“Vinicius, Rodrygo, Brahim … They are the future of Real Madrid”

first_imgMarcelo, apart from thanking him for his fantastic gesture and his contribution to such a beautiful cause, welcomed him with great praise: “I admire you very much. You are a patient person, you work hard and listen to the advice of others”. And is that white left back revealed his great facet in the locker room with the younger ones, out of the spotlight. He is one of the captains of Real Madrid for a reason: “We are a special club. I love helping you (Vinicius), Rodrygo, Militao, Brahim … You are our future!Vinicius also reminded Marcelo of the lost bet to score against Barcelona: “You owe me a burger. You promised me if I scored in the Classic.” In addition, to see how well both players get along and that Marcelo told him, between laughs, a small altercation of Modric with the Police. The conversation also turned on how does Vinicius feel at Real Madrid and how important is Marcelo in his adaptation to a club like white. “I am very grateful to you. On the field you talk to me a lot to correct my position, or my attack. I’m evolving a lot, and it’s what I always want “. “I did not imagine that it would be so well received. The whole club offered me their help. Nobody believes better than the rest and we all work together, “Vinicius finished. Not surprisingly, they have shared at many moments of the season the left wing of the Zidane team. Marcelo He took advantage of the day on Thursday to do a little social work and raise funds to fight the coronavirus. The footballer of Real Madrid did a live on Instagram and had the participation of the also Brazilian Vinicius.last_img

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