Love: “If Messi is angry? We’ll have to ask him”

first_imgWilliam love, director of Institutional Relations of Barça, spoke on the microphones of Movistar after the win against Betis. He gave no clues about the incorporation of the forward: “We cannot say names about signings. Names like Loren’s have come out but for now we have to wait to see how it looks Ousmane. If there is a good opportunity, you will see if we can do it. If Quique asks for a man, it’s normal and we’ll see“ About Messi and his appearance on Instagram to criticize Abidal, he avoided controversy: “What happens is that we are always used to dial. And unchecked plays very well. He has played a great game, he is involved. If you don’t dial, go. It’s very valuable. He has had occasions and always has them. We would have to ask him if he is angry but we try to solve our things internally. And Messi is good in every way. Messi is culé, sorry. Live the problem and that’s why he gets into the club’s problems, because he wants Barça to be the winner. And every time Messi talks it’s normal. “last_img

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