Winnipeggers bite back at criticism from Sharks players

first_imgWINNIPEG – Some prominent Winnipeggers are biting back at criticism three San Jose Sharks players have levelled against the city.Mayor Brian Bowman, Premier Bill Pallister and singer Bif Naked are among those championing Winnipeg’s charms after several NHL players dismissed the Manitoba capital as the worst city to play in.Tomas Hertl, Justin Braun and Tim Heed all cited the cold, while Braun complained that the “Internet doesn’t work ever. I don’t know if they have Wi-Fi there yet.”Bowman countered that “it is a cold dark place — when you lose” while Pallister called the players’ comments “childish and immature.”Bif Naked said Winnipeggers are used to trash talk but also called the comments unfair, while Jets coach Paul Maurice said NHL players have a good life and should have nothing to complain about.The comments emerged in a video posted by the Sharks on NBC Sports California Twitter account, where the three players were asked for their thoughts about the worst city to play in. All said it was Winnipeg.“Winnipeg. Dark, cold, Internet is a little questionable,” Braun said.“Every time it’s so cold and dark there. I don’t like it there,” added forward Tomas Hertl, while Heed deemed it “a bit cold.”Bowman took the opportunity to boast about the Jets, who trounced the Sharks in the Prairie city on Sunday 4-1.“The Winnipeg Jets have one of the best home records in the NHL this year and I know that quite often other teams will feel like they are in a cold dark place when they lose, regardless of the weather outside,” Bowman said Tuesday.And Bif Naked, who spent her formative years in and around Winnipeg, boasted of the city’s tough winters: “It puts hair on your chest.”“Certainly it’s cold but it makes us tough and we love it.”Maurice admitted he hadn’t seen the full extent of the Sharks comments but said it’s cold and dark pretty regularly at night around the world.“I don’t think any coach, any player, any trainer, any referee should ever complain about a day in the NHL.”“We’ve got nothing to complain about,” he added. “It’s a pretty good life.”— With files from Cassandra Szklarski in Torontolast_img

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