Physics could help financial traders

first_imgOptimal intermediate trading node locations small circles for all pairs of 52 major securities exchanges large circles. While some nodes are in regions with dense fiber-optic networks, many others are in the ocean or other sparsely connected regions. Image credit: APS, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevE.82.056104 Relativistic trading: The speed of light isn’t fast enough for some market transactions This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Relativistic statistical arbitrage, A. D. Wissner-Gross and C. E. Freer, Phys. Rev. E 82, 056104 (2010) DOI:10.1103/PhysRevE.82.056104 ( — While most people know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, this concept is proving even truer in the world of stock trading. In a world where buying low and selling high means all the difference, racing the speed of light between to different financial markets can mean greater profit. With financial markets being located all over the world, stock trading has become reliant on the speed of fiber optic cables and their ability to process information. While fiber optic cables are currently operating at about 90 percent of the speed of light, Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross shares how companies might be able to exploit physics and position themselves in locations capable of more competitive speeds and transactions.In a paper first released in 2010 in the Physical Review E, Dr. Wissner-Gross determined locations that are at the most optimal sites to best compete with the current locations of financial markets. With the idea that the quickest route between two points is a straight line, he determined locations which would essentially be right in the center of that line. This location being ideal in the fact that you then had the shortest distance to cover for both markets, thus better setting your business up to buy low and sell high between the two markets.For example, should you be a trader working off the New York Stock Exchange and the exchanges in Europe, your ideal location would end up somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. However, while this information is valid, there are not many companies ready to construct a floating office.With this problem in mind, Dr. Wissner-Gross is now looking at determining land points which would approximate these mid-ocean locations. Using the above example of New York and Europe, he would now look at a location such as Nova Scotia.This physics trick may just be able to provide a very competitive edge to many companies, and over the years, we may just see many financial trading hubs popping up in the least likely locations. No more will they be dependent on buzzing cities and large markets, but they could be springing up in rural areas that provide the best locational advantage to cutting the distance needed to travel the world of fiber optic cables. Explore further © 2010 Citation: Physics could help financial traders (2011, March 24) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Intel wants piece of TV biz via face time

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further ( — Technology industry giants are extending their lines of business from PCs, tablets and phones into owning a piece of the action of TV sets and content services. Apple and Google have got a lot of press over designs on TV-playing devices in people’s homes. Now Intel is staking its claim, too. Intel has been working out a business plan to issue a set-top box with a subscription TV service. The key feature that Intel hopes will turn the profitability corner is facial recognition technology. Intel is thinking along the lines of a TV service using a set-top box employing facial recognition to tell who is watching so that the TV can deliver more targeted ads. Google, Intel, Sony team up on Google TV platform Citation: Intel wants piece of TV biz via face time (2012, June 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Facial recognition would be used to detect the gender and age group of the people viewing a TV set at any one time. The set-top box would check out each person watching in front of the TV to deliver more targeted ads that would be specifically chosen to cater for the TV-viewing audience.Targeted, demographically suited advertising is generally considered the ideal way of guaranteeing advertising success. As for privacy, nothing would be detected beyond age and gender. Other identifying data would not be made known. Intel’s plan also involves keeping costs down by featuring smaller packages of TV networks instead of the standard large bundles of many channels. Intel would be seeking to win over subscribers with attractive pricing while using facial recognition technology to deliver targeted advertising. So far, though, the news of such a service has not gone over well with the general public, based on comments on news sites and via Twitter. A story headline further reflected reaction: “Intel Wants To Sell Your Face To Advertisers.” That was the header from redOrbit. On the heels of the Intel TV story released by Reuters came a Reuters blog report that people, once reading about the plan, are annoyed. One reader said he would never allow a set-top box pointing a camera in the house. Another was upset over the idea of having kids exposed to targeted ads constantly, amounting to more brainwashing of young people. “So gross,” and “how creepy” were other comments about facial recognition technology planned.While nothing more than gender and age would be tracked, an emotional reaction to camera-tracking in viewers’ homes is evident and, as observers note, may be a hurdle to an extent that Intel has not yet realized. Intel hopes to launch its video service before the end of the year, according to sources in a report from Reuters. © 2012 Phys.Orglast_img read more

Nematodes with five distinct forms found

first_imgTwo morphotypes (morphs I, II) of P. borbonicus, a symbiont of Ficus mauritiana. The beard-like labial morphology is a novelty known only from this species and P. sycomori. Scale bar, 10μm. Credit: Vladislav Susoy & Jürgen Berger Journal information: Science Advances As the team notes, it is not uncommon for a single species to have many forms, dogs are one good example—other animals have different coat colors or wing patterns, depending on where they live, etc. But it is unusual for a single species to exist in as many as five different forms where they are so different it is difficult to make them out as from the same species. In this case, the nematoads are of a type that live inside of figs—they are carried to their home when young, by wasps. As they grow, they can take on one of five different forms depending on the conditions they find inside the fig—most of the differences are in the way the mouth is structured. If there are other competing nematoads of another species in a single fig, for example, the worms grow a lot of teeth and survive by eating the other worms. Those that land in nematoad-free figs, on the other hand, instead grow mouths that are suitable for eating microbes.As to why the nematoads developed such diversification abilities, the team suggests it has to do with their isolated existence—they equate individual figs to islands, where a young nematoad is wholly at the mercy of its environment, which appears to be of five different major varieties. They note also that few nematoads actually manage to colonize new fruit, thus any species able to do so would naturally need to be able to take advantage of what is found once it arrives. They add that they have also found three related nematoad species that also have five phenotypes, which suggests the characteristic may not be as rare as was initially thought. They suggest there might be some species that are able to take on even more than five forms. Citation: Nematodes with five distinct forms found (2016, January 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from (—An international team of researchers has found that at least one type of nematoad exhibits five distinct forms—each different enough that the microscopic worms were initially thought to be of different species. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the team describes their study of the worms that live in South Africa, Vietnam and on La Réunion Island and possible reasons for such diversity among a single species. Explore furthercenter_img More information: V. Susoy et al. Large-scale diversification without genetic isolation in nematode symbionts of figs, Science Advances (2016). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1501031AbstractDiversification is commonly understood to be the divergence of phenotypes accompanying that of lineages. In contrast, alternative phenotypes arising from a single genotype are almost exclusively limited to dimorphism in nature. We report a remarkable case of macroevolutionary-scale diversification without genetic divergence. Upon colonizing the island-like microecosystem of individual figs, symbiotic nematodes of the genus Pristionchus accumulated a polyphenism with up to five discrete adult morphotypes per species. By integrating laboratory and field experiments with extensive genotyping of individuals, including the analysis of 49 genomes from a single species, we show that rapid filling of potential ecological niches is possible without diversifying selection on genotypes. This uncoupling of morphological diversification and speciation in fig-associated nematodes has resulted from a remarkable expansion of discontinuous developmental plasticity. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. A worm with five faces © 2016 Phys.orglast_img read more

Experiment shows that arrow of time is a relative concept not an

first_imgSchematic of the experimental setup. (A) Heat flows from the hot to the cold spin (at thermal contact) when both are initially uncorrelated. This corresponds to the standard thermodynamic arrow of time. For initially quantum correlated spins, heat is spontaneously transferred from the cold to the hot spin. The arrow of time is here reversed. (B) View of the magnetometer used in our NMR experiment. A superconducting magnet, producing a high intensity magnetic field (B0) in the longitudinal direction, is immersed in a thermally shielded vessel in liquid He, surrounded by liquid N in another vacuum separated chamber. The sample is placed at the center of the magnet within the radio frequency coil of the probe head inside a 5mm glass tube. (C) Experimental pulse sequence for the partial thermalization process. The blue (red) circle represents x (y) rotations by the indicated angle. The orange connections represents a free evolution under the scalar coupling, HJHC = (πh/2)JσzHσzC , between the 1H and 13C nuclear spins during the time indicated above the symbol. We have performed 22 samplings of the interaction time τ in the interval 0 to 2.32 ms. Credit: arXiv:1711.03323 [quant-ph] The second law of thermodynamics says that entropy, or disorder, tends to increase over time, which is why everything in the world around us appears to unfold forward in time. But it also explains why hot tea grows cold rather than hot. In this new effort, the researchers found an exception to this rule that works in a way that doesn’t violate the rules of physics as they have been defined.The idea of entangled particles has been in the news a lot lately as researchers around the world attempt to use it for various purposes—but there is another lesser-known property of particles that is similar in nature, but slightly different. It is when particles become correlated, which means they become linked in ways that do not happen in the larger world. Like entanglement, correlated particles share information, though it is not as strong of a bond. In this new experiment, the researchers used this property to change the direction of the arrow of time.The experiment consisted of changing the temperature of the nuclei in two of the atoms that exist in a molecule of trichloromethane—hydrogen and carbon—such that it was higher for the hydrogen nucleus than for the carbon nucleus, and then watching which way the heat flowed. The group found that when the nuclei of the two atoms were uncorrelated, heat flowed as expected, from the hotter hydrogen nucleus to the colder carbon nucleus. But when the two were correlated, the opposite occurred—heat flowed backward relative to what is normally observed. The hot nucleus grew hotter while the cold nucleus grew colder. This observation did not violate the second law of thermodynamics, the group explains, because the second law assumes there are no correlations between particles. © 2017 (—An international team of researchers has conducted an experiment that shows that the arrow of time is a relative concept, not an absolute one. In a paper uploaded to the arXiv server, the team describe their experiment and its outcome, and also explain why their findings do not violate the second law of thermodynamics. Wallflowers become extroverts in a crowd More information: Reversing the thermodynamic arrow of time using quantum correlations, arXiv:1711.03323 [quant-ph] second law permits the prediction of the direction of natural processes, thus defining a thermodynamic arrow of time. However, standard thermodynamics presupposes the absence of initial correlations between interacting systems. We here experimentally demonstrate the reversal of the arrow of time for two initially quantum correlated spins-1/2, prepared in local thermal states at different temperatures, employing a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance setup. We observe a spontaneous heat flow from the cold to the hot system. This process is enabled by a trade off between correlations and entropy that we quantify with information-theoretical quantities.center_img Citation: Experiment shows that arrow of time is a relative concept, not an absolute one (2017, December 1) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: arXiv This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore furtherlast_img read more

A date with Life

first_imgIn the clamour for Hauz Khas Village, that is being touted as Delhi’s new ‘the’ zone for foodies, we often miss out on the potential of Connaught Place. Yes that very same zone in Lutyen’s Delhi that has restaurants packed by officegoers during the day and families and friends occupying the chairs at night.  But sadly, CP has remained underrated and under-used in the city’s food map, even though some really good restaurants call it home. The regret came back to haunt me when I visited Life Caffe in Inner Circle recently. Even in the extremely cold winter night, when I visited this restaurant which has been intriguingly named Life Caffe, I found a few tables occupied. They have a lovely outdoor seating area complete with an open private dining room, but the chill forced us inside. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The interiors are done up in loungy cafe style, with slogans and quotes framed on the walls and a giant projector showing a cricket match, this could be one of your regular watering holes, with good munchies to go along. Continental, Italian, Japanese are all thrown in for good measure and I hopped skipped and jumped from one cuisine to another through the course of my meal. The food is tasty and the portions good enough to be shared.  I really enjoyed the Kolhapuri keema tarts (see recipe) which was delicious and went perfectly with the red Sula that I ordered. Ditto for the Koliwada fish fingers. The Fotomaki sushi platter though was nothing to write home about and the same goes for the New Zealand lamp chops which could be served anywhere. The Chilli prawns would get a thumbs up and so would the desserts. I gorged on the Hot magic chocolate souffle, totally throwing my diet plans away for a toss. Should be on your list next time you are eating out at CP. If only to get a life!DETAILAt: Life Caffe, B49, Inner Circle, Connaught PlaceTimings: Noon to 1am phone: 43652222Meal for two: Rs 700 without alcohollast_img read more

Planning for the Children

first_imgPlan India, the leading child-centered community development organisation, put together ‘National Workshop on Improving Quality of Life of Children’ in the Capital recently. The workshop was addressed by Govind Nihalani, Chairperson Plan India Board, along with other board of directors. The workshop aimed at sharing Plan India’s experiences and on improving quality of life of children primarily by implementing child centered community development approaches. These would be attended by field practitioners, policy makers, researchers, academicians, media and professionals from development agencies and corporate sectors that have been actively engaged in promoting child rights and reducing child poverty. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’At the event in IHC, six key publications of Plan were released and a theatre performance was hosted on the theme of the workshop by Delhi’s acclaimed Ashmita Theatre Group.  ‘Since last 30 years of working in India, Plan, through its CCCD approach, has improved the lives of over a million of children across the country and during this process; children and communities have provided insightful experiences on various facets of lives affecting them. A number of lessons have been learnt that have the potential of further creating better modules that will help in implementing value based programs in the communities,’ said  Bhagyashri Dengle.Plan India is an NGO working to improve the lives of poor and needy children, their families and communities through an approach that puts children at the centre of community development. It encourages children to express their views and be actively involved in improving their communities.last_img read more

Staging myth on the rocks

first_imgThe Lord was so pleased with Mahishasura’s devotion, that he blessed him with eternal life, declaring that no man, beast, demon or deity would ever be able to kill him. Taking advantage of this boon he caused destruction and tried to take over Lord Indra’s throne. All the gods invoked lordess Durga to defeat Mahishasur. He lost the combat with Durga and she killed him to restore the balance of good and evil.Retelling the same mythological story, a Kathak dance drama called Mahishasur Mardini, will be presented on the Capital stage. The show  curated by Asawri Pawar, will be inaugurated on Monday at ICCR.last_img

Wife boyfriend arrested for killing husband in Sonarpur

first_imgOur correspondent Kolkata: A woman has killed her husband after conspiring with a person with whom she had an extra-marital affair. The incident has created sensation in South 24-Pargana’s Sonarpur.The matter came to light after the woman’s boyfriend admitted his guilt before the investigators. Both the accused have been arrested on Wednesday night in this connection. The victim, Samir Mistri, a local Trinamool Congress was shot dead by the accused Chandan Mondal. The victim’s wife Madhumita had developed an illicit relationship with Mondal. The woman used to work at a canteen in Jadavpur while the victim was a Taxi driver. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe incident took place on the night of April 9 when the victim was having his dinner. The front door of their room was kept open by the woman to help her boy friend carry out the crime. According to the investigation, police said there was a quarrel between the couple after the victim came to know about the relationship.Police suspect that the accused might have committed the crime as the victim had been opposing their relation. As investigation advanced, police suspected that his wife was also involved. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe accused woman also told the police that she had been tortured by her husband. Her boyfriend was also arrested by the police on Wednesday from his residence in Baguipara area. He admitted the crime and told the police how they hatched the plan of gruesome killing. The accused also told the police that he rented a firearm for carrying out the crime. On the day of incident, he shot at the victim from the front door which was laid open by the victim’s wife. Police is also probing if any other person was involved in the crime.last_img read more

Deploys more troops in Xinjiang to plug infiltration

first_imgChina arrested 27,164 criminal suspects last year in the volatile Xinjiang and authorities have beefed up security in the violence-prone region which borders PoK and Afghanistan by deploying more troops, making it the country’s largest provincial-level military region.The military reinforcement comes against a backdrop of the US troops pulling out of Afghanistan and extremists launching terrorist attacks on civilian targets, state-run China Daily reported. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenXinjiang, the province with majority of Uygur Muslims is experiencing most violent attacks in by East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an Al-Qaeda backed outfit which became active in the backdrop of unrest between Uygurs and Han migrants.Peng Yong, commander of the PLA Xinjiang military region, said troops will vigorously enforce border controls and carry out “realistic combat training”.The Xinjiang military region is a regional command that covers Xinjiang and the Ali area in the west of the Tibet not far from Indian border.last_img read more

Private tutor arrested after molesting minor student

first_imgKolkata: A private tutor, who allegedly molested a girl student, was badly beaten up by the victim’s family members and neighbours. He was later handed over to police.The incident took place in Mandalpara area of Avantipur in Shyamnagar on Tuesday morning. The family members of the victim alleged that the private tutor tried to rape the minor girl. The victim, a student of class V, used to go to his place at Mandalpara for nearly one year. The family members of the girl told police that like other days, she went to her tutor’s place at around 8 am on Tuesday. It was alleged that the tutor closed the door and attempted rape. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsLocals heard the screams of the minor girl. They rushed to the spot and forced the tutor to open the door. After being informed, the family members of the girl also came.Locals started interrogating the tutor as to why he had closed the door while giving private tuition to the girl. When he gave incoherent statements, the locals and the girl’s family members started beating him up. The victim also narrated the whole incident of how he had abused her. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe incident triggered tension in the locality on Monday evening. The private tutor fell ill after receiving several blows from the people. During interrogation by the locals, the tutor had admitted that he sexually molested the girl. The tutor was kept confined within his house for nearly one hour. Police reached and arrested the tutor. They are trying to know if he had committed similar crimes earlier. The family members of the victim have demanded stern actions against the private tutor.last_img read more

Transport fare hike to be effective from Monday

first_imgKolkata: The state Transport department has issued the notification of the increase in the fare of buses, trams, ferry services and taxis on Friday. The increase comes into effect from Monday.It may be mentioned that the state government was compelled to give its nod to increase the fare due to the indifferent attitude of the Centre towards the steep hike in price of diesel.The minimum bus and mini-bus fares would be Rs 7 and Rs 8 respectively. At the same time, the minimum fare for taxis will increase to Rs 30. One has to pay Rs 30 for the first 2 km and the fare for every additional 0.2 km would be Rs 3. The luggage charge would be Rs 5. In case of air-conditioned meter taxis, one had to pay 25 percent more compared to ordinary meter taxis. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsFor buses, a commuter has to pay a fare of Rs 7 for the first 4 km. The fare will be Rs 9 for next two slabs of four km while there will be an increase of Re 1 for every 4 km from 12 km onward up to 24 km.In case of mini-buses or JNNURM buses, the minimum fare would be Rs 8 and there will be an increase of Re 1 for the next 3 km. One travelling in a mini-bus for 6 to 10 km will have to pay Rs 10 while for 10 to 16 km, the fare would be Rs 11. There has also been a hike in fares of buses and mini-buses that operate in the districts.At the same time, one travelling in trams will have to pay Rs 6 for the first 4 km and the fare would increase by Re 1 if he travels beyond 4 km.The fare for ferry services on River Hooghly has also increased. There will be a hike of Re 1 and the fare will be rounded off to the nearest rupee in all routes.last_img read more

Winter in Delhi

first_imgArt enthusiasts in the city can head over to the newly launched art Gallery at the British Council as its show titled Winter by British artist Julian Opie is open for public view. The show that commenced on Thursday centers around a sequence of seventy five prints that represent a circular walk taken by the artist through the French countryside on a harsh but beautiful day. The prints absorb an eclectic range of influences from 17th century Dutch landscape painting to street view on Google Maps, and are at the forefront of Opie’s continued investigation into the experience of landscape. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The collection is an inspiration from a stroll through bleak winter landscape in France.  Opie commented, “It was very exciting when the British Council decided to buy the Winter series. They have always been very supportive and I’m particularly happy to keep such a large part of this series intact as a group and gave a chance to exhibit them together in the new gallery in Delhi. I am so happy that Winter will be travelling to various parts of the country over the coming months.”Rob Lynes, Director of British Council India said, “The exhibition displays a form of art which is fresh and captivating to the eye and also a step forward in building cultural connections between UK and India through artistic exchange.”When: On till July 27 Where: British Council Gallerylast_img read more

Police raid Sadhipur to check illegal sand mining

first_imgKolkata: Police conducted raids at Sadhipur in Birbhum on Monday to check illegal sand mining from river Kopai.A team of local police along with a combat force raided the place all of a sudden. They initially directed the sand mafias to leave the place. But the requests fell on deaf ears and the police had to resort to lathi-charge.People, who were working at the direction of the sand mafias, started fleeing the place realising that raids were being conducted. Police have detained some of them. Also Read – Son-in-law arrested in connection with Garden Reach murder incidentPolice came to know that the sand mafias had been illegally mining sand from the river and there were some, who were taking soil from the river bank as well. It was resulting in weakening of the river banks and the chances of floods were going up.In a bid to bring an end to this menace, police would take similar steps as soon as they get any such information,said a police officer.Senior police officers in the district were also informed about the incident. It is learnt that the police have intensified vigil to check illegal mining of sand. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifePolicemen from local police station will constantly monitor to keep a check on illegal mining of sand, said a police officer.It may be recalled that in April 2017, eight persons were killed in an explosion that took place when they were making bombs as a gang war was on to gain control over illegal sand mining atLabhpur in Birbhum.Locals claimed that illegal mining was rampant in the area and it was the source of money for local goons. One involve in the illegal sand mining can make fast cash and it often leads to rivalry betweendifferent groups.last_img read more

IKEA shows interest in Bengal MSME sector likely to benefit

first_imgKolkata: Swedish multinational IKEA, which operates in 50 countries, has expressed interest in procuring natural fibre and bamboo from Bengal, giving an impetus to the state’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.The group that recently opened its first store in the country in Hyderabad, has a plan of investing Rs 2,000 crore in the current financial year, to procure natural fibre and bamboo. There are possibilities of investment of a major part of it in Bengal. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWith the expression of interest in procuring natural fibre and bamboo from the state, the company, with a global presence, is going to leave its footprint in Bengal. According to senior officials of the state MSME and Textiles department, this is an indicator of further investment in Bengal.IKEA’s top official on Tuesday attended the third plenary session in the State MSME Conclave on Rural Entrepreneurship Hub (REH), that was coordinated by the former president of Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ambarish Dasgupta. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe IKEA official explained the company’s role in exports of products made by artisans and the MSME sector. At the same time, he has shown keenness in procuring natural fibre and bamboo from Bengal. There will be proper quality stipulations as well.Sources said that there have also been discussions of the IKEA authorities with the top brass of the Bengal government, in connection with opening of a store in the state.It has been learnt that they want to open store at a location close to a Metro station, as they want people from all strata to visit their store and buy goods. The state Finance minister Amit Mitra, who is also the MSME and Textiles minister, said in the Concluding Session of the conclave that the artisans and MSME entrepreneurs have started receiving huge orders from abroad as well.”In such a situation, it is important to meet the deadlines by delivering the ordered objects on time. So, there is a need of a supply chain management system and the West Bengal State Export Promotion Society will help the MSME entrepreneurs in meeting their deadlines,” Mitra said.It may be mentioned that certificate of registration as a rural entrepreneurship hub has been given to three MSME entrepreneurs. 300 such entrepreneurs will be getting the same. There were thorough discussions in the three other plenary sessions – Lean Manufacturing, SME Listing and Export Orientation.last_img read more

Grandfather infant killed while trying to fend off sexual abuser of 11yrold

first_imgKolkata: An aged person and a nine-month-old child have been killed after the accused was deterred from sexually abusing an eleven-year-old child at Karandighi in North Dinajpur. On Thursday morning, the accused was arrested by the police.According to sources, on Tuesday evening, accused Ali Shah allegedly went inside the minor girl’s room and tried to sexually abuse her. When the girl showed resistance, Shah took out a knife and held it across her throat. Hearing the screams of the victim, the girl’s grandfather came in and Shah attacked him too. He was hacked repeatedly. His wife also ran inside the room and tried to prevent Shah. Sensing danger, Shah attacked her and the nine-month-old baby of the old couple. When locals tried to detain him, he fled the scene. All the injured were immediately rushed to Raigunge Super Specialty Hospital where the aged person was declared brought dead. Rest of the injured members were admitted there. On Wednesday, the nine-month-old baby died. A complaint was filed against Shah at Karandighi police station by other relatives of the family. As the news of the second death surfaced in the locality, locals became agitated and demanded Shah’s immediate arrest. Police had already initiated a thorough search in the area for the accused. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeOn Thursday morning, acting on a tip off, police got hold of Shah from somewhere in Bihar. The murder weapon is yet to be recovered. According to locals, Shah was a relative of that family. Previously, he used to tease the girl whenever he saw her. The grandfather had warned Shah against eve-teasing. After the warning, the situation improved a bit. As Shah was not obstructing his grandchild any more, the grandfather thought, Shah might have stepped back due to his warnings. But his assumption was found wrong on Tuesday.last_img read more

American national collapses on ground while playing cricket dies

first_imgKolkata: An American national collapsed while playing cricket with local boys and was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead on the arrival in Durgapur on Thursday.Timothi Patrick (32) was staying in Durgapur since October last year with his wife Hannah. He worked with a multinational company and came to India for some business. He had to stay in India till 2021. He was staying in a rented flat at the ward number 21 in Durgapur police limits. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAs Timothi and Hannah were living in Durgapur for almost a year, they had got familiarised with local residents. They often interacted with them and sometimes Timothi played cricket with them. On Thursday afternoon, when local youths were playing cricket with Timothi, he suddenly collapsed on the ground. He was immediately rushed to a private hospital in Durgapur where he was declared dead on the arrival. The police were immediately informed. Upon getting the information of death of an American national here, Officer-in- Charge of the police station informed his superiors. Timothi’s body has been sent to Burdwan Medical College and Hospital for an autopsy. Meanwhile, the American Consulate was also informed about his death. According to a source, doctors suspect that Timothi suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while playing cricket with the local boys. But the exact cause of death will be ascertained after the autopsy examination. An unnatural death case has been initiated at the Durgapur police station. The police are keeping in touch with the American Consulate in Kolkata in this regard.last_img read more

Trinamool leader Anubrata Mondal admitted to Kolkata hospital

first_imgKolkata: Senior Trinamool Congress leader and strongman Anubrata Mondal underwent a minor surgery at the state-run SSKM Hospital here on Sunday, the hospital sources said. According to the doctors, Mondal, Trinamool Congress’ Birbhum district President, has been kept under observation as he is also suffering from high diabetes and high blood pressure. “Mondal was admitted to SSKM on Friday (July 5) with high diabetes. Today he underwent a fistula operation. We kept him under observation for the first two days as he had high blood sugar and blood pressure,” said the doctor monitoring Mondal. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata Noting that the operation was successful, the doctor said Mondal was expected to be released from the hospital in the next 48 hours if his condition remained stable. Mondal, who shares a cordial relationship with West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee, has been in news many times for making controversial statements in public, including asking the party activists to “hurl bomb at the police”. During the 2019 general elections in the state, Mondal was kept under strict surveillance on the polling day in Birbhum after he allegedly threatened the poll officials to work in favour of his party. However, the firebrand leader remained largely away from public eye after the 2019 poll results were announced. Though Trinamool Congress managed to hold on to the two Lok Sabha seats in Birbhum, the BJP, went ahead in a number of Assembly segments.last_img read more

Sabyasachi Dutta resigns ahead of noconfidence tabling

first_imgKolkata: Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Mayor Sabyasachi Dutta resigned from his post on Thursday. He had earlier challenged the no-confidence motion brought against him by 35 councillors of the civic body in the High Court.The High Court had issued an order on Wednesday, which stayed the tabling of the no-confidence motion scheduled for Thursday. The Court had instructed the chairman to send a fresh notice to the Mayor, which had earlier been sent by the joint municipal commissioner of the civic body. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe court on Thursday observed that BMC should table and discuss the no-confidence motion on Friday. Seeing that all the councillors who had signed the no-confidence motion have stood their ground, Dutta resigned on Thursday afternoon in sheer haste, just to avoid the tabling of the no-confidence motion on Friday. He sent his resignation to the chairman of BMC Krishna Chakraborty and surrendered his official vehicle to the commissioner of BMC. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateDutta, being the president of the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL), had criticised the state government for its failure to pay the Dearness Allowance of the employees in a recently held meeting. Following the event, thirty five councillors wrote a letter to Krishna Chakraborty, expressing no-confidence in the Mayor. Talking to newsmen, Dutta said he will continue to support the genuine cause of the employees. He alleged that he did not receive any cooperation from the state government, particularly the Land and Land Reforms department headed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, to stop filling of a waterbody in the Rajarhat-Gopalpur area. State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim had said after the councillors moved the no-confidence motion that had he been in Dutta’s place, he would have resigned. The differences between Dutta and Deputy Mayor Tapas Chatterjee is also a matter of public knowledge. Dutta had defeated Chatterjee in the 2011 Assembly election, when the latter fought as a CPI(M) candidate from the New Town-Rajarhat seat. Dutta had even refused to share the dais with Chatterjee at a function organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr BC Roy on July 1. Dutta is also close to BJP leader Mukul Roy, who had visited him before the Lok Sabha polls and there was a rumour that Dutta would join the saffron party. After the councillors brought the no-confidence motion against Dutta, Roy had met him again.last_img read more

The Strange Medieval Sword Technique of Actually Holding the Blade to Strike

first_imgThe German word Mordhau translates roughly as “murder stroke” or “murder strike”. It represents a particular move in German medieval swordsmanship where the fighter holds the blade of his sword with both hands and essentially uses the weapon more like a mace or war hammer to hit his opponent. Besides thinking that this sounds very painful, one could reasonably wonder why this should be of interest to modern folk, who don’t generally go around getting into sword fights. The answer to that is that there are plenty of modern folks who do.Letting your inner knight out to play has actually become a recognized sport, and people are taking to the sword again. Some people have been turning to medieval martial arts as an alternative form of fitness or are drawn to the sport because of its historical connections. There are even two different international groups that revolve around the medieval military traditions, each with their own, slightly different, take on the sport.Page of the Codex Wallerstein showing a half-sword thrust against a Mordhau move (Plate 214)One of those groups calls itself Historical Medieval Battles. According to, HMB was founded in 2009, and it has an annual international event called the Battle of Nations, held in a different European country every year.The Battlefield attracts teams from more than 30 countries with each team having a minimum of eight members and a maximum of 50. The event draws about 25,000 people every year, who don real armor and use real weaponry.Mordhau technique in 1467Events can include everything from one-on-one duels with a variety of weapons to mass battles on a truly epic scale. The group has its own international association, and the HMBIA has strict regulations about weapons standards, dress, protocol, and a host of other issues.Photo by Staff Sgt. Robert BarnettThe second large organization who’s drawn to all things medieval military is HEMA, or Historical European Martial Arts. The organization’s website notes that, unlike the Eastern sword fighting traditions which survived by being passed from master to master through generations, there wasn’t the same sort of continuity in the west.Many of the European sword military traditions either died out or devolved into sports like fencing, boxing, or wrestling. HEMA is working to resurrect those traditions by way of researching manuals written by medieval masters, sometimes encoded as poetry, and using those works to teach modern generations those lost arts.U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Robert BarnettBoth groups put an emphasis on authenticity in training and technique, stressing that the sport isn’t about just hitting each with swords. Their styles are a bit different, though. HEMA puts its focus on rigorous research of period combat manuals, translating appropriate source material. HMB is also about correctness of technique but is more focused on the extreme sports angle.Both groups have a host of events on local, national, and international scales. Both use some very modern methods of getting the word out about their very old-fashioned activities, using Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms as a means of keeping members informed about events and the community.Check out some surprising facts about Gladiators you probably didn’t know:The UK Federation for Full-Contact Medieval Combat likens the difference between the two to the experiential difference between playing football (soccer) and rugby. HEMA is all flowing attacks and precision, HMB is more outright warlike.Two knights do mock battle at a medieval fair in Southern SpainThe interest in resurrecting medieval fighting techniques began in the 1960s, according to one history of the HEMA movement. In the mid-‘60s several well received texts were published on the subject, and the Society for Creative Anachronisms, a group devoted to recreating the Middle Ages as they “should have been”, was just starting to gain traction on college campuses and elsewhere.Re-enactors and classical fencers had a lot to do with carrying the sport through the ‘70s, as did stage-combat people and fighters in the SCA. In the 1990s, the fledgling internet began to knit small, disparate groups together into larger communities, with the momentum really starting to grow through the first decade of the 21st century, spawning a variety of events and standardizing practices and regulations along the way.Read another story from us: A Golden Age? Life During the Pax RomanaToday, both groups are well-grounded and have sizable memberships. People can get into the sport through small, local sword fighting groups, and even some speciality gyms teach sword fighting skills, such as Mordhau Historical Combat in Arizona.Both HEMA and HMB have resources on their sites to help connect those who are interested in taking part with the closest clubs and groups in their areas, making it possible for more people to “go medieval”.last_img read more

VIDEO Kyrie Irving made Lance Stephenson dance with a nasty crossover

first_imgWith the Cavs leading big near the end of the third quarter in Game 2 against the Pacers, Kyrie Irving made Lance Stephenson dance with a trademark crossover that blew away Born Ready like a gentle breeze in LeBron James’ ear.After taking out Stephenson, Irving coolly hit the stepback jumper to increase the Cleveland lead to 15.There’s still plenty of time for a massive late-game collapse by Cleveland.That crossover from Uncle Drew though… ? #NBAPlayoffs— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) April 18, 2017 Advertisementlast_img