New stalls swarmed with vagrants as opening delayed

first_imgStabroek wharf vendors Newly constructed arcades to facilitate vending at the Route 42 Bus Park have now caused some persons to seek alternatives to have their businesses fully functional again.While most of the structures are completed, many vendors are dissatisfied since they were unable to ply their trade during the holiday season since they were not given the approval to open the stalls. Initially they were told that stalls would be opened by December 15. However, failed coordination from City hall has extended the waiting time for some more weeks.While most persons are on the verge of completing their construction, one of the main concerns is the number of vagrants who line the area, and some who are taking the liberty of spending their nights in the structures which are yet to be completed.Muneshwar Samad explained to Guyana Times on Saturday that persons have reported valuables being lost when the area is left unattended.“We never had this problem at first… Now, every day somebody coming and they sleeping in the stalls. Some brining garbage and all kinda things. I finish my own like a week now but we still waiting on other people.”He added, “Tools that we use to build the stand missing for many people. For me was some wood that had to finish off the roofing.”He foresees that these structures will not be opened for them to vend for a while, since all are supposed to be completed before this can be done.“Everybody was supposed to get they stall ready by the 15th [December]. City Hall give them four week to do it but nobody checking and telling we if we could open.”Along with him, another merchant by the name of Jasmattie (only name given) informed, “Up to now I ain’t see nothing yet. I had to hurry ‘cause I said they might come and tell you you got to start.”She noted that they were not required to make any payments as yet but the amount was already established.“They say they give you from the time you get the place to four weeks and within four weeks, I got to done make the stand. From the time I start selling, they give you six weeks and then you start paying,” said the woman.Garbage continues to remain an issue since collection will be done when sales resume.There is the smaller size, measuring five feet by eight feet with a height of 13 feet, which is set a cost of $3,400 per month. The standard size, measuring 10 feet by eight feet with a height of 13 feet is priced at $6,800 per month.As it relates to payment, some persons have complained that they were informed of a $10,000 fee which was to be paid to the Council. While only some were briefed about this “arrangement”, others are under the impression that it is not a standard agreement.last_img

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