries compare to their lithium-ion counterparts.There is no indication from NTT DoCoMo about pricing, or when the super-charge case might see a release; something not uncommon for trade-show previews of next-gen technology. we don’t even know yet what phones will be supported as every handset is different. Surely some modular battery and casing will be required for cater for lots of phones?The battery in the case has some similarities to the Super-Charge Battery from Toshiba, which can charge to 90 percent capacity in five minutes and is touted as a ‘super safe’ battery, capable of withstanding ruptures and functioning in extremely low temperatures (though there is no evidence that the same applies to the NTT DoCoMo version).Backup batteries that allow users to charge their phone when not near a power outlet are nothing new; solutions exist for the iPhone and most other mobile devices. What sets the NTT DoCoMo solution apart is the combination of a charging case and the super-fast re-charge speeds promised.Read more at CNETlast_img read more

Barnes Noble decides to fight Microsoft Android patents

first_imgMicrosoft has been enjoying a growing amount of income from the Android platform purely through license deals and royalty payments from companies who actually use the mobile operating system.In fact, it seems to have become a bit too easy for Microsoft of late. They wait for a hardware manufacturer to release an Android device, get in touch and point out the patents being violated, show them a list of other high profile companies that already pay them for using Android, and wait for the signature and new revenue stream.That Android cash cow could be about to get shot for being lame, though. Barnes & Noble, who offer the Nook and Nook Tablet, has decided Microsoft’s advances for Android royalties aren’t valid and will fight them in court. The problem for Microsoft is, they seem to have a pretty rock solid case against them.The two arguments B&N are using include the fact it believes Microsoft is extending the patents beyond their reasonable scope in order to catch Android in their net. And secondly, B&N has provided over 100 examples of prior art, which the company believes invalidates Microsoft’s patents for Android.Producing a couple of examples or prior art may put the argument on shaky ground, but over 100 makes it look like there is something seriously amiss with the patents Microsoft is relying upon for its royalties. It also helps that the prior art claims don’t just relate to one of Microsoft’s patents, they relate to five, including:Remote retrieval and display management of electronic documentSystem provided child window controlsLoading status in a hypermedia browser having a limited available display areaSelection handles in editing electronic documentsMethod and apparatus for capturing and rendering annotationsB&N is sure to win some influential fans by taking this stand, in particular Google will be watching this fight closely. We just have to wait and see what the judge in the case decides, and whether Microsoft has another set of patents kept in reserve in case this ever happened and they lose a case.Read more at InfoWorld and the B&N Supplemental Notice of Prior Art (PDF)last_img read more

How to secure your online existence

first_imgIn a world where many of us live large chunks of our personal and professional lives in a web browser, there should be nothing more important than the security of our online information. We broadcast our locations, our shopping habits, our innermost thoughts through a browser to the services we trust to keep that information safe. While we can hold the keepers of our information responsible for any vulnerabilities on their end, we own the keys to the front door. It is the responsibility of the user to keep themselves secure, and there are plenty of tools out there to help you do exactly that.Choosing a great passwordSomewhere along the way we got confused about what a good password is. We listen to these security experts that tell us we should have four capital letters, two numbers, and a handful of special characters. I am immediately reminded of XKCD cartoonist Randall Monroe’s comic on password strength, which demonstrates the two sided problem with making your password a ridiculous array of randomness. Larger than this problem, however, are the users whose passwords are single dictionary words or dates that coincide with events that are easy to figure out.Even today three of the top 10 passwords are “password”, “1234567”, and “qwerty”, and while a complicated jumble of letters and numbers are much more secure than those, you can still do better.It never hurts to test your password. There are a handful of services out there that will tell you how secure you password is, but my personal favorite is This service is free, easy to use, and gives you some base guidelines on making your password more secure. The best way to use a service like this is to come up with a password similar to the one you want to use, and enter it on the website — it’s probably not the smartest thing in the world to use your actual password.This service will give you a good starting point, and a clear idea of what a strong password will look like. Once you have a great password, you will already be safer than most but there’s still more you can do.Two-factor authenticationPasswords can be guessed, leaked, or they can be accidentally given out. There are still plenty of people out there that tape their password to the underside of their keyboard or on a sticky note in their desk. While this can be avoided, there are other ways to keep yourself secure. PayPal, Gmail, Facebook, and Dropbox are the leaders of a list that use an additional security layer called two-factor authentication (often seen as TFA or 2FA).What TFA does is allow you to have a secondary password that you enter when you sign in to the service. The second password is usually generated fresh ever 30 (or so) seconds) and is handled though a smartphone app or small device. The generated password is usually just a few numbers, which is fine because it is usable for just long enough for you to sign in to the service, and then it changes.Paypal, Battle.Net, and your bank account provide you with a keyfob that generates the key, as long as you are willing to pay for it (about $30 generally). The keyfobs only work for one service, so by the end of the day your keychain isn’t likely to fit in your pocket. The most common form of two-factor authentication is to just send the code to your phone. Facebook, for example, will send you a text message with the secondary password, which is only good for a few seconds. Google has a public service that any company can use to add TFA to their service, and the Google Authentication app dispenses the passwords from your phone. Dropbox is one such company that uses the Google Authenticator when you setup authentication on their service.This adds a great layer of security to your services, but hinges on your ability to not lose your phone or a small thumb device. While it is less likely that your phone will be stolen to gain access to your services, it’s not impossible. More likely, however, is that your phone simply not be able to deliver the information to you. If your phone breaks, or you have exhausted the battery after a long day, you are no longer able to access your online services that you aren’t already signed in to.Secure password storageThe truth is that two-factor authentication is exhausting, and the recovery process if anything happens to your phone is painfully tedious. It’s very secure, but really not something that I think the average user would put themselves through. Let’s face it, most people really doesn’t even like passwords. In a perfect world, the computer would just log them in to everything and no one would ever have to think about passwords because all of the security would just be done for them. This isn’t so much fantasy as an actual way to secure your digital services by allowing a program to generate your login credentials for all of the services you use.The greatest example of this is LastPass. Lastpass is a quick install onto your computer and an add-on to your web browser. Every time you want to go to a website, LastPass will generate a secure password for that service and store it for you securely. It’s so secure that even you don’t know what it is, unless you write it down or memorize the randomly generated key.After that, you can access the information from your LastPass vault, but typically you would only access that to add or remove security features or auto-fill information for specific websites. The whole idea is that you aren’t responsible for your security online, LastPass is. If you pay for the premium service, you can use the LastPass app to help keep yourself secure when not at the PC.Just as your password is only as secure as you are, your LastPass account is guarded by a login that you control. While it is convenient to have one password to a system that authorizes secure passwords for everything, there’s not really a lot of benefit if someone gains access to your LastPass account. In the end, it all comes back to how secure you are with that one password. Unless, of course, you decided to take things one step further and add two factor authentication to your LastPass.LastPass is a popular password manager, but it’s far from alone. There is also 1Password, RoboForm, KeePass, and others.YubikeyAs a standalone device, a Yubikey is a fantastic tool for any security conscious individual. This product allows a physical USB key to be your password for certain things. It can be setup, for example, so that your computer only unlocks when the Yubikey is inserted and the password from the Yubikey is offered. In most versions of the Yubikey there’s a button on board that transmits the password when you press it. As long as the private key from the Yubikey matches the one stored on your PC, the password generated by the Yubikey will unlock the device. There are variations of these devices that can even fit entirely inside the USB port, or run on NFC instead of having a physical button. These devices start at about $25.When you use the Yubikey in conjunction with another security service, such as LastPass or Symantec VIP, Yubikey becomes a new kind of two-factor authentication. Instead of relying on keyfobs, apps, or SMS to receive what you need to login to your account, the Yupikey itself generates the key needed to access these services. This removes the potential threats generated by someone getting a hold of your phone or a malicious app on your phone intercepting the SMS.Final thoughtsThere’s no such thing as being 100% secure, unless you live your digital life on a airgap network and don’t use any of the online services available today. For the most part, however, people are a secure as they want to be. There’s no shortage of tools out there to improve that security, and especially in a world where the services we use are routinely under attack, it makes good sense to consider additional security options.last_img read more

Astronomers believe they are observing a planet forming for the first time

first_imgWe know what it takes for planets to form — the right mix of cosmic elements all coming together at the right time, and in the right place. However, we have never really gotten a good look at a planet that is currently in its formation stage. Now, though, astronomers using the European Space Agency’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) have observed what appears to be a planet forming in the middle of a disc of gas and dust. If confirmed, this would be the first time a forming planet has been directly observed.The (probably) forming planet is located just 335 lightyears from Earth — relatively close in a galactic sense — and looks like it would end up forming as a gas giant. The forming planet is estimated to be located around 70 times farther from its star — HD 100546 — than the Earth is from the Sun. Normally, gas giants aren’t located so far from their stars, so if this forming planet is indeed a gas giant, it would’ve either had to be moved out that distance due to something like a gravitational effect, or astronomers just learned something new about gas giants.In the above image, the left half shows the light from the forming planet’s star. When that light is blocked out, the right half of the image — the red blob — became visible, which is the disc of gas and dust surrounding the planet. It is, however, possible that the light that is thought to be a forming planet is actually light from another, unidentified source further away, but astronomers say that is unlikely, though technically possible.If we already know how a planet forms, why would observing the process matter? Well, for one, we’ve never done that before — you can learn a lot about seeing something actually happen, rather than hearing or hypothesizing about it. Secondly, it would prove that the formation process can happen with a significantly large empty gap between the planet and star.While astronomers say the red blob is likely a forming planet, further observations are necessary to confirm. Until then, we can just  sit back and be amazed that new planets are forming all over the universe. That’s a thing that is happening right now.last_img read more

Video handson setup and testing of Google Chromecast

first_imgThe Google Chromecast was only announced on Wednesday, but unlike the new Nexus 7, this product is already reaching consumers. Google does not have a good track record when it comes to the living room — Google TV and the Nexus Q have been failures this far. But maybe this is finally it. The Chromecast could be Google’s living room win.Setting up the device is pretty straightforward. Plug it into an HDMI port, run the power cable into the back, and switch inputs. You can set up the device from the Chromecast app on Android, or from any web browser. You will need to be on the same local WiFi network as the Chromecast to set it up, and note that a VPN will also interfere.The app should instantly see a new Chromecast on the network waiting to be configured. You can choose a unique name for each Chromecast, which is helpful if you have more than one in the house. Then you’ve got to input the WiFi password on your device. There is no interface on the Chromecast to interact with, so the app will push the wireless settings over to the device.Your Chromecast will try to connect to whichever network your phone or tablet is on, but it doesn’t support 5GHz wireless N even though plenty of phones do. The app does not make this clear, so you’ll have to manually change it to the 2.4GHz band on a dual-band router. I’ve seen the connection step fail a few times for no apparent reason, but it always connects eventually.When you are connected, all compatible apps will display the Chromecast button at the top. This will toggle the app into Chromecast mode, thus sending its media to the TV. Both audio and video are routed to your TV and don’t play on the phone or tablet itself.At this point, your phone or tablet is simply a remote control. It can be asleep, running a game, or in another room, and the media will continue to play. The content is actually pulled down from the cloud by the Chromecast — not beamed from the device. That results in a slight delay when controlling the Chromecast, but allows your device to be more usable while you’re watching.Netflix interactions are delayed by about a second when you pause, stop playback, or change the volume. YouTube is a smidgen faster, and Google Play Music is almost instantaneous. Everything that’s supported officially at launch is very stable.The beta “tab casting” works reliably, but there is still a lot of delay — on the order of two seconds or more. You will actually have to click on things in the Chrome window to make use of this feature, so it’s a little more annoying than the lag in Netflix or YouTube. That said, it works and opens up a ton of possibilities for the Chromecast.The only bug I’m seeing is showing up on the Nexus 4 (on Android 4.3) after Netflix has been used to access the Chromecast. Putting the phone to sleep for more than a few minutes seems to be causing it to freeze. A hard reboot is the only recourse at that point. I haven’t been able to reproduce this on other devices, so your mileage may vary.Chromecast is only $35, and it already does more out of the box than the Nexus Q did. The device is sold out at various online retailers, and Google is estimating 3-4 weeks for shipping right now. Whenever you do get a chance to buy a Chromecast, it’s worth trying out.last_img read more

33 confirmed dead after California warehouse fire

first_img By AFP 33 confirmed dead after California warehouse fire Authorities say they have no idea how many more bodies they may find. Firefighters assess the scene where a deadly fire tore through a late-night electronic music party in a warehouse in Oakland, California. Dec 5th 2016, 7:13 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 3 Comments THE DEATH TOLL from a fire at a California warehouse where a rave party was taking place rose to 33 last night, with the authorities saying they had no idea how many more bodies they may find.“When we started this investigation, if you would have told us we would have 33 victims, we wouldn’t have believed you,” Sergeant Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department told reporters, adding that crews had searched less than half of the gutted building.“I don’t know how many people are left in there. We have no idea how many people were in that building that night,” he said. Image: AP Photo/Josh Edelson Firefighters assess the scene where a deadly fire tore through a late-night electronic music party in a warehouse in Oakland, California. Image: AP Photo/Josh Edelson Share1 Tweet Email 8,804 Views Monday 5 Dec 2016, 7:13 AM Short URL We’re expecting the worst and hoping for the best in regards to how many more victims we find.The fire in Oakland, near San Francisco, broke out about 11:30 pm Friday (0730 GMT Saturday) at the cluttered warehouse where artists and students worked and lived, even though the structure wasn’t licensed for such use.The electronic dance music party, with between 50 and 100 guests, also took place without a permit.Although the cause of the fast-moving blaze remains under investigation, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said the district attorney had opened a criminal investigation as a precaution to preserve options as the case unfolds.“You have to understand that the scope of this tragedy is tremendous,” she said.We have many, many witnesses to interview. We are in the process of doing that.Victims as young as 17Eight victims have been identified based on fingerprints so far, ranging in age from 17 to 35.Some were from Europe and Asia, and the Oakland authorities are working with the State Department to contact foreign governments, Kelly said, declining to reveal which countries. Source: AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezBodies were found scattered throughout the warehouse, known locally as Oakland Ghost Ship.“We’re finding people throughout the entire square footage of that structure,” Kelly said.It’s so random. We’re finding victims where we least expect it.The authorities yesterday asked relatives of the missing to “eliminate future delays” in identifying victims by preserving such items as hairbrushes and toothbrushes for DNA samples.“We will ask for them as we need them,” said Captain Melanie Ditzenberger of the sheriff’s department coroner’s bureau. Source: Josh EdelsonBucket by bucketOakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed has said the interior of the warehouse was maze-like, “filled end-to-end with furniture, whatnot, collections”.“There wasn’t a real entry or exit path,” she said.Images published online show artwork, pianos and wooden objects throughout the building, which helps explain why the blaze raced through the structure despite firefighters’ arrival within three minutes.Firefighters also said the building appeared to have had no sprinklers or smoke detectors.Officials said the roof collapsed onto the second floor, which was connected to the ground floor only by a makeshift system of wooden pallets.A dozen bodies were found in an area in the middle of the building, Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Melinda Drayton said. Source: Marcio Jose SanchezFirefighters had taken every precaution to treat human remains with respect as they cleared debris bucket by bucket, she added.The fire was the deadliest incident in Oakland since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in northern California, which killed 63 people.The deadliest nightclub fire in the United States in recent decades occurred in 2003, when pyrotechnic effects by the rock band Great White set off an inferno at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island, killing 100 people.Oakland, a city of 420,000, was once deemed largely unsafe but is now home to a more affluent population attracted by affordable rents and proximity to San Francisco.© AFP 2016Read: Death toll from California dance party fire rises to 24Read: Death toll from California party fire could reach 40last_img read more

Bernadette Scully I had lost my reason for living I had lost

first_img No Comments By Natasha Reid Thursday 8 Dec 2016, 6:40 PM Dec 8th 2016, 6:40 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article A DOCTOR ON trial, charged with the manslaughter of her profoundly disabled daughter by giving her too much sedative, has denied that a suicide note she wrote afterwards was acknowledgment that she caused the girl’s death, saying: ‘I had lost my reason for living’.Bernadette Scully (58) was being cross-examined by the State on the eighth day of her trial today.The Offaly GP is charged with unlawfully killing 11-year-old Emily Barut, who was profoundly disabled, at their home at Emvale, Bachelor’s Walk, Tullamore.It’s alleged that she killed her by an act of gross negligence involving the administration of an excessive quantity of chloral hydrate on 15 September, 2012.She has pleaded not guilty and is on trial at the Central Criminal Court.She said she had administered chloral hydrate when her daughter became upset at 2am and 6am. She said her daughter then had a massive fit after 11am.“So, you decide you need to do something to stop this fit?” asked Tara Burns SC, prosecuting.I was standing there with her, not there with my logical medical head on me,” she replied. She said it was really quite a stressful situation, describing, it as pandemonium.“If you’re in a hospital, you don’t have that emotional contact that I have with my Emily so you’re not standing back and thinking,” she said.Burns questioned her about the aftermath of Emily’s passing, when she wrote a suicide note and made two attempts to take her own life.“Can I suggest to you that the reason for that action was an acknowledgement by you after Emily’s death that you had been a cause of her passing?” she asked.“I wasn’t the cause,” she replied. “I did not cause emily’s death. It’s so hurtful to hear that.”She said that she and her daughter were ‘just tied together’, that she had slept beside her all her life.It was put to her that she had accepted that she had given her too much in her voluntary statement to gardai.“I gave Emily too much in relation to what I normally gave her,” she replied.I would not normally give two doses in one sitting. That’s what I meant by that.Burns suggested that her actions afterwards supported a proposition that she had felt responsible for Emily’s death.“No I didn’t. I wanted to go with Emily,” she said. “Emily came before anything in my life.”NoteThe barrister then asked her to explain two portions of the note:“If anyone thinks I’m awful for doing this, you should have listened to poor little Emily crying the last eight days. I love her dearly, Bernie,” she read from the envelope in which the note was found.“I meant, if anyone thinks I’m awful for killing myself,” replied Ms Scully.I’m talking about as the doctor, who was working with people who had committed suicide and I was letting them down.“I was very distressed after seeing her suffer so much and I couldn’t save her. I wanted to save her.”Burns then read from the letter:I do not want to die. I can not let Emily’s suffering continue. I can’t watch it any longer. The pain is too big, the struggle each day is too hard, the loneliness and isolation too much.Scully said she meant that she couldn’t let Emily’s suffering continue elsewhere.“I can not watch this world without her. The loneliness and isolation would be too much without her,” she added. “I did not have my thoughts clearly organised on paper.”Dignity Source: PA Archive/PA ImagesBurns noted that she had an absolute love for Emily and had attempted to have her treated with dignity during her life.“Your conduct after the event doesn’t seem to equate with a respect for Emily in terms of letting her peacefully pass,” she suggested, however.“There instead seems to be, by your actions, an acknowledgement that this is laid at your door.”Bernadette Scully didn’t agree:I had lost my reason for living. I had lost my Emily. I left Emily in my bed where she wanted always to be.She said Emily was always happiest in that bed, on her chest.“I laid her peacefully on my bed,” she continued. “I did not want to go on. I did not want to live after Emily was gone.”She said she’d had a life of sleep deprivation, of pain, of watching her suffer.“I had this beautiful little baby. She was like my little bird with a broken wing. My job was to protect her, and not just medically, as her mother,” she said.She said they had suffered so much at the hands of services that were not there.“We were forced back into our little shell,” she said. “I created a little world at home for her. It was her beautiful little world.”Tara Burns SC said that evidence of a nice conversation she’d had with her partner’s daughter, her tone of voice in a recorded call to the poisons centre, and her bringing the bottle and syringes back to the kitchen afterwards suggested someone who was together.“I wasn’t ok after Emily died,” she said.The trial continues before Justice Patrick McCarthy and a jury of seven women and five men.Read: ‘I just took her up in my arms and held her’: Mother gives evidence about the night her daughter died >Read: Gardaí considered other possible causes of death in case of GP accused of killing daughter > Share Tweet Email center_img Bernadette Scully (R) gave evidence in the Central Criminal Court today. 9,486 Views Bernadette Scully (R) gave evidence in the Central Criminal Court today. Image: Leah Farrell I was working with my emotional mind, as a mother, looking at my baby, thinking I am going to have to stop this fit.She said that chloral hydrate was the only anticonvulsant she had.Burns said that the drug’s use as an anticonvulsant might be at issue.Scully said she had looked up the medical literature and found a residential centre in the UK, where chloral hydrate was used for children with epilepsy.“They’re giving it, a 10 ml dosage to children Emily’s age every four to six hours, so it is documented,” she added.“I think, faced with that horrendous fit she was in, i was thinking: ‘What can I give her?” she explained.‘Middle of a fit’Scully was asked why she had brought the bottle of chloral hydrate to the bedroom, rather than filling the syringe at the kitchen sink.“My child is in the room in the middle of this fit,” she replied.I’m not going to stand in the kitchen and fill a syringe. I’m running to try to get back to her. Short URL Bernadette Scully: ‘I had lost my reason for living. I had lost my Emily.’ The Offaly GP denies the manslaughter of her daughter. Image: Leah Farrelllast_img read more

Shane Ross to seek a free vote on new drinkdriving law

first_img Feb 22nd 2017, 6:20 AM Shane Ross to seek a free vote on new drink-driving law A number of rural TDs, including some in the Independent Alliance, are unhappy with some aspects of the law. Short URL By Christina Finn 25 Comments Transport Minster Shane Ross Image: Sam Boal Share6 Tweet Email TRANSPORT MINISTER SHANE ROSS is to seek a free vote in the Dáil on his new drink-driving law, has learned.Last week, Ross received approval from his Cabinet colleagues to implement a new law that will see drink drivers automatically disqualified from driving when caught over the alcohol limit.Ross said he hopes that the General Scheme of a Road Traffic (Fixed Penalty – Drink Driving) Bill will be passed as soon as possible.The latest figures show there were 188 road deaths last year, an increase of 26 on 2015.Rural TDsThe minister is likely to face some backlash from rural TDs over the new legislation – even from within his own Independent Alliance grouping.“I expect it to pass through the Dáil with resistance in places from rural areas,” Ross told yesterday.I will be looking for a free vote for everybody. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil don’t really do free votes, but I will be asking the Cabinet … they may say no.He pointed out that a free vote is not included in the Programme for Government on the issue.It’s understood that a number of TDs, including his Independent Alliance colleagues Kevin Boxer Moran and Sean Canney, are unhappy with some aspects of the new legislation and the impact it will have on rural areas.“This seems to be a classic case for it, it should be a free vote, certainly for Kevin Boxer [Moran] and Sean Canney,” continued Ross.Other TDs such as Kerry’s Michael Healy Rae have also been vocal about stricter laws.In 2016, Healy Rae said there should be “a common sense approach in rural areas” whereby people could go out, have a glass or two of beer and drive home.“There is nothing wrong with it,” he added.It’s understood Ross will seek permission for a free vote from his government colleagues in next week’s Cabinet meeting.The importance of the pubRoss said he “totally understands” why some rural TDs have concerns about the new provisions.I know the importance in rural Ireland of the pub, the social drinking – but I think if we save one life, which it can, it is not too much to ask for people to make arrangements. One person can drive, and four people can drink, and publicans can make arrangements.He said the government will also investigate what measures it can introduce that will help country communities deal with the new laws.“It is part of rural life and no one wants to do anything to damage that, but also we don’t want to provide facilities that allows people who have been drinking more than they should to go out and drive cars,” said the transport minister.‘Drink culture’When asked if he was familiar with the recent “Pint Baby” video that has gone viral, he said he was, and pointed out there is a “drink culture” here in Ireland.That [a drink culture] would be fine as long as people aren’t killing people and there were no road deaths as a result. You have to have an absolute on that, I think. You can’t say it is okay for some people in the country to drive over the limit and get lesser penalty points and be kept on the road.Ross said he found the recent RTÉ documentary, which looked at the personal stories behind Ireland’s car crash victims, “chilling”.When you see children being killed innocently… I think it is a no-brainer that things like this should be tackled.He said he had no patience for people who say they can drink five pints and drive home.“They are being wildly irresponsible with other people’s’ lives, it is not just their own,” said the minister.He said that disqualifying drivers who were found to be drink driving was “proportionate” and would “ultimately save lives”.‘No exceptions’: Drink drivers to get automatic ban instead of penalty points>Poll: Should all motorists be disqualified for drink driving?> Image: Sam Boal 11,452 Views Transport Minster Shane Ross Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, 6:20 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Archbishop Martin says Connell was the one who finally began to realise

first_img Short URL Image: Sam Boal/ Friday 24 Feb 2017, 12:05 PM Cardinal Connell became an Archbishop at a difficult time in this diocese. Many comments in these days noted that he was slow to recognise the extent of child sexual abuse by priests. It is not enough to make that comment now from a distance.“It must be said that he found himself surrounded by a culture and at times by advisors who were slow and perhaps even unwilling to recognise both the extent of the problem and the enormous hurt that had been done to children, a hurt they still carry with them.It is also true that it was Cardinal Connell who was the one who finally began to realise the extent of the abuse and the extent of the damage done to children and, with difficulty, began to drag out information which some were still reluctant to share. 12,280 Views Feb 24th 2017, 12:05 PM Share8 Tweet Email1 By Sean Murraycenter_img 48 Comments IN THE HOMILY given by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the funeral of Cardinal Desmond Connell today, Martin credited Connell as being the church figure who “began to drag out information” around abuse allegations inside the Catholic Church.Martin said that it was “not enough” to make the comment that Connell was slow to recognise the extent of the problem of child sexual abuse when he was Archbishop of Dublin.He added that Connell marked the beginning of a “new culture” within the diocese by establishing a child protection service.Martin said: The funeral of Cardinal Desmond Connell took place this morning. Archbishop Martin says Connell ‘was the one who finally began to realise the extent of the abuse’ Archbishop Diarmuid Martin referenced the Cardinal’s response to abuse allegations at his funeral today. Desmond Connell was appointed Archbishop of Dublin by the Holy See in 1988 and made a Cardinal-Priest by Pope John Paul II in 2001.He was the subject of criticism for the way he handled allegations of child sexual abuse and formally resigned as Archbishop of Dublin in April 2004, when he was replaced by Diarmuid Martin. Cardinal Connell (left) and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (right) Source: Gareth Chaney/Photocall Ireland!The Murphy report, published in 2009, found that Connell’s refusal to admit liability often added to the grief and pain felt by victims of abuse.The authors of the report said they also had little doubt that clerical child abuse was covered up by the Archdiocese of Dublin, and other church authorities.He died earlier this week, aged 90, after a long illness.Read: Former Archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell dies aged 90Read: Pope Francis says it’s better to be an atheist than a ‘hypocritical Catholic’ The funeral of Cardinal Desmond Connell took place this morning. Image: Sam Boal/ Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Court challenge brought against use of Dublin community centre as homeless hostel

first_img Image: Google Maps By Aodhan O Faolain Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Wednesday 18 Jan 2017, 6:20 PM 14,013 Views Share Tweet Email Court challenge brought against use of Dublin community centre as homeless hostel Dublin City Council says it is reacting to a “humanitarian crisis”. Image: Google Maps No Comments Jan 18th 2017, 6:20 PM A CHALLENGE AGAINST Dublin City Council’s decision allowing a former community centre in the Liberties be used as a hostel for homeless people has opened before the High Court.The action has been brought by local residents in relation to the former Parish Centre at Carman’s Hall, Francis Street in Dublin 8 which opened before Christmas as an emergency temporary accommodation for rough sleepers with a capacity of 65 beds.If the residents are successful in the action the hostel run by the Simon Community and the Salvation Army, will face closure. The residents want the building, which is owned by Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, used as a community centre.The hall, which the residents claim was used as a community centre for many years was closed in 2013 over accessibility and fire safety concerns. The residents claim they have campaigned for over the last three years to have the building used as a community centre.In their action Carman’s Hall Community Interest Group, Michael Mallin House Residents Association and community worker Elizabeth O’Connor claim DCC’s decision of 28 October last authorising a change of use and refurbishment of the building is unlawful and in breach of the planning laws.In proceedings against DCC the residents seek an order quashing DCCs decision permitting the change of use.DCC oppose the action. It says the facility was opened to deal with the “humanitarian crisis” of rough sleepers in Dublin.Serious situationOpening the case Declan McGrath SC, appearing with Niall Handy Bl, for the residents said his clients accepted there was a serious homeless situation at present.The residents have every sympathy with those sleeping rough and had first hand experience of homelessness. However he said there was much anger in the locality over the “underhand way” in which DCC went about converting the Hall, which his clients want used as a community centre, into a homeless accommodation.DCC were in talks about using Carman’s Hall as accommodation for the homeless as far back as last May.A lease was signed in September, but the first local people and public representatives for the area knew about it was in late October, “when there were boots on the ground,” when works started on the building, counsel said.DCC did this because it knew there would be public opposition to the facility, counsel said.Counsel added that part of their case is the are over saturated with such facilities and services for the homeless. Counsel said it is also part of their case that by not going through the public consultation process in regards to a change of use of the building DCC are in material contravention of the Dublin City development plan.He said the residents are also concerned about assurances from DCC that the building is to be used as a temporary facility. In other situations such facilities “turned out to be anything but temporary,” counsel said.Over-saturatedIn its statement of opposition DCC, represented by James Connolly SC and Stephen Dodd Bl, rejects claims the change of use amounts to a material contravention of the City Development plan or that the area is over-saturated with facilities for the homeless.The hall was offered to it as use as accommodation for the homeless was the in May 2016. In a letter to the court the local Parish Priest Fr Martin Dolan said the building was never a “community centre”.He said It was used primarily used for Catholic members of the Parish of Francis Street and any group they decided to share it with. He said he and the local parish council voted unanimously to lease the property to DCC with “the specific purpose of housing people who are forced to sleep rough on the streets of the city.”Fr Dolan added that as a Catholic Community they also felt “a moral imperative to fully support this project.”The action was launched in early December, when the locals secured permission to bring proceedings against DCC when residents secured a stay preventing the hostel from opening.Following a High Court hearing before Christmas the stay was lifted allowing the hostel to open.The hearing before Mr Justice Donald Binchy continues. Short URLlast_img read more

France is in no doubt who it blames for deadly sarin gas

first_img Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article France is in no doubt who it blames for deadly sarin gas attack It says the chemical fingerprint was developed in Syrian laboratories. 116 Comments Image: SalamPix/ABACA 12,783 Views Share5 Tweet Email center_img FRENCH INTELLIGENCE SERVICES  have scientific proof that the Syrian regime was responsible for a suspected chemical attack that killed 87 people, France’s foreign minister has said.Jean-Marc Ayrault said analysis of samples taken at the scene of the 4 April attack in rebel-held Khan Sheikhun in which 31 children were among the dead showed “there is no doubt that sarin gas was used” and that it was produced by Syrian laboratories.“There is no doubt about the responsibility of the Syrian regime given the way that the sarin used was produced,” Ayrault told journalists after the report was presented at a meeting of French defence chiefs.He said the substance France believes was used in the attack contains hexamine, a component that was also found in a gas attack in northwest Syria in 2013.“We are able to confirm that the sarin used on April 4 is the same sarin that was used in an attack in Saraqeb on April 29, 2013,” he said.Ayrault said the chemical fingerprint is “typical of the method developed in Syrian laboratories”.“This (production) method bears the regime’s hallmarks and allows us to determine its responsibility for this attack,” he said.A French diplomat said the analysis was carried out on unexploded ordnance found at Khan Sheikhun.‘Same as 2013 attack’Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, backed by his ally Russia, has strongly denied allegations that his forces used chemical weapons against the town, describing it as a “100%  fabrication”.He has said repeatedly that his forces turned over all chemical weapons stockpiles in 2013, under a deal brokered by Russia to avoid threatened US military action.That agreement was later enshrined in a UN Security Council resolution.In a policy u-turn, US President Donald Trump ordered air strikes on the Syrian airbase from which Washington believes the attack was launched.US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Friday there was “no doubt” Syria has retained some chemical weapons and warned Assad’s regime not to use them.“There can be no doubt in the international community’s mind that Syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement and its statement that it had removed them all,” Mattis said during a visit to Israel.Mattis added that the Damascus regime would be “ill-advised to try to use any again”, adding: “We’ve made that very clear with our strike.”On Monday, the US government placed 271 Syrian chemists from the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) and other officials on its financial blacklist in response to their presumed role in the chemical weapons attack.Washington says the SSRC was responsible for developing the alleged sarin gas weapon.© – AFP 2017Read: US blacklists Syrian chemists over deadly sarin gas attack >Read: US forces say they have killed man responsible for Istanbul nightclub attack > Apr 26th 2017, 11:54 AM Wednesday 26 Apr 2017, 11:54 AM Short URL Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Image: SalamPix/ABACA By AFPlast_img read more

ExPortsmouth star walks off field during Serie A clash due to racist

first_img Short URL Sunday 30 Apr 2017, 8:31 PM Share Tweet Email 35,373 Views By The42 Team 💭 “It was a little kid w his parents right next to him, doing nothing about it, who said bad things about me”- Muntari on the racial abuse— ItalianFootballTV (@IFTVofficial) April 30, 2017PESCARA MIDFIELDER SULLEY Muntari walked off the field in protest at racist chants during his side’s 1-0 defeat to Cagliari on Sunday.The Ghana international appealed to the referee to stop the game, claiming the home support were racially abusing him.But referee Daniele Minelli apparently did not hear the chants and instead opted to book the former Inter player for dissent.Muntari then walked off the field, leaving the already relegated Pescara to finish the game with 10 men.Pescara coach Zdenek Zeman criticised the decision to punish the 32-year-old instead of dealing with the abuse.Muntari asked the referee to intervene, but he did not do it,” he told reporters. “We talk so much about racism, but then we just move on. This happened to Muntari who has played in Italy for several years – we want to change the mentality.“He left the field because of the chants, but we should not have to take justice into our own hands.”Muntari was not the first apparent victim of racial abuse in Italy on Sunday, as Roma director Frederic Massara said defender Antonio Rudiger suffered from it in his side’s 3-1 loss to Lazio.He was very angry with the racist chanting we had to put up with,” he said. “It’s a shame you still hear these things.”The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Apr 30th 2017, 8:31 PM Follow us: 26 Comments Ex-Portsmouth star walks off field during Serie A clash due to racist abuse Sulley Muntari complained to the referee about the chants but was punished for dissent. Aiden McGeady’s brilliant season recognised with Preston’s player of the year award>Balde brace ruins Francesco Totti’s final Rome derby> Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Police in Northern Ireland recover ATM ripped from wall of building in

first_img Share80 Tweet Email 38,293 Views Short URL 60 Comments Tuesday 16 Apr 2019, 10:10 PM Police in Northern Ireland recover ATM ripped from wall of building in Antrim The latest in the recent spate of ATM thefts took place overnight in Bushmills. Updated Apr 16th 2019, 10:10 PM Last week, the PSNI made an appeal for the public’s help in tracing those responsible for the spate of ATM thefts.Detective chief inspector David Henderson said: ““Recent attacks on ATMs are impacting our communities on multiple levels. The livelihoods of our local businesses are being jeopardised by the thefts and they are forced to face the additional costs involved in repairing their premises. There’s been another ATM theft in Northern Ireland. This time a digger and tractor were set on fire in Bushmills, Co.Antrim. Special PSNI unit under pressure to start producing results as rural businesses left in fear of gangs responsible.More on @qnewsdesk – pics @McAuleySteven— David Hunter (@davidhunter7) April 16, 2019center_img POLICE IN NORTHERN Ireland have recovered an ATM which was stolen from Bushmills in north Antrim in the early hours of this morning. The latest incident took place in Market Square in Bushmills with a digger again used to remove the cash machine from a wall.Detective Chief Inspector Dunny McCubbin has said the ATM is now being examined as part of their investigation into the robbery and appealed for anyone with information to contact detectives in Coleraine. Apr 16th 2019, 10:35 AM By Sean Murray Source: PSNI CC&G District/Twitter The populations served by the ATMs, which are often rural, are being denied access to cash facilities. Farmers and construction firms are suffering the loss of expensive equipment and machinery, a loss from which some will struggle to recover.A dedicated task force has been set up by the PSNI in relation to the thefts, with the figure of cash machines this year taken now in double figures. Gardaí are also investigating two such incidents, which took place in Castleblayney and Kingscourt.“We need communities to help be our eyes and ears,” Henderson added.  Source: David Hunter/Twitter Detectives appeal for info following theft of ATM in Market Sq, Bushmills in early hours of this morning. Phone 101 quoting ref 106 16/04/18 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. It is envisaged Market Sq will remain closed for some time. Motorists should seek alternative routes.— PSNI CC&G District (@PSNICCGDistrict) April 16, 2019 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Samaras sets out political themes for 2010

first_imgNew Democracy leader Antonis Samaras has issued an optimistic message for 2010, making it clear that his government will support as well as oppose the government’s policies when the situation demands it.He ignored comments by ND’s honorary president and former Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis who suggested that a national emergency government should be formed by PASOK to push through economic reforms. “At crucial times, many fear the future but do not let fear cast a shadow over your hearts,” said Samaras in his New Year’s message. “The light will begin to shine in 2010 and there is hope that a new dawn is not far away.”Samaras is in the process of reshaping the conservative party since taking over its leadership in November. “New Democracy will show a new face in the new year,” said Samaras. “It will inspire with its proposals, it will stop all that needs to be stopped, it will support everything that needs to be supported.”Samaras did not comment on the proposals made by Mitsotakis, the father of his defeated opponent Dora Bakoyannis, which suggested that PASOK should take bolder measures and call on experienced figures to help revive the country’s economy.“[European Central Bank Vice President] Lucas Papademos should be asked to take over the central management of the economy, [former PASOK MP and minister] Alekos Papadopoulos should take over public finances,” said Mitsotakis.“These two along with Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou should form a mini-cabinet which [former Prime Minister] Costas Simitis should be asked to chair as a minister without portfolio.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more